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Best French Press Coffee Makers

If you’ve never tried or had a French press, it is time to give a push though. You are never too late. After all, the taste of a French press coffee is indulgent, rich, and smooth. It is no wonder why it is a favorite among many coffee connoisseurs, but it’s one favorite of ours. The market has numerous models to choose from, so confusion is normal. Here, we have sorted all the best French Press coffee makers so that you can pick one that suits you from the minimum.

What is a French Press

The French Press, a manual coffee maker, is the simplest way to brew coffee. It was first patented by an Italian designer Atillio Calimani in 1929. Later on, it was popularized across Europe by a British company Household Articles Ltd and a Danish company, Bodum.

People also call it a Press Pot, Coffee Press, or a Coffee Plunger whereas specifically in the UK and Netherlands, it’s commonly called cafetière. 

For coffee lovers, pot brewing is one of the simplest and quickest ways to get an excellent cup of coffee. Like Chemex, the design is so straightforward and low-tech, the differences between different models can be subtle.

Why Use A French Press?

French Press brewing is praised for coffee making because it doesn’t filter out the essential oils from coffee grounds which is a drawback in many other brewing methods. The temperature of water and extraction time can be controlled here manually. As a result, the coffee is prepared with our own defined parameters, which means more control over the process.

A French press can also be a good companion if you are looking for something like a camping coffee maker. It doesn’t require any electricity but rather, just needs hot water for extraction.

French Press Coffee often includes a fair amount of sediment. For some people, this is a major drawback while for others it actually contributes to the flavor of the brew.

The BestSellers

Now finally, let’s get on to our list about the best French Presses. If you are unsure about where to begin, you can read our Buying Guide, just after this list.

Best French Press Coffee Makers – Our 13 Favorites

Because “good” and “bad” so often come down to individual preference, there is no overall winner in the list, rather we sorted the list in the preference as we liked them. While all of these brew excellent coffee, each one has something special to recommend in terms of design, function, or value for money. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

1. Kona French Press Coffee, Tea and Espresso Maker

KONA French Press Coffee Maker With Reusable Stainless...
  • SIMPLY THE PUREST WAY ~ extract & brew any tea leaf or coffee bean's essential oils into a single...
  • PROTECTIVE DESIGN ~ unique & attractive insulated outer shell not only easy to admire on the kitchen...
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE ~ is durable & sturdy, clever design for free flowing & effortless pouring to...
  • EASY TO CLEAN Dishwasher & Microwave Safe with detachable stainless steel filter screen system with...
  • ORDER NOW with peace of mind due to over 11,500+ Satisfied Customer Reviews below. When you take...

The glass beaker of the Kona is well protected by the plastic frame, which has a funky, modern design. Most Noteworthy is the glass, which is extra-thick boro-silicate that makes it thermal shock resistant adding durability, and the plunger and mesh are made of stainless steel. It brews much as the same quality of coffee as other glass presses; what sets this one apart is the ergonomic durable design. The plastic wrap surrounded minimizes chips and cracks to our boro-silicate glass pot and even it protects the carafe from accidental slips and falls.

It brews 12 or 34 ounces of coffee and is dishwasher safe. The Coffee Press has a 3 piece filtration system that is easily separable for deep cleaning and the users have just loved the easy cleanable system. Finally, all of this makes the Kona at the TOP of the list and is the best seller by Amazon.

The model is available in two different sizes, in either red or black. It can both be used for coffee brewing or loose tea. Also, all plastic parts are BPA-free. Additionally, the package also includes a handy measuring scoop which is again a plus.

There is absolutely no doubt to say that it is all in all one of the Top Selling Product by Amazon and is also recommended by many other coffee snobs. Gift it to your mom-dad or whoever loves coffee, it’s a perfect selection.

Size Options: 12oz, 34oz
Colors Options: Black, Red

2. Bodum Brazil

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker, 34...
  • Add coarsely grounded Coffee. Add hot water. Wait 4 minutes. Plunge.
  • No paper filters or plastic capsules required.
  • Base and handle made of BPA-free polypropylene. Carafe made of German heat-resistant borosilicate...
  • 34 oz. capacity.
  • Dishwasher safe.

