How To Brew Using Moka Pot

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How To Brew Using Moka Pot

Ever heard about the Moka Pot or the Stovetop Espresso Maker? Probably you have, or maybe you don’t recognize the name but have seen pictures countless times. This is a classic, homemade, traditional, and cheap form of espresso maker and if done correctly can make a great cup of coffee.

The Moka Pot espresso maker is a mix between what it used to be and what should be, mixing the best of both worlds. And of course, this doesn’t mean a pot can get the same pressure and quality that an expensive specialized machine can, but it can still get close to that result, for a fraction of the price.

Why Use a Moka Pot

The Moka Pot makes espresso, but not the same quality as what the machines can make. So why should you use one? Well, it’s quite simple, it doesn’t pull an espresso shot like a machine, and so the taste also differs. But it doesn’t taste bad, instead the Moka pot brings you a different taste of espresso, and that too with full body and rich aroma.

A Moka Pot is popular as one of the best gifts for coffee snobs. In Italy, people still use it as a form to make espresso at home, and that too regularly even after owing the equipment.

How does a Moka Pot Works

It is rather simple, and the simplicity of the process is what makes this a unique method of making easy espresso. For sure machines are simple to use nowadays, but this feels just traditional and easy. Applying the steam pressure to go through the coffee grounds, makes that pressurized shot of coffee we know as espresso. While adding water to the bottom section of the pot, and adding the ground coffee on top, and then placing it on a heat source, this apparatus produces quality espresso shots without electricity, making it unique.

How Does Moka Pot Works
Moka by Mokabees

Do note that Moka and Mocha are two completely different things. Moka pot has no relation to chocolate and is just a different method of making espresso.

The Grind Size for Moka Pot

The grind size for this process is quite specific, it cannot be too big, or else the steam won’t be able to truly get the coffee’s best properties and infuse it correctly, but the ground cannot be too fine, or else the equipment will clog and well, that’s always bad and messy. We suggest using some good coffee grinders to achieve consistency in results. A great cup of coffee is impossible without a good grind!

Moka Pot Grind

The Ground has to be fine, but not excessively fine, so most people recommend an espresso grind, but you can also go as far as using a coarse grind, and it will work fine, delivering a great cup of joe.

How To Brew Using Moka Pot

So now that we know what the Moka pot is and what it can do, let us take a dive into the step-by-step guide to using it.

Things Needed

  • Coffee Beans
  • Grinder
  • Moka Pot
  • Your favorite cup
  • Water

Step by Step Moka Pot Brewing

  • Grind the Beans – Grind the beans, to the size resembling table salt. For a 4-cup Moka, you would be using around 15-17 grams of coffee. A general rule of thumb is to use 1 part of coffee for every 7 parts of water.
  • Fill the water – Now, unscrew the base of your stovetop and fill it with lukewarm water. Make sure the level is just below the safety valve.
  • Put the filter – Next is to put the funnel-shaped filter back into place.
  • Top up with Coffee – Now place your coffee grounds into the filter and level it flat using your finger. Remove any particles left to the lips of the pot. After that, screw back the top part.
  • Start heating – Here is where the magic will begin. Now place the Moka pot onto the stove on a medium flame. Make sure that the flame just stays beneath the pot as we need the heat to the water from the bottom to raise it.
  • Wait for the Magic – Now wait for the pot to brew you an amazing cup of coffee. It will gurgle out the brown liquid steadily from its nose and when that completes, it will start spitting a foamy honey-colored layer like an espresso.
  • Pour – Now pour into your cup and enjoy the drink. Don’t forget to clean up the little pot.

Here is a video, if you like to understand the brewing process via visual!

Wrap Up

There come to a lot of questions when we brew with a Moka pot for the first time and a little guidance can do wonders. We have tried to give you an easy guide to brewing using a Moka pot and we hope that helps.

Take it anywhere as a camping coffee pot as it easily fits inside the bag. With no electricity required, it’s a perfect espresso maker for outdoor people.