Best Home Coffee Roasters – Top 10 Picks

Best Home Coffee Roasters

For a coffee connoisseur, right things matter! Nothing will satisfy these people until they do it on their own. The same happens with roasting process and so, here you are for the Home Coffee Roasting Machines.

Introduction to Roasting

Roasting gives your coffee a fragrant, dark brown shade of color that you have come to know so well. But why roast? Green coffee has a lot of flavor and aroma locked inside the beans. Roasting helps to release flavor and aroma, which makes your coffee much more enjoyable. Moreover, it also alters caffeine levels or effect on us.

When you subject your beans to a rapid and high temperature, important chemical processes take place that balance, alter or create acids, aromatics and flavors. Once the beans are well roasted, they are cooled so that chemical processes can stop.

Roasted coffee beans have a strong aroma and weigh much less because most of the water has been removed during heating. Such beans are crunchy, which makes it easy for you to grind and brew coffee. However, if you don’t use your beans within a short time after roasting, they will lose flavor.

 Why Roast At Home

To enjoy your cup of coffee, try roasting coffee beans by on your own. Roasting at home guarantees you a fresh cup of coffee, and a little practice ensures you find a flavor that suits your palate.

Roasting Coffee At Home

Although you could simply pop into your local coffee shop and still find coffee made from roast beans, it is equally satisfying when you can roast beans at home and create a perfect cup of coffee from begin to end.

For you to roast coffee beans at home, you need high quality coffee beans and a few other supplies. Also, be sure you understand coffee roasting in general so that you will be able to control the flavor.

An Introduction to Home Coffee Roaster Machines

If coffee is your bliss, then you know that you need the best beans, a good cup and the right grinder. Another essential accessory that you may not have thought about is a Coffee Roaster. Having your own roaster guarantees a tasty brew right at the comfort of your home.

There are different types of coffee roasters to choose from, so let’s explore a little more and find out what the market has in store for you.

Types of Coffee Roasters

Nesco Air Roaster

There are two types to choose from. The first one is the air roaster and its working mechanism is like that of a popcorn maker. An air roaster heats coffee beans using the process of convection. Hot air moves through a roasting chamber and goes straight to the coffee beans.

Drum Coffee Roaster

The other type of coffee roaster is called the drum roaster. Unlike the air roaster, this one applies heat onto your coffee beans indirectly. In other words, it roasts your coffee beans through conduction. Drum roasters have a rotating metal chamber. Thus, your coffee beans roast when they meet the drum’s surface.

Our Favorite Coffee Bean Roasters

As a person who appreciates a fresh brew each morning, buying your own beans and handling the roasting process at home is the easiest way to fix a cup of pure bliss. While it may seem like a lot of work, it shouldn’t be.

Rather than roasting your coffee beans on a make shift pan, you could simply purchase a coffee roaster. There are many top quality home roasters available at an affordable price. Here is a list of some of the best coffee roasters on the market today.

#1 Behmor 1600 Plus

If your daily routine involves a lot of roasting with no room for a fuss, this roaster is your best bet. Behmor 1600 is a small sized drum roaster making it a perfect fit for kitchens with little space to spare.

Behmoor 1600

With Behmor  at hand, you can load as much as 16 ounces, which is enough coffee beans to get your through a busy schedule. That way, roasting won’t feel like a side hustle.

In addition, it features several roasting modes so that you can customize your preferences.

It also features a cooling cycle and a smoke filter system, although it is not completely smokeless. Being a drum roaster, it collects chaff so that your working space can remain clean.


  • Beans roast evenly
  • Can roast more than one pound at ago
  • Convenient roasting modes
  • Cooling and chaff removal systems


  • Does not fit well in cabinets
  • Some modes don’t allow for fine-tuned roasting
  • Slightly pricey

Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster by “Behmor, Inc.”

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#2 Nesco CR 1010 PR

Although it looks like a mix between a blender and a standard mixer, Nesco CR 1010 PR is easy to work with and can roast green beans in half an hour. If you are new to coffee roasting, this roaster is the best tool to get your started.

Nesco Air Roaster

As an air roaster, it is quite loud, which makes it difficult to tell your stage of roasting. Thus, you will have to rely on color. Also, it has a smaller capacity and can only roast about 4 ounces at a time so it is not a good fit if you have a busy roasting schedule. If you want slightly darker beans, consider roasting for more than 35 minutes.

Nesco CR 1010 PR features a catalytic converter to help keep smoking at a minimum and a COOL button to blast cold air over your beans.


  • Easy to operate
  • Small sized and attractive looking
  • Minimal smoke


  • Roasting takes longer than half an hour
  • Small capacity
  • Quite loud

Nesco – Coffee Bean Roaster – 800 Watts/120 Volt – Black (CR-1010-PRR)

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#3 FreshRoast SR500

This blender is for those who prefer to spend less but use a little more effort when roasting. It is a fluid bed roaster, which makes easy to operate. While it looks a little like an air-popping machine, this unit was designed to roast coffee beans.

