Best Low Acid Coffee For Healthy Stomachs

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Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

“I hate you, I love you” – the title of the song from Gnash at times somehow applies to our morning jolt – a cup of coffee. We can’t get our days started without it as the aroma of coffee awakens us from the inside, even before we taste it. Depending upon your morning routine, you may enjoy a cup or more – Uh-oh, tummy turns upset! 

Well, don’t just blame caffeine for this, as coffee acid is among the culprits too. The acid or fat content in coffee may lead to gastrointestinal issues such as acid reflux, bloating, and heartburn. Now, here comes the question, should I hate coffee (which, of course, you can’t) or control my love for it?  

As per the National Institute of Health reports, about 40% of people in the US suffer from such ailments, i.e., GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease. But does that mean they’ve to quit coffee? Not at all! Low-acid coffee beans are the options, or in better words, the solution you should be relying on. 

As the name suggests, low acid coffee beans don’t add more to the acid already present in the stomach, lowering the chances of acid reflux or heartburn. In addition, compromising acid content in coffee for a healthy stomach isn’t proportional to compromising on flavor. 

In this post, we have listed the 10 best low acid coffee, which won’t just help keep your tummy happy, but your taste buds’ overjoyed too! But, before we start, let’s take a glimpse of coffee and acidity for your better understanding.

Coffee and Acidity

The acid in coffee is natural, and its content refers to desired taste. Put simply, you have heard coffeecionados talking about flavors like citrus, plummy, watermelon, and so on. But does coffee really taste like these fruits? No, it’s the sourness or sweetness compared to them.

pH Scale

Everything has its good and evil, and so has coffee. Talking about acid in specific, the good stands for chlorogenic acid and the evil for quinic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a good antioxidant that helps coffee own the crown of ‘healthy food,’ and its content depends on the variety of coffee you choose, primarily based on the roasting process.

On the other hand, quinic acid is the by-product of chlorogenic acid and is formed when high concentrations of chlorogenic acid die down. Old coffee or burnt coffee also gives rise to quinic acid, and this is the one that makes our stomach upset. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that acidity in coffee is indeed wonderful, but if we are consuming the right one in the right quantity. 

There are several factors that contribute to the acidity of your brewed coffee, like water alkaline level, brewing method, etc. However, talking about the beans in specific, a sensitive stomach could react to coffee’s standard and normal pH level, i.e., 5. 

Thankfully, there’s an array of low acid coffee to choose from and act as a bridge between you and coffee over acid reflux. Consider checking out our hand-picked list of the 10 best low acid coffee and start your day with goodness. Here we go!

Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

1. Catuai & San Ramon

The Catuai & San Ramon variety can be labeled as specialty grade coffee as these premium organic shade-grown Honduran beans hold the ability to produce refreshing and delectable cups.

Origin: Tres Cruces, Lempira, Honduras 
Roast: Medium 
Tasting notes: Rose tea, Jasmine, and juicy tropical fruits 

When the roaster is Spirit Animals, every coffee connoisseur knows that none of the legends of this brand will taste the same. By soaking up the microclimate and creating a unique characteristic from it, Spirit Animals brings out what you call ‘pure elegance.’ This is how Spirit Animals distinguish themselves from the other coffee cultivars. 

It’s a low acid variety, which allows you to enjoy flavorsome cups without hitting your stomach hard. 

Additionally, these Non-GMO certified beans are collected from the micro plots of the Tres Cruces region in Honduras, ensuring their sustainability. Grown at an elevation of 2000 meters, these coffee beans lock that unique taste profile, which any coffee buff always craves for. The undertones of jasmine and rose tea, perfectly accompanied with the sound tang of juicy tropical fruits, add the touch of real elegance to your cup, making it one of the best choices to kickstart your morning.

Who is this for?

This variety turns out to be the ideal pick for those who admire the fusion of low acid coffee and floral fruity tasting notes. Catuai & San Ramon is meant for drip brewing, so if you are a diehard fan of drip brews, you shouldn’t miss a chance to try this out.


