How To Steam Milk With Or Without Machine

Steamed milk is key for a perfect cup of cappuccino or latte, and is the element that allows creative coffee drinkers to make beautiful latte art! It is created by incorporating high-pressured steam into fresh, cold milk, until the milk expands with the added air to create micro-foam. Brewing a coffee at home always arises a questions to newbies as How to steam milk without machine. With a little know-how and some technique, you can create your own steamed milk at home to combine with your espresso and make your favorite coffee drink.

How to steam milk
We are going to show you two methods of creating smooth, silky steamed milk: with an espresso machine and without an espresso machine.


  • First start off with fresh, cold milk. Only steam what you will use immediately. Pour the cold milk into your pitcher.
  • Insert the tip of the steam wand into the pitcher so the nozzle is near the surface of milk, but the holes in the nozzle are fully submerged, without touching the bottom or sides of the pitcher.
  • Turn the steam wand on its highest setting. The wand will start to make a hissing sound as it starts incorporating air into the milk to create micro-foam, and the milk will spin like a whirlpool. Keep your palm on the side of the pitcher while the steam wand is working its magic so you can feel the temperature change in the milk. Stop when the milk feels like body temperature, or “blood warm” in baker’s terms. You’ll understand the temperature after doing it for a few times.
  • Now the milk should be distinctly foamy. Submerge the steam wand nozzle just a tad more into milk, still without touching the bottom or sides of the pitcher, and continue to spin the milk in a whirlpool. This mixes the micro foam with the milk in order to thoroughly combine the milk and milk-foam. This process is called “polishing the milk”.
  • Keep spinning the milk with the wand until the jug becomes too hot to touch then turn off the steam wand and wait for it to stop spinning before removing from the pitcher. Clean your steam wand immediately, using a wet, clean cloth.
  • Now lift your pitcher and drop it on the counter to pop any large bubbles in your steamed milk. Then leave it to sit whilst you put the espresso shots on.
  • Before pouring into your espresso, swirl the milk around in the pitched to ensure the milk and micro-foam is well combined. The perfect steamed milk will have the consistency of fresh glossy paint.

Now your steamed milk is ready to make your cappuccinos and lattes, or any other steamed milk-infused coffee drink. Pour into your espresso and enjoy!


  • Again, start with fresh, cold milk. Pour the amount of milk you need for your cappuccino or latte into a small glass jar.
  • Cover the jar with the lid and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. The milk volume will have doubled in size with lots of milk bubbles.
  • Remove the cover from the jar and microwave the milk on high for 30 seconds
  • Pour milk into your espresso and enjoy!

Now wasn’t that easy! Your steamed milk is all done and ready to be incorporated into your favorite coffee drink. And you didn’t have to use any specialized coffee machines!
Do give our suggested techniques and try, and share your results with us. Leave your comments down below and tell us all about your experience making your own steamed milk.

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