If you like the glass beaker style of press pot, you can’t do better than the economical Bodum Brazil. With a borosilicate glass beaker and BPA-free plastic base and handle, Brazil has a fun, modern design and comes in two size options and a variety of colors. The size is either 8 cups or 3 cups and one can choose between Green, Black, Red or White color.

The raised Bodum Logo looks bold- attractive and the number of colors is actually there to suit your personality. The stainless steel mesh and plunger do a decent job of keeping grounds out of your mug. The lid seals well to keep the heat in keeping the coffee hot for a while. There is a protective safety lid to prevent splashing of hot water. This inexpensive model makes a great cup of coffee, sits at No.2 on our list, and offers great value for money. All parts of Brazil are dishwasher safe.

Bodum Brazil French Press Colors

Users have reported that Bodum Brazil is not that durable but still the design makes it unique and also it makes a full-bodied cup of coffee. For a little amount of this plunger, the durability part can lag behind.

Size Options: 12oz, 34oz
Color Options: Black, Red, Green, White, and Gray (Rarely Available)

3. Grosche Madrid Premium

GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, Tea Press...
  • ⭐ [PREMIUM QUALITY FRENCH PRESS COFFEE AND TEA MAKER] that features fine-crafted chrome housing...
  • ⭐ [BEST COFFEE FLAVOR]- This quality French press filter will give you smooth and richer rich...
  • ⭐ [FRENCH PRESS FOR TEA WITH GORGEOUS ATTRACTIVE DESIGN} This French Press coffee maker can also...

With its sleek chrome frame and borosilicate glass beaker, Madrid has a striking modern design. In addition to the primary stainless steel filter, there is another filter at the lid, so you will never have to worry about stray coarse grounds in your cup, although fine grounds can still pass. Also turning the lid to close the spout will retain your coffee hot. The coffee remains hot for an hour which is an awesome thing for any glass French Press.  The main filter is sturdy and barely has any play, so pressing the filter is a breeze. The bottom is made in shape to reduce the number of grounds in your cup.

The glass beaker is easy to remove for cleaning or replacing in the case of breakage. The manufacturer recommends using a coarser grind for this press pot. Replacement parts of Grosche Madrid are easily available on Amazon or you can buy a coffee grinder with a coarse grind setting.

(Note by Brand: The Purchase of this product will create 5 days of safe drinking water for someone in need through the GROSCHE SAFE WATER PROJECT )

Size Options: 12oz, 34oz, and 51oz
Color Options: Single

4. Bodum Chambord

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 34 Ounce, 1...
  • The French press is accepted worldwide as one of the best and greenest ways to brew coffee
  • No paper filters required, means more flavor without any waste
  • 3-part stainless steel mesh filter is included which allows for a premium extraction of your...
  • Dishwasher safe; replacement parts available
  • Dishwasher safe

On the 4th position on the list, we have Bodum Chambord. This is a classic one that makes excellent and rich coffee. It is this design that made Bodum famous in the 1980s and hasn’t changed much since. Made entirely of glass and stainless steel, it doesn’t interfere with the flavor of coffee in any way. Using it is simple and cleaning up is a breeze. The glass pot is not insulated, so this is a good choice only if you plan to serve the coffee as soon as it is brewed. The borosilicate glass used is durable, heat resistant, and can easily absorb thermal shocks.

The Bodum Chambord has received the American Culinary Institute’s award for being the Top Rated French press in 2004 and is still praised for its perfectly tasting cup of coffee. All parts of Chambord are dishwasher safe. It’s a perfect gift for coffee lovers of all ages.

Size Options: 12 oz, 17 oz, 34 oz and 51 oz
Color Options: Transparent

5. SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Press

SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker (1L)-Double...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Getting coffee grounds in your mouth while drinking coffee is something no one...
  • DOUBLE-WALL 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL: The interior wall keeps coffee and tea warm for longer, while...
  • RUST RESISTANT & DISHWASHER SAFE: Designed to last for years, stainless steel is sturdier, easier...
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Besides using the french press as a coffee maker, it is also the best appliance...
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Perfect for house warmings, weddings, birthdays, holidays and all coffee/tea...

