7 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before Workout

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Benefits of Coffee before Workout

“Pre-exercise drink” – typically, the term makes us visualize a strange-smelling, flashy labeled supplement. But have you ever imagined your pre-workout drink, too, can have palatability? Sounds pretty impossible, right? Though pre-work drinks don’t taste the way we might want them to be, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any other option. After all, it’s a matter of energy supply for getting into the ever-desired shape! 

Well, the good news is, you can swap those tasteless supplements with a drink that almost half of Americans rely on to start their day with. Could you guess? Yes, it’s none other than a delectable cup of coffee! 

The charisma of coffee in exercising is similar to the role of the Professor in the well-liked Netflix series – Money Heist. Studies say a cup of joe, with slight moderations, can help boost your energy to a greater extent. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong in saying, behind every beautiful aurora, there’s coffee, and behind every hard-working gym rat, there can be coffee.

7 Reasons To Drink Coffee Before Workout

In this post, we have come with 7 reasons which will surely convince you or maybe delight you to include coffee as your best friend before your gym sessions. Let’s get started! 

Gym Coffee

1. Coffee Kills fat and Boosts your Energy

Coffee consists of a decent level of caffeine which is no less than a gem when it comes to burning fat and boosting one’s energy. Additionally, when you consume coffee in the morning, it suppresses the appetite thus, helping you consume fewer calories throughout the day. 

A cup of coffee carries around 95-100 mg of caffeine. If you are someone new to caffeine and planning to include it as your pre-workout drink, it’s suggested to start with 135-200mg of caffeine or 2-3mg per kilogram, as per your body weight. However, if you have been in a relationship with coffee for a long time, 330-400mg of caffeine can be a moderate dose.

Caffeine dissolves with your bloodstream in almost 15 minutes, and by 50-60 minutes, its effect is at its peak. It breaks the fat stores, increases the blood pressure and heart rate, and helps release fatty acids into the bloodstream. As a result, people feel energetic and perform like a beast in their workout sessions.

2. Accelerates Metabolism

Metabolic rate is the amount of energy your body consumes to perform various tasks, and caffeine helps increase the same. In this way, you will burn more calories, producing more energy to perform during your gym sessions. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you should be consuming more and more coffee to level your metabolism. The concept of the more, the merrier, doesn’t align well with coffee; therefore, you should intake small to standard amounts for greater results.

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3. Coffee helps Starve your Distractions and Feeds your Focus

Coffee Beans Heart Shape

Well, it’s not just the energy that helps us perform better. After all, we are not an inverter seeking for power supply from the battery unit. But, a high level of focus is essential too, while working out, and studies have found that coffee does a beautiful job in enhancing one’s mental focus. 

A natural stimulant, caffeine betters brain function and adores the brain areas responsible for concentration with a positive impact. In this way, a person starts thinking sharp, which, as a result, turns workouts more productive and efficient. 

4. Coffee helps reduce Muscle Pain

Well, you must have heard – “no pain, no gain.” Undoubtedly, it seems that the person who said so didn’t have to go to work after an extensive session of plyo push-ups. However, thanks to the morning cup of coffee, which can resist one from baby crawling to work. 

According to various studies, it has been found that coffee reduces the time for muscle recovery and stands strong against the painful lactic acid buildup during exercise. As a result, you can perform more reps, run longer with a lower probability of giving up due to discomfort. 

5. May help to Enjoy Workout more

Yoga Mat Coffee Cup

Now, this is something not well-researched. However, as per a small study from Griffith University, Queensland, it has been found that consumption of coffee before and post-exercise helps increase energy expenditure and exercise enjoyment. 

The owner of Nutrition Conditioning, Inc., Heidi Skolnik, says that caffeine actually helps one to enjoy their exercise sessions. The reason is, being a stimulator, caffeine affects the central nervous system and heart. In addition, it also increases the flow of feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which plays a vital role in stimulating pain receptors and mood. As a result, you might enjoy your workout similar to the way you enjoy those flavorsome cups. 

6. It’s a Disease Warrior

Antioxidants have the potential to reduce one’s disease risk, and coffee is pretty rich in antioxidant content. It helps remove free radicals, the cause behind inflammation in the body which results in disease and illness. In addition, coffee also helps in reducing the risks of certain cancers and gallstone occurrence. 

7. Improves Memory

If you are someone new to the gym, there might be some scenarios where you forget certain things like the exercise routine, exercise name, or maybe the name of that new girl or guy in the gym. Well, your coffee cup can assist here!

Coffee activates a mechanism in our brains that lets out a growth factor known as Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor or BDNF. The process produces new neurons in the brain by activating and converting brain stem cells. As a result, the functionality of the brain receives a definitive benefit and improves memory. 

Well, it seems like coffee isn’t just a morning drink to satisfy our taste buds, but rather, a therapy. 

An extra Bonus Benefit for the Fitness Freaks

Coffee and Dumbles

Above, we spoke about 7 benefits that one could reap out of drinking coffee. However, for someone who is a fitness freak and has been going to the gym for a couple of years, coffee can bring an added advantage. 

There’s a high probability; if you are a serious gym rat, you must have been consuming pre-workout supplements with an expectation to deliver your best. However, such supplements may come with a bunch of side effects, and it varies from one person to the other. Coffee, as you know, comes with plenty of benefits. 

The best part is, it doesn’t contain any artificial chemical or compound; thus, it has no adverse side effects. Coffee beans are naturally grown and come with a profusion of healthy antioxidants. So, what else could be better than enjoying a cup of coffee before your workout session?

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The Downside

Indeed, coffee deserves mention when it’s about adding a healthy and energizing drink before a workout. However, for those who work out late at night, coffee should be an exception. As per studies, it’s recommended to stop consuming caffeine four to five hours prior to sleep time. This is because caffeine doesn’t invite sleep; rather, it resists the same. 

However, there’re coffee enthusiasts who can enjoy an espresso just before sleeping and still manage to sleep being in la-la land. If you are such a unicorn, this factor isn’t going to affect you at all.

Coffee before Workout – Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you were in a hurry and missed some information mentioned above. Therefore, here’s a list of frequently asked questions related to the intake of coffee before workouts. Consider checking it out for a quick through.

  1. Is it beneficial to consume coffee before a workout? 

    A clear yes! Coffee does a phenomenal job in increasing your energy levels and metabolism rate. In fact, even dietitians mention a cup of coffee every morning for those looking to lose weight and stay energized.

  2. Is coffee beneficial in terms of workout endurance?

    Yes! Studies say coffee reduces the perceived level of exertion by a minimum of 5%.

  3. Can coffee improve memory?

    Yes! Coffee helps produce new neurons by activating a mechanism and releasing the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor or BDNF.

  4. How much coffee to drink before a workout?

    250-350 mg of caffeine is considered as a standard quantity of caffeine to enjoy its performance-enhancing effect. However, it varies from person to person as per body weight and, of course, fitness goals. In addition, one should make sure to take coffee with a glass of water so as to avoid any laxative effects. 

  5. What should be the time gap between a workout and a cup of coffee?

    Caffeine takes near about 20-40 minutes to get absorbed in the stomach, and it reaches its peak stimulation effect between 35-70 minutes. Therefore, it’s recommended to drink coffee an hour prior to the workout.

End Note

Pair your exercising with a cup of your favorite coffee, and enjoy the newer version of you while exercising. Now that you know, coffee isn’t just something that helps you wake up, but rather it can be a replacement to those pre-workout supplements. Hope this post answered all your queries! 

Now after reading so many good things about coffee, why not bring a cool coffee thermos to transport your favorite drink to the gym!