Why Is Nespresso So Popular

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Why is Nespresso so Popular

What is Nespresso

Nespresso, a name that everyone knows and is not hidden in any part of the world. It’s attached with coffee but people who even don’t drink coffee, know Nespresso. It’s actually a brand name of Nestlé Nespresso S.A, which is an operating unit of Nestle Group. The company is based in Laussane, Switzerland.

It all started in 1976 when a Nestle employee Eric Favre invented and patented the Nespresso system and introduced it into the business in Switzerland. At that time, it didn’t get instant success but later on, with some extra efforts by Jean-Paul Gaillard, the product started being popular.

From 1990, the brand signed up contracts with Turmix, Krups, Magimix, Philips, Delonghi, and Siemens to sell the machines in other parts of the world. After that, the brand has always evolved with twining efforts to supply the best quality appliances to every buyer in a feasible price segment.

15 Reasons Why is Nespresso so Good & Popular

What efforts and concept made them so successful actually? Well, few constraints have a connection with human nature which diverts a human mind towards the brand and their products. Nespresso has taken good care to perceive the human mind – ‘What it wants‘ and that is what led them so big.

So guys, let’s have a close look at the constraints or factors, that bring the Nespresso inside most of the homes of coffee lovers.

1. Brew Espresso at home

You heard right! Brew an espresso cup at the convenience of your home. And it’s not just about brewing espresso, it’s about the ease of use. You won’t have to deal with so many complex controls of a traditional espresso machine but rather just need to pop a capsule into the machine, put your cup under the spout and press the button. Oh, did I forget to tell you that you need to add water into the reservoir too, and switch on the power button!

So, you see how easy it is to have a delicious espresso. Nespresso machines won’t ask you to learn how to make espresso at home and keeps you at minimal efforts required to make a good espresso!

2. Consistent cup of Espresso

With Nespresso, you get the same cup of espresso every time you brew with the same coffee capsule. It’s because it is pre-programmed to follow the constraints been fed inside like pressure, brewing time, water temperature, the quantity of water in espresso, and more. Everything is pre-fed inside and the same things happen without fail which gives a consistent cup of espresso, all the time.

So, if you like the taste of a Nespresso cup, for sure, you will fall in love with their machines!

3. Ease of Use

One of the major reasons for the brand being in so much popularity is simplicity. Nespresso just concentrated on providing the users with just ‘push a button coffee’ and those who don’t want to save time. We know, coffee is an art, but still, not for the major part of the population. It’s just a routine drink for many and they just want it in a very simple way. Every human mind perceives differently but all naturally diverts toward convenience.

4. Easy to clean

Yes, they are easy to clean and even require less of it. You just need to keep the things wiped off when you are done brewing. It has a dedicated descaling option which you can use at regular intervals to keep the machine in good shape. A Nespresso descaling liquid is available in the market which is perfect and you don’t need to experiment with other options.

Gone are the days when you have to call a specialist to get your espresso machine clean and serviced. Just simply be careful when using it, and the machine will take care of itself. Rest, descale regularly depending on your use.

5. No complex controls

If you are one of those who loves to stay minimal and have no time for learning and brewing espresso, Nespresso is going to be a quick win. Most of the machines will have just 2 or 3 buttons which are again for the choice of an espresso cup or a lungo. The last one would be for power. Now, do you think you need to learn something?

6. Fast Brewing

Most of the espresso machines take 3-10 minutes of time for preheating the machine or getting ready to brew. Nespresso machines win in this, and just take about 25-30 seconds for pre-heating. After that, a cup of espresso can be brewed in merely 20-35 seconds. So, they are really fast and will be helpful if you have a late wake-up time but early office times.

7. Low maintenance required

Nespresso machines are impeccable and are really built to be fail-proof machines. The time spent on its engineering has made them really precise in everything. They are built to last with just minimal attention. Just descale them regularly and they will stay intact for long.

One reason for low maintenance is because they are not manual and things work consistently inside. With regular espresso machines, there are ups and downs which makes things inside inconsistent allowing some space for errors.

8. Cappuccino and Latte at just push of buttons

With few more added buttons, there are Nespresso machines that can make you latte or cappuccino as well. For cappuccino and latte lovers, these are going to be your second partner helping you avoid the cost of these specialty drinks at expensive cafes.

9. Beautifully Designed

When you have no mess or clutter of buttons, things naturally come out beautiful. With exquisite designs, they add beauty to the place wherever you decide to place them. Most of the machines are designed beautifully and are always evolving and the Nespresso team is at exuberance to take this factor seriously.

10. Time Saver

There is, of course, no denying that it does save a lot of time with its simple concept of brewing coffee. It saves many steps like measuring, grinding, tamping, and all which is a lot of time saver. Also, Nespresso espresso machines brew the coffee fast saving again a lot of precious time. In this world full of chaos nowadays, everyone is rushing. As we already said, coffee is just a routine drink for the major part of the population and so, they want it fast and easy.

11. No Mess

It creates no mess until you make a mistake. There is no grinding of coffee beans, so nothing spills. The pods seal themselves, so again no coffee grounds touch any surfaces keeping the area clean. Moreover, there is a storage in the Nespresso machine for used pods which we can throw into the trash as per our convenience.

12. Variety of Flavors – Lots of options

The Nespresso pods or capsules come seal packed with coffee grounds inside. These contain numerous flavors to choose from giving the buyer a vivid variety. Nowadays, there are a lot of other brands too giving the market more flavors and keeping the cost minimum.

13. Easily Available Pods

If you are thinking about where will you buy pods from, then no need to worry at all. They are available everywhere from Nespresso boutiques to supermarkets like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, or more. You can also find a host of variety at online stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Store your coffee capsules in a Nespresso pod holder so that you can find your next cup of coffee easily. There are many such accessories that make things easy as Nespresso.

14. Cost Friendly

One of the most important factors that decide the fate of any brand is its pricing. Nespresso coffee machines are obviously the winner in this aspect and one can have a machine at home for $150 by this brand. The convenience this machine provides is somewhat equivalent to a super-automatic espresso machine and the cost is merely just a fraction.

15. Trust of Major Espresso Brands

Nespresso in collaboration with major brands like De’Longhi and Breville develops their machines. These collaborated brands are already the superpower when we talk about espresso makers. So, the resulting machines are the easy format machines with the trust of the most giant espresso maker brands.

In The End

We have talked enough of the espresso machines by Nespresso. You might also like to read about Nespresso vs Keurig comparison, as both are pod players and are often compared. Now it’s your side as do you really want a single-serve machine that automates your coffee experience or are looking to manually spend time for your personalized espresso shots.