Best Rated Coffee Makers And Reviews 2017

Best French Press Coffee Maker

Best French Press Coffee Maker | Top 12

A French Press Coffee Maker, also known as coffee plunger, cafetière or coffee press is one of the most preferred method for coffee brewing by Coffee Connoisseurs. This method has full control over the process and the output is thus the finest one.

Best Drip Coffee Makers

Best Drip Coffee Maker | Top 12

Drip Coffeemakers can be easily found in many American homes and office. They are considered the Ideal Coffee Machines as they are simple, easy to use and brew fast. These coffee brewers are economical, low maintenance and serve basic coffee needs.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker | Top 12

Single Serve Coffee Maker, as the name suggests serves one cup of coffee at a time by just a push of a button and is the easiest to use. These are the Great Coffee Machines for single users and use pods or capsules as their raw material available in a variety of flavors.

Best Espresso Machines

Best Espresso Machine | Top 12

An Espresso Machine brews the coffee by forcing pressurized water heated near boiling point through a “puck” of compressed ground coffee placed in a portafilter and dispenses a thick, dark and concentrated drink topped with Crema, called Espresso

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine | Top 12

Are you thinking about making barista drinks at home? Opt for Super Automatics as these are the machines for this work. A Super Automatic Espresso Machine is an expensive coffee gear easing many steps of making professional drinks like latte and cappuccino which are somewhat impossible at home.

Best Camping Coffee Maker

Camping Coffee Maker | Top 12

During outdoors, we are devoid from many of our basic things. Wouldn’t it be a pleasure if we are able to sip our cup of coffee during campfire, sunrise, or at some cozy distant place. Well, there are camping coffee makers which serve these exact needs in an excellent way and can easily be packed in backpacks, conveniently.

Best Nespresso Machines

Best Nespresso Machine | Top 5

Nespresso has evolved a lot in the past years making a significant presence in the market among Single Cup Machines. Due to simplicity and ease of use, people now prefer to use these over other brewers. To make your selection easy in getting one, we’ve prepared a collection of Best Nespresso Machines.

Best Keurig Coffee Maker

Best Keurig Coffee Maker | Top 10

Among the single-serve, Keurig always comes first. The brand has gained enormous reputation in the single serving coffee machines and continuous to do so with it’s wide range of products. With lot of surfing and Googling, we’ve pre-selected the Best Keurig Machines to ease your findings.

Finding the Best Coffee Maker for Your Needs

Finding The Best Coffee Maker

What would be more pleasing than sitting in peace at some silent corner of your home or garden and sipping an awesome cup of coffee with your companion? Guess, it sounds very peaceful and indeed, it is! The scenario has changed and many people now prefer to sip their cup of coffee at the comfort of their home instead of sitting in messed up crowd drinking a latte for $40. With overwhelming population, the crowd and noise have increased everywhere letting people seek peaceful atmosphere. The home is obviously the perfect place to have that. Also, in the morning to completely wake up, a cup of coffee is needed. Coffee is our necessity, so it’s not a bad idea to add a coffee companion that is nice to all our coffee needs.

Coffee Machines are the equipment used for cooking or brewing coffee. Having a good one at home saves you time, money and provides all convenience at your comfort. Also you can ensure yourself about nothing artificial is getting mixed up because you are the one (or your family member) making your coffee maintaining complete hygiene as you want. Moreover, you can brew, experiment and enjoy coffee as per your preferred taste, settings and environment.

With all this, a lot of people now days are searching for their type of Best Coffee Maker. The market has seen an upward trend in people buying coffee machines, and so a large variety of these exists too. With the huge increase in variety and types of these coffee gears, it’s natural for a common person to get encircled in confusion about ‘Which coffee machine to buy?‘. An ideal coffee equipment varies from person to person as each have their own definitions and levels of perfection. Also, every person has their own requirements – some need a large capacity brewer, whereas some are single so they need a smaller, one cup coffee machine; and few also want Cafe style coffee drinks, so they require a Super Automatic Coffee Machine that can make specialty drinks.

