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Discover the various methods of Brewing Coffee. Our Step-by-Step guides help you learn precisely about brewing great coffee always!

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Drip Brewing (Pour-Over)

Brewing is the process of extracting flavors and essential oils that results in the actual coffee taste. Without proper brewing, the outcome can be watery, bitter, or even worse. The most basic type of brewing is regular drip or pour-over brewing. In this method, heated water of 195°F to 205°F is poured over to medium coarse or medium-fine coffee grounds placed over a paper or metal filter. The water due to gravity doesn’t stops and flows down the grounds and passes through the filter into the cup. This extracted water is what we drink as regular coffee. The filter stops the grounds from passing through to the cup.

There are various methods that are developed over time and have particular steps of action and outcomes. In Drip brewing, we use medium, medium coarse, or medium-fine coffee grinds for the best results. Some common equipment for pour-over is Chemex, Hario, and Drip. Below you will find the Brewing Guides of the most popular forms of pour-over methods that are easy to follow at home or anywhere.

Immersion Brewing

The act of immersing coffee grounds into hot water for a certain period of time is known as the Immersion Brewing technique. French Press, Aeropress, Clever, and Turkish coffee pots are the most common gears used for this technique. You can notice as in both methods, coffee grounds are left steeped in hot water for a certain period of time.

These methods have their own preferences over the other and the resulting brew will be quite different than the drip or espresso methods. We need mostly coarser coffee grounds in immersion brewing whereas when contact time between coffee and water, grounds used can be a little finer. But most importantly, the grounds used should be of uniform size and so, using a good quality grinder is a must.

Espresso Brewing

The next level of brewing is Espresso where advanced equipment is used. These machines are generally costlier than any other forms of brewing. Few like Moka pot are manual espresso methods which can be a cost-saver, but still, we don’t call it a complete espresso.

Espresso extraction is performed by passing pressurized steam water through tightly packed espresso grounds resulting in a thick brown liquid topped with a yellowish foamed layer called ‘crema’. This drink is a base for many other drinks and so, brewing it incorrectly can ruin your hard work. It gets perfect over time by learning and practicing.

Coffee Basics 101

Want to become a Home Barista and make pro coffee drinks by yourself? Before you begin your journey or may have already begun, your foundations must be at place. This section will tour and teach you all coffee things that will help you brew with perfection and care!

Below you will find some of the basic guides or informative sheets that will help you brew with more precision or might tell you some facts that you might never know about. Some examples include guides about roasting the beans at home, grinding them, milk frothing or steaming, and much more. Along with that basic terms glossary, descaling and some comparisons are part of this section which will clear up many of your confusions.