The hint of honey and berries and the tangs of brown sugar and dried raisins award these beans the ability to produce overwhelming cups. This coffee is less acidic, making it gut-friendly. 

Origin: San Sebastian, Honduras 
Roast: Medium 
Tasting notes: Dried raisins, Brown sugar, Blackberries, and honey

Naturally processed, without being hulled, the IHCAFE-90 & LEMPIRA from the house of Spirit Animals is probably the finest example of rich, velvety, and well-structured coffee. This hand-selected range of medium roasted beans is amazingly good in steering up your spirit with each sip. 

So, if you are looking for a healthier coffee with a punch of great taste, feel free to bet on these Honduran coffee beans – and you won’t miss the amazing opportunity of relishing the goodness of clean coffee in every cup. 

This variety is a whole bean one, and it lets you savor the royal taste of Spirit Animal specialty grade coffee that satisfies your pallet without harming the sustainability of our beloved planet Earth. They are sourced from small-scale farmers, and Spirit Animal takes care of the environmental parameters while roasting the beans. 

Therefore, if it’s about bringing the highest level of freshness into your favorite cup, there is no better alternative than these lovingly grown chosen top 1 % beans from Spirit Animals. From a balanced taste, the perfect level of sweetness, and freshness to exemplary aftertaste – these beans have simply everything that you call jaw-dropping! 

Who is this for?

It’s for those low acid lovers who are never ready to compromise with taste and elegance. Its smooth, velvety and soothing outlook makes it the favorite of millions.

3. Volcanica Kona Peaberry Coffee

When it comes to getting the best quality, 100% pure organic Kona peaberry coffee beans, Volcanica Coffee is the name to rely on.

Origin: Kona, Hawaii 
Roast: Medium 
Tasting notes: Fruity, coffee, chocolaty, nutty

The champagne of Kona coffee, the Kona peaberry, is known for its enriched and intense flavor. Its exquisite taste profile has helped it acquire the title of “the most sought-after coffee in the world. Grown on the dark volcanic lava rock slopes of Kona, in Hawaii, this distinctive coffee variety features vibrant gourmet coffee beans that produce cups synonymous with palatability.

The roaster leverages its direct connections to the actual Hawaiian Kona coffee farm to deliver you avant-garde Kona peaberry coffee that satisfies your coffee craving beautifully. 

The beans are naturally nurtured by the non-nocturnal cycle of vivid sun-kissed mornings, humid, cool, and misty, rainy afternoons, and mild, breezy nights. All of these together create the perfect growing environment for these exotic coffee beans. 

Volcanica – the most awarded craft roaster masters the art of roasting these delicate beans carefully, keeping their one-of-a-kind flavor profile intact. Their 100% authentic single-origin medium-roast Kona Peaberry Coffee beans indeed deserve a place in your kitchen. 

Who’s this for?

Anyone who cherishes coffee! The unique nutty and chocolaty flavor and the authentic taste of the Kona variety make this variety the best pick for everyone who doesn’t need a reason to grab a delicious cup of coffee.

4. Guatemala Geisha Coffee from Volcanica

Volcanica Geisha Coffee

Long and slender beans are not only efficient in producing marvelous taste, but they are naturally resistant to a number of diseases. 

Origin: San Marcos, Guatemala 
Roast: Light 
Tasting notes: Mandarin, Jasmine, Bergamot

The scarce and ancient coffee, the Guatemala Geisha, carries a wild, Ethiopian origin. Grown at 5000 feet, the Guatemala Geisha is a pretty unique coffee variety that features a number of distinguishing properties, making it exotic and exclusive.

The crop yield of this coffee variety is meager. Due to this reason, it’s quite challenging to find commercial production of this coffee variety. However, that won’t prevent you from getting the best quality hundred percent organic and original Guatemala Geisha coffee as Volcanica has taken up the responsibility of delivering them to your doorstep. 