With so much advancement and innovation, the common grounds are the deciding factors which can be any of these below:

  • What type of coffee is to be made
  • Preferred method of extraction
  • How many cups can be made at once
  • How much time the machine takes to brew
  • Ease of use
  • Brew Strength Control
  • Timer
  • Presence of Water Filter
  • Self Cleaning System
  • Programmability
  • Maintenance
  • Dimensions of Machine
  • Price obviously
  • What material is going to be used: ground coffee or coffee pods
  • Easy Controls

Depending on the above factors, one can easily decide as which type of coffee brewer is desired. These are subdivided in many categories among which the popular ones are listed below with each having their own pros-cons and subset of features:

Different Types of Top Rated Coffee Makers

  • French Press
  • Drip Coffee Machines
  • Single Serve
  • Espresso Machines
  • Super Automatics

French Press

For many Coffee Connoisseurs, this is one of the most preferred method and is also the most economical form of coffee making device. Many coffee addicted people are onto French Press because it can extract more of the coffee flavors and oils than any other method and we have full control over the process like water temperature, brewing time etc. Almost all coffee purists owe this type of coffee maker.

These coffee makers are mostly in a shape of narrow cylinder type container either made up of glass, stainless steel or ceramic. It contains a lid with plunger which is again attached to a filter screen. The basic process of brewing is pouring hot water over the coarsely ground beans and than keeping it ideal for a couple of minutes. The ideal time for steeping the grounds with hot water varies from individual to individual as some prefer strong and some a little less.

For this method, you will need some good electric kettle to heat the water precisely; and also a timer for perfect timings. French Press is also known as Coffee Press or a Coffee Plunger in various regions and these generally don’t cost much and commonly range from $15 to $100. Few advanced versions have also evolved containing in-built weighing scale and water heating feature costing around $150.

Though, the French Press made up of glass is most popular, the people are deviating towards the Stainless Steel French Presses because of it’s durability and heat retention attributes.

French Press Coffee Maker


  • Complete control over the process
  • Comparatively cheap from other methods
  • Produces a rich and full bodied coffee
  • Can be carried at outdoors
  • No need of electricity


  • Needs some knowledge about brewing through this method
  • Can create mess easily
  • Glass versions are delicate
  • Grounds in a little quantity enter the cup settling at bottom

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Brewing is the most popular method for coffee preparation and the equipment thus used for this is called a Drip coffeemaker. This machine can be mostly found in many American homes as many people find themselves at ease using it. These coffee brewers are generally quick, easy and convenient to use. The output of this method is filter coffee, which is prepared by passing hot water through the medium grounded coffee beans placed in the filter basket. The process of making coffee is simple after understanding the basic method. One can alter the settings according to your preference. There is a huge variety in this category were the price extends from $30 to $350 depending on brewing quality and features. Technivorm Moccamaster, Bonavita, Bunn and Hamilton Beach are among the reputed brands for these machines.

A typical drip coffee machine has a thermal or a glass carafe, filter basket, water reservoir and a base sometimes with hot plate (in combination with glass carafe). The reservoir is filled with water, the filter basket is filled with coffee grounds and carafe is placed at the extraction point. After that, the switch is turned on, and rest of the things are automatically taken care of.

Drip Coffee Maker


  • Easy on hands and very easy to use
  • Doesn’t takes up much time
  • Programmable (depending on model)
  • Can come relatively cheap


  • No direct control over the brewing process
  • Cannot control the brewing temperature of water
  • Typical clean up

Single Serve CoffeeMaker

Single-Cup or Single-Serve machines are the easiest of all and the coffee can be made with just a push of button. No grinding required, no typical knowledge of coffee making needed and no mess up. In terms of cleanliness, these are the perfect type of coffee makers. The parts contain a water reservoir, a pod chamber, output spout and a base.

Single Serve Machines use pods or capsules as raw material which are sealed pack coffee grounds. The operation of a these type of brewers is very simple; insert the pod, fill water, press the button and put the coffee cup at the output slot. These machines are the second most popular form of coffee making after drip brewers. Single-Serve coffee brewers are also known as Single Cup Brewers and can range from $70 to $500.

