COFFEE is a term that apparently attaches itself to relax and sit without any worldly botheration. Below is a little introduction about who we are and how we think about coffee!

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A cup of coffee or a cup of excellence – what do people look for in coffee? Let’s go by the reports analyzing the coffee behavior of global citizens. Most of them say that 95% of people who consider themselves ‘coffeecianados‘, seek a sound touch of exceptionalism in their cuppa joe. 

But, exactly what defines that ‘exceptionalism‘? The hunt for this answer probably induces the quest for adequate coffee knowledge, and to quench this knowledge-thirst of millions of coffee buffs, here comes FriedCoffee – the other name of coffee revolution!

The Story Behind…

Every revolution has a definite point of beginning, and so has FriedCoffee! Cafephile Amit Ahuja was always after acquiring quality info on brewing better coffee at home, but, every time, googling left him with less-than-necessary information. 

Mr. Ahuja didn’t give it a second thought when he decided to bridge this gap and supply people with solid, complete, and precise coffee knowledge that makes them fall for coffee more intensely! 

He started his voyage of transforming the coffee mindset in 2012 by forming his brainchild FriedCoffee. Since then, this analytical coffee portal has been continuing to bring people stout knowledge about coffee beans, brewing methods, roasts, coffee makers, and every new invention that steps into the industry every moment. 

FriedCoffee aims to assist you the best when it comes to brushing up your barista skills and fulfilling your responsibility as an active member of the global coffee community by celebrating your coffee passion to the fullest! 

FriedCoffee – the Innocent Intoxicated Convo

If there were a list of the best intoxicant-free legal intoxicator in the world, it would probably be coffee who topped the list. The beginning of a bright morning, the warmth of a smoky evening, and the zest of spicy discussions achieve the touch of completion when complemented by an elegant cup of coffee. 

This sensitive, gorgeous, and functional beverage deserves to be discussed, and FriedCoffee intends to host such hot, wonderful, interesting, and flavorful coffee activities. We dream of creating an out-of-the-ordinary coffee culture that defines one’s love for Joe!

We take pride in labeling ourselves as the senate of insightful coffee guides and unbiased coffee product & gadget reviews. We boast a team of experienced and knowledgeable coffee experts who master the art of rendering the right coffee lesson. 

Our Expertise

Though we dig deeper into everything related to coffee, a few zones are subject to our proficiency. Let’s take you through them!

Espresso 101

The concentrated coffee beverage variant made by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans is defined as espresso. It’s rich, robust, and pretty famous as the base for familiar coffeehouse beverages like cappuccinos and lattes….

Well, whether an occasional drinker or an aficionado, probably everyone is aware of the given definition and characteristics of espressos. However, here’s something that’s still least known – NOT ALL CONCENTRATED COFFEE IS ESPRESSO!!  Authentic espresso preparation needs you to meet 3 different criteria –

200ºF water temperature

9 bars of pressure during extraction

25-30 seconds of extraction time

The ability of an espresso machine to consistently achieve the said requirements determines whether it’s bad, serviceable, good, or outstanding. However, judging this little yet essential factor while getting espresso machines for home may seem complicated. 

FriedCoffee aims to simplify this hassle for you! Our detailed espresso maker guides help you choose the best that caters to your requirements perfectly. 

From the Territories of Coffee Beans

In April 2020, Lavazza, a well-known Italian coffee brand, conducted a week-long survey titled “Productively Brew-ding.” Millennials, including the Gen Z population, took part in the said survey. The study found that the respondents’ relationship with coffee goes beyond that just being a beverage! For them, coffee is a productivity enabler and a loyal companion who never leaves them alone. 

Considering the level of the emotional resonance of coffee with its lovers, the job of choosing the right beans turns out to be a tricky one. Coffee beans come in a huge variety, different tasting profiles, and nuances, determining the type of brew they produce.  

For instance, for strong espresso, a dark roast variant would be the best pick, and on the other hand, for a low-acid, fruity cup, light roast, low-acid beans turn out to be perfect.  

From among the varied and comprehensive choices, while picking up the one that can satisfy your coffee cravings precisely, you may start feeling muddled. But we won’t let that happen!

To award you delightful coffee experiences, we carefully craft sensational, detailed yet crisp coffee bean guides and bring them to you regularly. All you need to do is, take a look at them and pick the beans that match your preference.

Everything about Nespresso

“My daily Nespresso coffee, an unexpected shaft of sunlight through the window on a winter’s day…”-Sophie Kinsella

In the world of coffee,’ Nespresso’ is a term synonymous with ‘renaissance. Needless to say, just like the upshot, its makers also create a difference! These medium-bodied, less-acidic flavorful shots have a different fanbase. 

Nespresso makers are highly admired because of their well-designed, reliable, and sturdy outlook. Consumerreports.org. has listed them as the most reliable single-pod espresso machine, evidencing their ability to satisfy their users. 

However, from the wide range of Nespresso machines available in the market, choosing the right one may look overwhelming. But when you have a skilled pathfinder like FriedCoffee, this complex task turns out to be effortless! Our definitive Nespresso guides and straightforward reviews get you covered with all the essential info required for an enjoyable Nespresso experience. 

The Keurig Knowledgebase

With its invention in 2003, this compact yet super-efficient gizmo reinvented the morning routine of millennials. Manufactured by the American company Keurig Dr. Pepper, Keurigs are well-loved because of their charismatic ability to skip the caffeine fix altogether.

The name “Keurig” is sourced from a Danish-English dictionary, and its literal meaning is – ‘excellence.’ Indeed, it justifies its name by producing “excellent” gourmet cups of coffee at all times. With a single-serve coffee container, called a “K-Cup” pod, it does all the wonders!

FriedCoffee’s exclusive Keurig knowledge base allows you to gain a satisfactory understanding of this magic gizmo. As a result, you pick up the best one when it comes to equipping your home kitchen with your favorite Keurigs.

How-tos, Fact Guides, Equipment, and more….

The mission of FriedCoffee revolves around the notion – “everything about coffee!”. We’ve taken the oath of unraveling every secret that allows you to make the most out of coffee; thus, we regularly update our How-to blogs, Fact-guide pieces, coffee equipment detailing, and a lot more so that you never miss a single update on the latest happenings in the coffee-universe. Nurture your obsession for coffee lavishly with FriedCoffee!

FriedCoffee – The Doorway to A New Coffee Horizon!

Only an aficionado can fathom the depth of the coffee craze and the Founder & CEO of FriedCoffee, Mr. Amit Ahuja’s coffee – love and passion for brewing delectable cups is boundless! 

“Coffee is something that puts me in charge. Every day I wake up, I try to brew better coffee than before, and that’s the race …” – says Mr. Ahuja. The drive to make the quality of brew even better has put him on a never-ending self-challenging marathon. Out of this self-geared steer, he unknowingly turned into an expert from an ordinary coffee addict. 

Needless to say, nothing can be a better source of learning than acquiring knowledge from someone who not only holds an in-depth understanding of the subject but masters the art of implying the gained treasure of knowledge in day-to-day life. 

Amit and his team of adept coffee virtuosos’ dedicated contribution to the coffee community have opened the doorway to a new horizon of coffee-brewing, helping millennials in turning their cuppa joe into exemplary ones! So…when it’s about taking your home barista skills to an extraordinary level, rely on FriedCoffee unhesitatingly – Let’s spread the essence of coffee favoritism together!