These beans are exclusively processed for developing a low acid blend, ensuring the absence of acidic components that affect your gut health. Additionally, Volcanica deals with Kosher certified beans, and they roast these one-of-a-kind beans carefully to keep its out-of-the-box savor unharmed. 

Talking about the flavor notes, these beans are known for their blended mandarin, jasmine, and bergamot tasting profiles. These beans are sourced from smallholder farms in San Marcos, Guatemala, making them sustainable. 

Who is this for?

These beans are meant for those who seek that ultimate blend of freshness and sustainability. The participants of the single-origin movement must give this variety from Volcanica a try. 

5. Lifeboost 1x Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee

Great taste, zero bitterness, and unique tangs make this coffee variety one of the best choices for coffee drinkers across the globe.

Origin: Nicaragua, Central America 
Roast: Medium 
Tasting notes: Coffee, Dark chocolate, Nutty 

The Lifeboost low acid medium roast ground coffee is nothing but an out-of-the-box blend of healthfulness and savor. These high elevation, shade-grown, single-origin beans are hand washed and handpicked to ensure the delivery of premium quality beans. 

Coffee aficionados adore Lifeboost medium roast coffee because of its unusually low acid components, making it easy on the stomach and teeth. Local farmers carefully cultivate these beans, and they are Fair Trade Certified, promoting the sustainable coffee growing trend. 

They are Non-GMO, bird-friendly, and while growing them, no pesticides are used. Furthermore, Lifeboost deals with beans that are mycotoxin-free and enriched in several health properties. 

In a one-liner, it can be said that if you are seeking a low acid coffee that carries no additives and is delivered to your doorstep straight from the lap of nature, then you can rely on Lifeboost medium roast ground coffee variety, unhesitatingly. 

Who is this for?

This coffee variety is best suited for individuals who are desperately looking for additive-free, pesticide-free, healthy beans that can produce delightful cups. Probably, Lifeboost is the supplier of the best arabica beans that holds almost every certificate that defines a healthy, fair trade, and environmentally friendly brand.

6. Mavericks Low Acid Coffee

Mavericks Low Acid Coffee - Midnight Ride...
  • Easy on Your Body - Upto 90 percent Less Acid.
  • Great for Suffers of GERD, IC, IBS, Silent Reflux,...
  • Low Cholorogenic Acid - Perfect for Keto Alkaline Diet.
  • Organic, Non-GMO, NO pre-treatments or chemicals, just Slow...
Bean type: Arabica
Origin: America

The Maverick’s less acid coffee is 100% organic and has 90% lesser Chlorogenic acid. No addictive or chemicals are added to it. The slowed roasting process reduces chlorogenic acid resulting in a low-acid coffee that you can enjoy comfortably any time of the day.

If you have a sensitive stomach, suffering from IBS or GERD, you will love Maverick roasts. They are easier on your body. Additionally, if you are on a keto alkaline diet, you will never get disappointed by investing in Maverick coffee.

With just a hint of America’s earthiness, you will always enjoy a rich and bold cup of coffee that is not bitter. Moreover, it’s packed in a way that keeps the coffee fresher for longer.

Who is this for?

This slow-roasted classic blend produced from 100% single-origin and organic Arabica beans is the best pick for anyone looking for the ultimate American coffee experience without hitting the stomach hard. 

7. Simpatico Low Acidity Coffee

Simpatico Low Acid Coffee - Regular - Organic...
  • If coffee upsets your stomach or causes acid reflux, GERD,...
  • Our coffee beans are shade grown under the natural forest...
  • Simpatico's super smooth, full rich taste is the result of...
  • Simpatico Organic Low Acid Black & Tan Smooth Roast Coffee...
Beans: Arabica
Origin: Mexico

Tired of high acid coffees but not ready to give up the taste of dark roasts? Then Simpatico got your back! This low acid coffee offers deep, rich flavors and a full-body brew that is gentle on your throat and stomach.

