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Coffee makers are the first thing in the morning before even stepping out from the bed. We need coffee to open our eyes, and it’s badly true!

For a brewed coffee, we need a coffee maker that can be among so many types. Each type has a totally different setup to brew the coffee and so are the results. Below we have briefed in short about the popular types to give you a glimpse of each so that you can decide which coffee maker to pick for your daily cup of caffeine.

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Types of Coffee Makers

Types of Coffee Makers

When it comes to brewing coffee, automatic coffee makers are the first choices for any coffee drinker. These are the must-have device nowadays for every home. Most of the homes in America are equipped with an auto-drip which are occasionally replaced and updated from time to time due to technology updates and feature enhancements.

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Another most artistic way of brewing coffee is by doing things manually. Yes, manual coffee brewing equipment and techniques are the coffee artisan’s favored method. In a manual coffee maker, things like water temperature, steeping time, extraction, and almost every aspect of what goes into making coffee are all in your control. This way, you can dramatically enhance the taste of the resulting brew with the control of a craftsman.

To fully master the manual coffee brewing, one must have patience and attention to detail to bring the brew to exact perfection.

Besides an auto-drip, there are various kinds of coffee makers that vary by purpose. Also within manual brewing, there are various types that vary in how they brew. Below are the most common ones:

  1. Auto Drip – The simplest and most reliable machines which can brew 4-cups to 12-cups of coffee at a time by pouring hot water over the coffee grounds.
  2. Single Serve – These simply brew a single cup of coffee at a time. You can use ground coffee as well as pods with some of these.
  3. Grind and Brew – A coffee maker that brews regular coffee and has a built-in grinder to grind coffee come into this category.
  4. Automatic Pour-Over – The classic style of pour-over coffee blended with automatic functioning is labeled as Automatic Pour Over coffee makers.
  5. Cold Brew – These coffee makers are specially made for cold brew coffee and many are mostly non-electric.
  6. Dual Coffee Makers – A coffee maker with dual functioning of both pot brewing as well as single-serve are Dual-function.
  7. Manual Pour-Over – In this type, the hot water is poured over coffee grounds placed in a filter. The water slowly then drips through the coffee, then filter and passes to the carafe. or a mug. It is also known as a filter or a drip coffee. Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave are all different types of pour-over coffee makers.
  8. French Press – In a French Press, the immersion technique is used. This method involves immersing or steeping the coffee grounds in hot water for some specified amount of time. After that, the grounds are filtered out and the coffee is poured into a mug.

Although we have tried to cover most of the coffee makers, there might be something left. Still, the most common and useful ones are here. Do remember, more always leads to confusion.

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Coffee Maker Buying Guides

Choose a coffee maker from the buying guides below about the above-mentioned types. These selections of the coffee makers will take you through the best options in terms of built-up, features, and price point.

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Coffee Maker Reviews

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