Over time, the popularity of these has grown and can be spot at many offices and homes. Keurig and Nespresso are among the dominating brands under this category. Both these brands sells their own range of raw material known as Nespresso Pods and Keurig K-Cups. Keurig offers cheap k cups as compared to that of Nespresso capsules.

Single Serve Coffee Maker


  • Quick brewing
  • Can prepare coffee with just a push of button
  • Less mess on the counter
  • No waste of coffee as the machine brews only the desired cups
  • Wide range of flavors to choose from


  • Pods and capsules used are costly than the ground coffee
  • Pods are although vacuum packed but still not as fresh as the ground coffee
  • Pods are not eco-friendly

Espresso Machines

Espresso Maker can be said as the advanced form of coffee machines that require some skills and know how about coffee making process. In these machines, pressurized water near boiling point is forced through a puck of finely ground coffee kept in portafilter. The result that comes out is brownish concentrated drink topped with a layer of crema. The output  is called an Espresso. This is the base for many drinks like Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha, Latte etc. Being the base for for the specialty drinks, these coffee machines are the utmost requirement.

The equipment which prepares the espresso contains specific parts like portafilter, tamper, pressure gauge, boiler and few more s compared to other normal machines. These machines are somewhat costlier than the normal single serve or drip and can range from $150 to $1500 depending on the choice and requirements. The top most brands that excel in this category are Gaggia, Breville, Nuova Simonelli, Hamilton Beach and Rancilio Silvia.

Espresso Coffee Machine


  • Prepares specialty drinks at home like in a coffee shop
  • Saves money as these drinks cost a lot at coffee shops
  • Extracts much more flavors from Coffee Beans
  • One can impress anyone with cafe style drinks at home


  • Requires skill set to run the machine
  • Can make more mess, so use some knock box to dump waste
  • A little on the expensive side
  • Can be noisy

Super Automatic Espresso Machines

If you have a large amount of budget to spent for a coffee machine and are expecting to make specialty drinks like Latte, Macchiato, Mocha and more without much fuzz, then Super Automatics will be your best coffee companions. These machines can be called as advanced version of Espresso Makers as they tend to do most of the work automatically without the need of any intervention, ‘ Insert the beans, and get the desired type of coffee’. These work seamlessly from grinding of beans to pouring coffee in a cup without much of your attention. With just a push of button, you are getting the specialty drinks being served in a cup. Super automatics are also mostly equipped with self cleaning systems which is a breeze and devoid’s us from a big tedious task. It’s like having a skilled barista at home.

With this much features, expect them to dig a hole in your pocket, may be. Super Automatics range from around $700 to $5000 or even more depending on features and brand – if you are prepared for this much expense, you are welcoming a great coffee companion at home. The best brands in this category are Jura, Saeco, Delonghi and Gaggia.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine


  • Super Barista at home
  • Quick preparation
  • Gives amazing drinks that can’t be prepared at home the other way
  • Saves a lot of precious time
  • Very less mess
  • Looks impressive at any place


  • Very expensive
  • Less manual controls
  • Repairing can be costly on breaking down after warranty period

Conclusion on Choosing the Right CoffeeMaker

So, you can see as their is a huge variety of brewers in the market and therefore, finding the best one can be a little time consuming and tedious if not done the proper way. As we stated above, decide on the factors first, then choose the type and after that pick the best one from that category. The most important part is the budget. Decide about the amount you are willing to invest and than finalize the category. Drip Machines are the most affordable and can cost as low as $25 whereas Single-Serve are the most convenient and saves from grinding and much of cleaning. If you don’t have any budget limits and expect specialty drinks at home that cafes serve, you can go for a super automatic as well.

We’ve already done the reviews of best machines under each category and can be found at the top of this page. Those lists are going to help a lot. Selecting just randomly any machine can end up with an unwanted guest at home. Since it is a long term investment and is to be used daily, we suggest you to select your needs first comfortably and move the right way. Choosing the right coffee brewer will give you a fresh cup of coffee every morning and a great cup of coffee at start surely makes the day bright.

Happy Coffeeing!!