But how is it possible to achieve full flavors without saturated acids? Simpatico’s organic harvesting and processing process make sure your brew delivers the same taste without causing trouble where your organs are concerned. It is such an excellent brand that will easily turn you into a coffee addict without harming your health.

For people concerned with health questions, this coffee is super-smooth and non-irritating to the stomach. People even have noticed it as a non-inflammatory.

At first, it might seem costly, but it has properties that justify the price.

Who is this for?

Made from premium-quality, fresh Mexican beans, Simpatico is blessed with the ability to produce rich and smooth cups that can render an out-of-the-box coffee experience, making it suitable for anyone who gets charged up by a cup of luscious coffee.

8. Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Gourmet Coffee

2LB Subtle Earth Organic Coffee - Medium-Dark...
  • ORIGIN - Subtle Earth Organic Coffee features beans sourced...
  • AROMATIC NOTES - This whole bean coffee blend tastes of...
  • EXPERTLY ROASTED - We artisan roast our coffee beans in...
  • QUALITY (& RESPONSIBILITY) - Our Medium-Dark roast beans are...
Beans: Arabica
Origin: Honduras

Grown and harvested in the high mountains of Honduras that are characterized by fertile soil and fresh air, this organic coffee is both eco-friendly and gentle on your stomach as well as your teeth. You will never complain of stomach discomfort anymore once you settle for this low acid coffee.

Subtle Earth boasts of a complex and fully developed flavor profile. Its hints of caramel, chocolate, and honey suppress any bitterness in your morning cup of joe. It offers a perfect balance between sweet and strong.

Who is this for?

It’s meant for the coffee-buff community that vigorously searches for Non-GMO, Certified Organic, low acid, and 100% Arabica coffee. Its one-of-a-kind blended earthy and floral flavor makes it the ideal example of palatability!

9. Java Planet Colombian Organic, Medium Dark Roast

Java Planet Low Acid Coffee, Organic...
  • Great Tasting Low Acid Coffee! This coffee is our most...
  • Peace of Mind! USDA Organic certified coffee is grown...
  • No Pesticides or Mold! We use only 100% organic specialty...
  • Whole Bean is Better! We only package whole bean coffee for...
Beans: Arabica
Origin: Colombia

Java Planet is grown and harvested in the wilds of Columbia. This low acid coffee is 100% organic, with no chemicals, oil, or toxins that can ruin your cup of java added. It is also certified bird-friendly coffee which is rarely found these days even after so many varieties.

You will enjoy a rich, full-body brew as you taste spices and nuts. Although its flavor is bold, Java Planet will never leave your stomach rioting and your throat burning. So, if tired of that harsh cup of coffee every morning, consider ordering Java Planet today and enjoy a smooth non-acidic brew every day.

Who is this for?

This blend is dedicated to the coffee-admirers, who have their hearts set on full-bodied, mild acidity, big balanced, and flavorful cups. 

10. Trücup Low Acid Coffee

Beans: Arabica
Origin: Central and South America

This is yet another low coffee acid that is easy on the stomach. It is ideal for you if suffering from heartburn, general stomach irritation, acid influx, peptic ulcers, and GERD. The unique processing process used by the manufacturer makes sure that you continue to enjoy caffeinated, flavourful, and smooth coffee that is gentle on your body.

Trücup medium roast produces a sweet, delicately sweet flavor. The beans are selected from premium coffee beans; hence the roasts retain brighter notes for a mild, flavorful brew that is slightly sweet with no bitterness.

Who is this for?

This low acid variant is the ideal pick for those looking for natural processed, flavorful, caffeine-loaded, and aromatic cups, eligible to give an energetic start to the day.

Why drink Low Acid coffee?

There are several reasons why you should switch to low acid coffee. As mentioned earlier, if regular coffees are harsh on your body, you may want to consider acid-free brands in the market. These make sure you continue to enjoy the same great taste without worrying about your throat and stomach being torn up.