With its mirror-finish stainless steel exterior and sleek shape, this coffee pot will look great in any kitchen. The tight-fitting plunger and double screen filter mean NO GROUNDS will make their way into your coffee mug, and that’s a guarantee by Sterling.

Here is how the process goes – the first screen captures the coarser grinds while the second one catches the finer. The deep lid design helps keep the coffee hot, and houses additional filtration at the spout area. The SterlingPro is double-wall insulated to keep coffee hot for longer and also prevents heat from escaping while brewing. The outside of the pot stays cool to protect your hands when pouring. The gap between handle and pot is perfect so that one doesn’t get his hands burned while brewing. Being of metal, it can survive longer than any other made of glass and can stay intact in falls or thermal shocks.

The SterlingPro is dishwasher safe and is very easy to clean. All parts are made of high-quality stainless steel and will keep your coffee hot for hours. The Sterling Pro is a Once Bought device that will always be there in your kitchen until you want. Currently, the brand is offering 2 Bonus Stainless Steel Screens worth $25 and is in limited quantity. With its durability and features, it can easily be titled as one of the top-notch coffee press in the market that is loved by every buyer.

Size Options: 1L, 1.5L
Color Options: Stainless Steel

6. Frieling French Press Brushed Stainless Steel

Frieling USA Double-Walled Stainless-Steel French Press...
  • DUAL SCREEN ZERO SEDIMENT FILTER: The Frieling French Press Coffee Maker is designed to keep the...
  • DOUBLE-WALLED DESIGN: The double-wall design means that this coffee press will deliver hot coffee or...
  • ELEVATED COFFEE EXPERIENCE: Award winning and top-rated by countless magazines and coffee...
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add about 2 tbsp. of ground coffee to the French press for every cup of water...
  • FRIELING: Since 1988, Frieling has specialized in fresh solutions. That means passionately...

The combination of a sleek, minimalist design and a brushed stainless steel finish makes this a particularly attractive-looking item. It is an all-metal product with no plastic parts and hence it’s naturally BPA Free. This one is best suited to coffee lovers who don’t mind a bit of texture with their coffee: the filter isn’t particularly tight when tipped for pouring, and there is no strainer at the spout. Cleanup is easy with this model, as the smooth surfaces don’t trap the grounds. With a metal body, it is devoid of delicacy and there is no danger of any chips or cracks like the ones with a borosilicate body.

The Frieling press is available in 4 different size options to suit your drinking habit. Also, it is available in four different body textures. It’s dishwasher safe and insulated to keep coffee hot for hours (4-5 hours usually).

Like Sterling Pro, it is also made to last longer and is a once-bought product for your kitchen. It’s costly than the others but if you are looking for something different, Frieling is one to go for.

Size Options: 8oz, 17oz, 23oz, 36oz and 44oz
Color Options Brushed, Polished, Frustration-Free Brushed and Frustration-Free Polished

7. Bodum Columbia Insulated Stainless Steel French Press

Bodum Columbia Thermal French Press Coffee Maker,...
  • COFFEE PRESS: COLUMBIA coffee maker brews an excellent cup of coffee or tea within minutes, just add...
  • INSULATED: Thermal coffee maker is made of double-wall, stainless steel construction to keep...
  • STAINLESS STEEL: 3-part stainless steel plunger has a mesh filter that helps extract your coffee's...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Coffee press features Bodum's patented safety lid to keep contents from spilling and...
  • SERVINGS: This premium coffee press holds 31 ounces, enough for 8 cups of coffee or tea, 4 oz each

This stainless steel pot is insulated with a double wall, making it a good choice if you want to keep coffee hot for some time after brewing it. It’s quite costly than the others, but for the unique design. it’s worth the money. The handle has a good ergonomic design and the pot is durable, well made. The plunger, made of mesh and silicone, reduces sediment by effectively filtering the coffee, and is guaranteed not to scratch the inside surface of the pot.