FrechRoast SR500

Some of its best qualities include an adjustable control. You can alter the fan velocity, temperature and timer as you roast your beans. That way, you can make the necessary changes on the go.

Unfortunately, it can’t be left to run on its own. It requires you to keep an eye on it as roasting goes on.

If you don’t want a fast fan speed, you can stir the beans to encourage even heating. Once your beans are properly roasted, turn on the cooling cycle to bring down the temperature.

FreshRoast SR500 can handle up to four ounces at a go, so it is not meant for heavy roasting.


  • Adjustable controls
  • Small sized
  • It is not loud
  • Has cooling cycle and chaff collection mechanisms


  • Requires manual stirring
  • Handles a maximum of four ounces

FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster

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#4 Nuvo Classic Design Handy Roaster

Originally made in Korea, this roaster has bagged many awards thanks to its minimalistic design. This product is manufactured using aluminum making it incredibly lightweight. The handle is well-crafted using beech tree covered in genuine leather.

Nuvo Classic Handy Roaster

Nuvo Classic Design Handy Roaster has a lid at the top that opens and closes allowing you to place and remove coffee beans. Alternatively, you can also roast beans with the lid open. Roasting with the lid closed traps air within and the beans roast really well.

To check if the beans have roasted to your liking, simply open the lid and check the color. While this product is not as sophisticated as others from the same company, it still looks attractive.


  • Awarding winning finish
  • Offers a simple and old school way to roast beans
  • Roasts by circulating air within
  • Lightweight


  • Not as precise as the electric types
  • You can’t leave roaster unattended
  • Does not offer smoke suppression
  • Roasts a few ounces of coffee beans at a go

 #5 Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster

Stainless steel and high quality coffee devices go hand in hand, and that includes coffee roasters too. Kaldi home is built entirely out of medium gauge steel, which makes it exceptionally attractive and durable.

Kaldi Coffee Roaster Machine

The largest of the Kaldi home roasters measures 22.1 by 14.1 by 8 inches. It weighs a mere 14. 6 pounds, which is not that big and storing your device won’t be a problem at all.  Also, it is significantly light and pulling it out for your routing roast is pretty easy.

With Kaldi home, you can roast up to 8.8 ounces at a go. Roasting is mainly manual, because it does not feature advanced electronics on board. So, there are no profiles or presets to work with.

Although it is entirely old school, it has a chaff strainer that traps all the chaff from your beans meaning your working space won’t be messy. It also features a smoke suppression mesh just above the drum to suppress smoke produced during roasting.


  • Low tech and well designed


  • Quality of roast depends on your skills

#6 Kaldi Wide Home Coffee Roaster

With a capacity of 0.5 pounds, this roaster is quite big making it too large for home use. If you own a restaurant or are thinking of starting one soon, this is the best tool for you. Not only is it large, but buying one won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Kaldi Wide Coffee Bean Roaster

This roaster has a suave construction and astainless steel finish, which gives it an attractive look. Its design incorporates a drum that turns your beans allowing for an even roast in a little under 15 minutes.

In addition, its design incorporates a chaff tray that collects all the chaff from your roasting process and a temperature probe that lets you control the flavor of your beans.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Allows you total control during roasting
  • Has a high quality design


  • Requires an external source of heat like a propane burner

#7 Korean Ceramic Handy Roaster

If you feel an eco-friendly coffee roaster would make a valuable addition to your kitchen, consider Korean Ceramic Handy Roaster. It is constructed out of cowhide and a ceramic material. Unlike most roasters, this one works with an open fire or you can place it on your stove.

Nuvo Ceramic Coffee Roaster

Korean Ceramic Handy Roaster is an environmentally friendly product that produces outstanding results. It offers incredible insulation as it is made of a ceramic material. It is a cheaper option and best suits those who prefer to roast the traditional way.


  • Ceramic design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Useful during outdoor activities


  • Requires an open fire or stove

Korean Ceramic Handy Coffee Roaster for Home Roasting Coffee Bean 50~70g

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#8 Hamilton Beach 73400 Hot Air Popcorn roaster

Popcorn roasters can also be used to roast coffee beans. This device excels at making popcorn, which it releases and sends to a holding bowl. It features a buttercup that you can also use to measure quantities.

Hamilton Beach Roaster

One batch holds about 16 cups of popcorn, and you can expect the same level of performance or even better when roasting coffee beans!


  • High class quality
  • Cup can be used to take quantities
  • Gets your roast ready within a short time


  • It is noisy
  • No off or on switch

Hamilton Beach 73400 Hot Air Popcorn Popper, Red

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 #9 Franklin’s Original Whirley Pop Stovetop

This pop stovetop is extra-large and supports up to 6 quarts of popcorn. If you prefer to prepare your coffee beans in large quantities, this pop stovetop is the product you need. Plus, it has a non-stick inner surface, which makes cleaning easy.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Leads comes with wooden stirring stick


  • Lid is not transparent, so you need to keep uncovering to check on your roast
  • Lid tends to fall off

#10 Great Northern Popcorn Popper stainless steel

Great Northern Popcorn Popper

This popcorn maker supports about 5 quarts, which is why it is ideal for large batches of coffee roast. Its pot features a well-design spinner that ensure your beans won’t burn as your roast.


