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Coffee PeopleHi Guys, I am Amit and I introduce myself as the author of FriedCoffee.com. The idea of Coffee came into my mind when I was simply sipping my cup of Coffee. It’s a good topic to go for as millions of people love it and obviously me too. Interest in knowing beans, coffee machines and various tastes of coffee all took me here to Friedcoffee. I will be discovering more about coffee and how it can benefit us in various aspects right from the start of this blog. Coffee reviews, coffee maker reviews and few delicious recipes are going to be a part of this site. There are separate sections for various types of coffee machines that are used mostly.

COFFEE is a term which apparently attaches itself to relaxing, sitting and talking without any worldly botheration. We often ask our close friends, “Let’s have a coffee dude’ which simply indicates that one wants to sit and chat on almost anything or may be nothing specific. Coffee has an aroma that calms down the mind and refreshes it. It is also taken as Alert Dose for students during studies.
People all over the globe are addicted to this magnificent drink with varying tastes as the preparation methods for a coffee are almost endless. The time is just speeding up day by day and everyone is burdened with loads of work, responsibilities and priorities. Nowadays, we don’t have much time to pursue things that we love. Having Coffee is one such activity which might give your lips a smile even under stress without a conscious effort.
Here, we will be talking about creating such moments in our lives that can add a smile to our regular life. To quote- Harvard University says, ‘Coffee reduces suicide risk by half!’
A few such moments could be as small in their deed as- Standing in the balcony with a mug of coffee and admiring the greenery , the passing by vehicles…sitting on a bean bag, drinking coffee in a red mug and singing along …being with friends in a cafeteria after bunking office/college and talking about your childhood memories…A book in one hand, and  coffee in another while walking in the room…Friends, an open terrace, a guitar and coffee….7:30AM on a winter morning, you being cozy in your  blanket and someone serves you a coffee…Nothing like it!!! Coffee is an old excuse for a new couple to go out and it still works…Coffee is present in many such miraculous moments which we all have in our daily lives. If these moments can be recollected with smile, we can gather much more through them.

Here at FriedCoffee, we will be discovering more on this drink and also will get close to the aroma of coffee as what a cup of coffee can do for you. There are health benefits of this drink; the mind remains active if coffee is taken regularly. The people, who are addicted to this drink and have great experiences attached to this marvelous drink, are usually called the Coffee People. If you feel like one of those ‘Coffee People’, we would be glad to hear about your  experiences.

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Come, let’s have some Coffee Guys!!!