The Bodum Columbia is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. The double-wall system keeps the coffee hot for up to 2 hours. The twist shut lid also prevents coffee from splashing while brewing. The package includes a measuring spoon as well, so you don’t have to buy one.

Size Options: 12oz, 17oz, 34oz and 51oz
Color Options: Shiny Metal

8. Espro Press Insulated Press

ESPRO 1032C French Press, 32 oz, Stainless Steel
  • The two patent-pending filters get beneath the grinds and filter twice, leaving all of the flavor...
  • The double lip seal prevents grinds from sneaking past the micro-filters, and the buffer between the...
  • The vacuum insulated double walls maintain stable temperature during the brew and keeps coffee hot...
  • Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free, made from USA manufactured materials in Canada
  • Top rack dishwasher safe or hand wash with bottle brush

If you like the simplicity of the Coffee press but prefer the flavor of filtered coffee, this may be a good choice for you. The Espro Press stands at #8 in our French Press collection. With its patent-pending filters, the coffee is filtered twice and there is no grit left for your cup. This Espro Press prevents the sediments that are usually the feature of press pot coffee. The vacuum insulated double wall design doesn’t let heat escape during the brewing process and keeps coffee hot for longer spans. There is a buffer between the two filters which helps prevent over-extraction.

Espro Press Brewing Process

Though it’s a uniquely designed product and has features that other French Presses don’t have, it also has some flip downs. The silicone ring around the filter makes it a bit harder to press down than some other pots, and the double filter is not quite as easy to clean as a simpler one. The manufacturer recommends hand washing with a bottle brush or using the only top rack of your dishwasher.

Size Options: 8oz, 18oz and 32oz
Color Options: Stainless Steel and Brushed Steel

9. Bodum Travel Press

Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and...
  • Travel Coffee maker: brew Coffee or tea on the go and drink from same container when ready; enjoy...
  • Quick and easy: Simply add coarsely ground Coffee, hot water and seal the lid for a delicious,...
  • Stainless steel: made of vacuum-sealed, double-wall construction, this stainless steel travel mug...
  • Durable design: French press mug features a Spill resistant lid, built-in plunger and colorful,...
  • On the go mug: Travel mug holds 15 oz. of Coffee or tea and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

This press pot and travel mug combined is perfect for people who like to head to the office almost as soon as they wake up. You simply drink the coffee from the same vessel you brew it in. The insulated travel mug is made of stainless steel and plastic, and the silicone and mesh filter ensures that the coffee doesn’t continue to brew while you are drinking. The lid has a built-in plunger and is spillproof.

The Travel Coffee Press makes 15 ounces of coffee at once and keeps it hot for few hours. The non-slip grip is available in 4 bold colors. It is fully dishwasher safe. The price is very feasible as it comes from one of the reputed brands, Bodum.

Size Options: 15oz
Color Options: Black, White, Orange, Green, Purple, and Gray

10. Ceramic French Press Coffee & Tea Maker

Bonnevie French Press Coffee Tea Maker, 36 oz
  • NEW RUBBER BOTTOM TO REST EASY ON YOUR TABLE! This traditional French Coffee/Tea press is an EASY...
  • Because there is NO PAPER FILTER to absorb any of the essential oils or flavors from the coffee, the...
  • RISK FREE BUY! BACKED UP BY OUR LIFE TIME WARRANTY! If you have any problems with your french press,...

At number 10, we have the Ceramic French Press. The clean lines and white color of this ceramic press pot give it a simple, understated style. It has a stainless steel mesh plunger with a plastic lid and a rubber base to help it rest securely on your table or countertop. The mesh keeps stray grounds out of your coffee while letting through the essential oils and flavors that are characteristic of this method. This plunger will make up to 36 ounces of coffee. The solid ceramic does a better job of keeping the coffee hot than the usual glass beaker design. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Size Options: 36oz
Color Options: White

11. FORLIFE Cafe Style Coffee/Tea Press

FORLIFE Cafe Style Coffee/Tea Press, 32-Ounce, White
  • Coffee/Tea press-pot with Plunger
  • Material: Pot - lead-free high-fired ceramic, Plunger - stainless steel and silicone rubber
  • Heat resistant up to 120C degree/248F degree
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Made from lead-free and BPA-free materials

Next on the list is the FORLIFE Press. This pot is available in a wide variety of colors to suit any décor. It has a simple but not ultra-modern shape. The carafe is made of high-fired ceramic while the plunger is stainless steel and silicone. A silicone ring at the bottom of the pot protects your table from the heat and keeps the pot from slipping around. The filter and plunger design keep the grounds where they belong, though it’s unfortunate that this model doesn’t include a strainer at the spout.