  • Eccentric spinner, and large capacity
  • Wooden handle protects your hands from getting burns
  • Easy to clean Nonstick pan


  • You have to keep lifting lid to check on your beans as it is not transparent

Great Northern Popcorn Original Stainless Steel Stove Top 6-1/2-Quart Popcorn Popper

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How to Choose the Right Coffee Roaster

You have thought about it long and hard and it only seems right that you should plunge into home roasting. So what’s the problem? There are many brands of coffee roasters on the market and finding the right one is a huge challenge. It doesn’t actually matters much as if you are roasting for an espresso machine or a drip coffee brewer, what matters is how you want to roast!

Don’t let that stop you from enjoying homemade coffee. We have put together a list of things you should think about when choosing a roaster for your home.

Roasting Indoor or Outdoor

Before you go for a roaster, consider where you will use it. Some roasters are meant to be used outdoors. Why? Well, the process of roasting coffee produces a lot of smoke. Typical places where you can put your coffee roaster include the garage, porch or patio.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Roasting coffee produces much more smoke than is the case when cooking a meal. In addition, coffee beans produce paper-like chaff when roasting, which requires a lot of cleaning once you are done. If you prefer a darker roast or have many coffee beans to roast, it’s better to do it outside.

However, if your kitchen is equipped with an efficient vent, keep it indoors. Besides, there are coffee roasters that come with a chaff trap and a smoke filter to minimize the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do and smoke produced.

Some coffee roasters don’t do very well in cold places. Thus, you will have to come up with tricks to keep it warm.

Is the Interface Easy to Understand?

Let’s face it; there are many coffee roasters out there with complicated user interfaces. The problem with a complex user interface is that it takes time to learn how to use. Also, getting the right roast from such an interface is next to impossible.

Easy Interface

When shopping for a roaster, be sure that you can read, understand and be able to use its user interface. If you prefer a computer user interface, then this is one more reason why you should go for something you can easily operate.

Technology has evolved over the years. Some coffee roasters can be synched with a computer to give you added control over your roast. In fact, you can save each recipe and replicate it in future if you are satisfied with the taste.

You simply need to download the control program and install it on your PC. That way, you have a user interface to interact with and you can modify saved roasts without having to re-roast. However, be sure to test your roaster before you take it home so as to determine whether its interface is easy to understand.

Equipment Capacity

Roasters are built for different capacities. The size of roaster you want depends on your roasting needs. Ideally, an air roaster can handle small quantities of roast while a drum roaster can roast bigger batches thanks to its drum chamber.

If you prefer a small batch of roast at a time each week, an air roaster is the right choice for you. Otherwise, bigger batches require a monster with a bigger capacity like the drum roaster.

To choose the right roaster, look at the quantity of coffee you consume each week as well as the frequency of roasting. If you have a large appetite for coffee, that means you need a large roaster.

Is there a Cooling Feature

Cooling your roast is an important part of the roasting process. Once you are done roasting, your beans’ temperature can be as high as 210  or more. If the roaster does not have a cooling mechanism, beans will cool on their own.

Unfortunately, this takes longer and beans will develop a rye or malty taste, a flavor that most roasters try their best to avoid.

Before you purchase a roaster, check whether it has a cooling mechanism to start with. Also, consider the type of cooling mechanism. There are two ways your roaster can cool your coffee beans. They include cooling by water or air.


Coffee roasters have varying noise levels. Some are loud while others work quietly in the background. When it comes to specific types, air roasters are quite loud compared to drum roasters.

Noise is usually an issue, particularly where new roasters are involved because you need to detect the first or second cracking sound that tells you how well your beans are roasted. It is better if your roaster is the quieter version as it will be easier for you to detect these cracking sounds.

Easy to Clean or Not

Coffee roasters require cleaning on a regular basis. Cleaning is important because it helps to keep bacteria and mold at bay. Both of these populate very fast in a warm and moist environment. Also, a dirty coffee roaster tends to ruin the flavor of your beans.

Cleaning your roaster ensures it will last longer too. Nevertheless, roasters come in different designs, meaning some are easy to disassemble and clean while others require a little more work. For that reason, you need to find a roaster that you can easily take a part and clean as often as you use it.

The Size of Equipment

Coffee roasters are built in different size and shapes. Some are able to fit on a typical kitchen counter top while others are quite large, usually more than a few feet wide. Most kitchen spaces are built to accommodate medium to small sized electronics so that there is space left for other kitchen appliances.

Thus, the kind of model you want must be able to handle your roasting frequency and quantity and still fit in the available space. Measure your space and be sure you know what area you are working with before you bring in a roaster.

Wrapping Up

There are many different types of coffee roasters. From our list above, you have quite a number to look through to find one that works for you. Some are simple while others are quite sophisticated. Thus, before you choose one, decide where most of your roasting will take place and your coffee preference.

Once you answer these two question, it will be easy to find the right coffee roaster for your needs. It’s that simple!


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