Coffee Accessories

Discover the best companions to your coffee endeavor. These Add-on Accessories boost or super-charge your coffee brewing process and assist you at the various turns in your brewing journey.

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Coffee Accessories & Add-ons

For precision brewing, many add-ons and accessories can help in recreating every important step required to make a cup of coffee with perfection. It is important to ensure that you have everything you need when making a Better Cup of Joe. If you are just starting, you might not need every coffee-making extra listed here, but you will understand the importance of each piece of equipment mentioned in time. For example, the tamper provided with most espresso machines is very basic and not comfortable to press. So it’s better to purchase an add-on tamper and it really can improve the results.

Similarly, a knock box is used to knock the used coffee grounds out of the portafilter. This has multiple benefits. For starters, it saves your garbage bin from abuse by you trying to knock out the spent coffee grinds. It is also much more sanitary. Equally important for some people, coffee grounds have many important uses and a knock box is a great way to keep them separate. For example, in case you want to save your used coffee grounds for composting, gardening, artwork, or whatever other use you may have for them. Below, you will find some of the various Coffee Equipment Accessories and Add-ons that can help make your coffee brewing capabilities just a good as the best professional baristas.