Additionally, you enjoy other great benefits by taking coffee lower on acid. These benefits include:

  • Suitable for keto alkaline diet: If on a keto diet, a less acidic selection like Mavericks will never disappoint. You can enjoy it without hurting your keto goals.
  • More antioxidants and phytochemicals: These are also very effective in protecting your body against irritation, inflammation, and chronic diseases. Consider Tieman’s Fusion Coffee that has numerous health benefits.
  • You can enjoy your brew anytime: There are no limitations as to when you can grab your cup of joe. You have the freedom to enjoy your brew any time of the day. Whether in the morning before starting your day or after dinner, low acid coffees come in handy.
  • Shifting to low acids is a wise decision and one you will never regret, especially if looking to live a better and healthier life without giving up on coffee. You will find the above list very helpful. Plus, here are tips on how to reduce acidity in coffee that will really spice up your effort.

Handy Tips to Make Coffee Less Acidic

  • Choose Arabica beans: Arabica beans are less acidic than Robusta. As you can see, the list above is predominantly Arabica coffee.
  • Choose dark coffee: Pick dark coffees over the lights ones as they are less acidic. The drying and roasting processes help in creating N-methyl pyridinium (NMP) that lower acid secretions in stomach cells.
  • Avoid fine grind: Coarse grounds have low acidity
  • Add milk or cream: Calcium in milk and cream dilutes the acidity of your java.
  • Add stomach-soothing powder: While adding these powders is a good idea, be careful as they may affect the flavor of your brew.
  • Brew method: Slow steep your cold brew for 12 to 24 hours. Cold-brewed coffee is 70% less acidic than a regular hot coffee made from the same beans.

Use Cold Brewing Method

In recent years, cold brewing has been gaining popularity every day, and many people are finding cold-brewed coffee to be healthier. So, what is cold brewing?

It is a method that involves adding cold or room temperature water to coffee grounds and letting the solution slowly steep for 12 to 24 hours. The result is a highly concentrated brew. The concentrate can be diluted with water (cold or hot) or milk.

The concept here is that the cold water extracts less of the oils found in hot water extraction, which results in a lower acidic coffee. You can store the concentrate in the refrigerator for a short period (about six weeks) or for a lengthy period after freezing.

Cold brew coffee has been seen to contain less acid, and less caffeine than the coffee made using the traditional methods. When tested, cold-brewed coffee has had a pH of about 6.31, as opposed to about 5.58 pH for the hot brewed. This means cold brew coffee is suitable for you if you often experience acidic reflux.

Basically, shifting to cold-brewed coffee will step up your effort into enjoying low acid coffee every day. So go, grab a cold brew coffee maker, and experiment on your own until you get that taste that you prefer.

Go for Dark Roast Coffee

Are you finding dark roast to be easier on your stomach? The dark roasts are less acidic compared to the light roasts. The entire process of drying and roasting coffee results in the production of N-methyl pyridinium (NMP) that lowers the acid secretions in the stomach. Although the amount of NMP can vary depending on the variety of the bean, dark roasts remain the clear winner when it comes to stomach-friendly roasts.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you go for dark roasts, you must be ready to give up the original flavors of the beans and enjoy those taken during the roasting process. Again, you must be prepared for less caffeine if you opt for dark roasts.

Ultimately, if you are more concerned about your health rather than the taste, the aroma, and flavor, then go for the dark roasts.

Wrap Up

Your health is paramount and should always be a top priority. That said, anything that in one way or the other that seems to hurt your good health should not be given a second chance. So, if acids in coffee are really spoiling your experience, it the right time you shift to low acids coffees.

Fortunately, you have more options to consider if you decide to shift. We have taken you through the best options in the market. You are also free to try other brands available in the market, but be cautious to avoid falling prey to dubious brands. Need additional support to pick a brand that is suitable for you? We are here to help.