The FORLIFE coffee/tea press makes up 32 ounces of coffee and is dishwasher safe. It will keep coffee hot for about an hour. In conclusion, what makes this device unique is the rubber base and an array of colors that are not available with any.

Size Options: 32oz
Color Options: Black, White, Blue, Red, Gray, Lime, Purple, Carrot, Turquoise, Ivy and Mandarin

12. Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

Le Creuset Stoneware French Press, 34 oz., White
  • Stainless steel plunger and mesh press
  • Non-porous enamel finish; resists odors, staining, chipping and cracking
  • Made of durable, high-fired stoneware with glossy enamel glazing
  • Dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup;
  • A perfectly color-matched palette of bold, consistent tones for easy mixing and matching with other...

Le Creuset is a very popular line of premium cookware, and if you’re a fan, you will be glad to know they also make a Coffee press. The pot is enamel glazed stoneware and the plunger and mesh are both stainless steel. The mesh filter does a good job of keeping grounds out of the brewed coffee. Just be careful not to overfill this pot. Seems like it can hold more than 27 ounces, but you have to stop filling before the water reaches the spout level.

The Le Creuset French press pot is dishwasher safe and the stoneware keeps coffee hot longer than glass pots, though not as long as double insulated stainless steel pots. The material is durable but will break in the fall. Like the ForLife Press, this product is also available in a range of colors to suit your taste or kitchen. Match it with your walls and it will look fantastic.

Size Options: 27oz
Color Options: Black, White, Cherry, Palm, Flame, Caribbean, Truffle, Hibiscus, Soleil, Blue

13. KitchenAid Precision Press

KitchenAid KCM0512SS Precision Press Coffee Maker,...
  • Integrated Scale and Timer
  • Dual Wall, Stainless Steel Construction,Kindly refer the user guide under product description for...
  • Flavor Profile: Bold, full bodied
  • Soft Grip Handle is comfortable and easy to use
  • Sleek Profile: Streamlined design reduces countertop clutter

Precision press product integrates a timer and a scale to create less fuzz around and will help you make the coffee easy and fast with only one gadget.

It also displays the temperature of brewed coffee. Additionally, it is made of dual-wall stainless steel, and therefore press maintains temperature for a longer time span.

With a simple push of a button, the timer starts and stops. To reset, just push the timer button for 2-3 seconds. The scale option tells weight in both grams or ounces so it’s pretty easy to use the perfect quantity of ingredients. This product is revolutionary and is getting adopted by many coffee snobs.

KitchenAid Precision Press

On the inside, the Precision Press has a mesh filter lined with a rubber gasket. It reduces the number of grounds in the cup. Though it takes a little harder to push the filter in the brewing process. Overall, it’s a good and innovative product to make your coffee more precisely without much guesswork.

How to Buy a French Press

Experts highly recommend making coffee using it because it is a simple piece of equipment that just makes the purest coffee! If you’ve already started thinking about getting one, here are the factors you need to keep your focus on.

Tip: An electric kettle is the best companion of a French Press for a fast and precise hot water supply while brewing. Here is our guide to the best electric kettles so that you have a complete package.

Material Used

Many people prefer one material over other, often for aesthetic reasons. Some people favor a glass carafe both for the look and for the ability to see the color of the coffee as it brews – a useful indicator of when the coffee is ready.

French Press carafes are made from different materials that range from glass, stainless steel, stoneware, and plastic.

Borosilicate Glass – Boron trioxide and silica are used to make borosilicate glass. Carafes made from borosilicate glass are highly resistant to thermal shock. This means that the glass won’t crack or explode when you pour hot water into it.

