Amit is the Editor at FriedCoffee, and has the aim to teach people about coffee in the easiest way possible so on their way to becoming a home barista.

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Best Home Coffee Roasters

10 Best Home Coffee Roaster Machines

For a coffee connoisseur, the right things obviously matter! Getting the right coffee beans, the right coffee maker, the right grinder. But many people forget the importance of buying a … Read More

Bunn MyCafe MCU Review

Bunn My Cafe MCU Review

Single-serve coffee brewers are becoming more and more popular these days. The simplicity and convenience of these systems make them perfect for home or office. Finding one that suits everyone’s … Read More

What is the pH of Coffee

What Is The ph Of Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, not to mention coffee culture, present in all corners of the earth. Although depending on the location, different things … Read More

How to clean a coffee maker

How To Clean A Coffee Maker

Your coffee tastes bitter – Your coffee maker has some foul smell – Or there are some strange sounds with your machine, probably, your machine needs some cleanup. Don’t worry … Read More

How To Steam Milk For CoffeeHow To Steam Milk For Coffee

How To Steam Milk

Milk, that blanket of comfort that tops off our favorite caffeinated beverages. Where would our creamy cappuccinos, our mouth-watering macchiatos, and our luscious lattes be without it? Have you ever … Read More

Why is Nespresso so Good and Popular

Why Is Nespresso So Popular

What is Nespresso Nespresso, a name that everyone knows and is not hidden in any part of the world. It’s attached with coffee but people who even don’t drink coffee, … Read More

Is Nespresso Bad for the environment

Is Nespresso Bad For The Environment

The single-serve Nespresso pods are damaging the environment with each passing day. They create a lot of waste that goes un-recycled, hence contributing to the pollution at an alarming rate. … Read More

Handpresso Pump Kit

The Handpresso Espresso Maker Review

The 21st century has brought with it interesting new tech including Handpresso Pumps that you can carry along anywhere you go. These portable espresso coffee makers are entirely hand-powered and … Read More

Interesting Coffee Facts

46 Interesting Facts About Coffee

Drinking coffee has been linked to a lot of health benefits because of its high levels of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Studies have shown drinking coffee results in improved cognitive … Read More

How To Make Espresso

How To Make Espresso At Home

Espresso is not just a drink, but a gateway to many specialty coffee beverages we find in a cafe menu. If you feel some love for your coffee, this guide … Read More

Health Benefits of Coffee

25+ Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee usually gets a poor rap because of issues like caffeine content and the fact that it stains teeth. However, truth be told, its health benefits outweigh all that bad … Read More

How To Use An Aeropress

How To Use AeroPress

AeroPress brewing became quite popular during the last decade. One strong reason behind this is, it usually takes out the best characteristics of other individual brewing methods and blends them … Read More

Best Time To Drink Coffee

Best Time To Drink Coffee

This article is focused to simply answer a very valid and often misunderstood question, “What is the Best Time to Drink Coffee”. For most people, coffee is a morning thing, … Read More

Stovetop Percolator Coffee

How To Use A Percolator

Traditionally, people used to take pride in coffee preparation. It was a ‘job’ for them – measuring an accurate amount of coffee beans, brewing at a precise temperature, and carefully … Read More

Smeg Coffee Maker Review

Smeg Coffee Maker Review

In this review, we will be talking about the Smeg drip machine, which is fairly new to the coffee world and has a unique designing algorithm. It offers a fairly … Read More

How To Use A French Press

How To Use A French Press

French Press brewing is an art and is one of the most appreciated methods as many of the parameters required for brewing perfectly are under manual control. Though the method … Read More