The carafe has a composition of glass and that’s why it is not recommended for you to buy a French press with a borosilicate glass carafe if you have a tendency of dropping/breaking glass every now and then.

If an all-glass carafe appeals to you, there is no harm but you need to handle it with care. It is because it has no cages in it and there is nothing but just glass – attractive but breakable.

Overall, glass carafes are affordable and have a sleek design, but they are easily breakable and it can be a deal-breaker for some folks.

Stainless Steel – If you want a reliable French press that makes good coffee and won’t break easily, you should go with a stainless steel carafe. Another reason for you to choose it is that the stainless steel carafe is double-walled and vacuum-sealed – more like a travel mug. This means that your coffee will stay hot for hours.

French presses made of stainless steel are available in two finishes; polished or brushed. Polished ones have a fine silver-like mirror finish and brushed ones come in different color options. Choose whatever you like but one thing is for sure that the carafe won’t break.

Overall, they are durable and travel-friendly, but the downside is that you cannot actually see the brewing process. This can be a deal-breaker for someone who actually keeps a close eye on how the coffee is brewed.

Ceramic or Stoneware – Even though these French presses are a bit pricey as compared to others, one thing can be said with certainty that these are classy and beautiful. And they are dishwasher safe as well. These carafes can have a bit of steel, aluminum, plastic and some of them have a rubber seal as well.

Ceramic or stoneware carafes mostly come in a rainbow of enamel colors and are also internally coated to ensure satisfactory resistance against stains and odors. Even though they are breakable like glass carafes, they are quite durable and resistant to extreme temperatures.

All in all, they offer great heat retention, a variety of designs & colors but remember that you cannot actually see the brewing process in these carafes, so you have to make sure you keep tracking the time.

Plastic – If you want to buy a French press with a plastic carafe, make sure that you are buying one from a reputable brand. It is because known brands ensure that plastic carafes are made styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) and without harmful styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN).

Plastic carafes made from SAN can easily withstand high temperatures and do not warp or leach chemicals. Therefore, make sure that you are buying a plastic carafe made from SAN and free of BPA. Overall, plastic carafes are budget-friendly and unbreakable.

While stainless steel press looks great in some kitchens, it also allows for a double-wall vacuum insulated pot to keep coffee warm. Furthermore, Ceramic Coffee Press gives you a lot of color options and does a better job of keeping coffee hot than a glass.

Size (Capacity)

It is an important factor to consider because it is defined by how much coffee you consume. If you make a cup of coffee for only yourself and not 2-3 people, you should choose smaller or travel or single-serve French press.

However, if you brew coffee for not only yourself but also for others as well, you can consider buying much bigger French presses that have a capacity of brewing up to 2-liter coffee.


Choosing the right filter type is a really important thing to keep in mind when you are buying a French press. It is because this can affect the type of coffee you’re going to get.

The selection of the right wire mesh filter helps in getting a clean brew without too many coffee grounds. However, there are still some chances you’re still going to get some coffee grounds in your coffee. Therefore, it is best to choose the filter that comes with at least a 2-3 wire mesh filter added to the press.


Plastic French press is definitely going to be on the lowest cost side of your pricing.  Ceramic and traditional French presses have middle-of-the-ground pricing and this means that you get a lot of quality for spending not too much money. Stainless steel, metal, and designer glass French presses are pricier as compared to others. So, it all comes down to how much money you want to spend.

Tips To Brew Great Coffee With French Press

  • Use Coarsely ground coffee and the reason is that fine grounds can come as sediments in the coffee cups.
  • Don’t fill the Press immediately, rather wet complete grounds for 30 seconds before pouring halfway.
  • If the grounds flow up to the top, give them a stir of around a minute.
  • The best coffee to water ratio is 1:16 to 1:18.
  • Pour the coffee into some carafe or drink immediately as leaving the coffee in a French Press might lead to over-extraction.

Here is our guide about, ‘How to use a French Press‘, in case you are interested in learning the process precisely.


Is French press coffee the best

This question solely depends on personal preference. Though the brewing is controlled manually which results in a great cup of coffee if done correctly.

Which is better, glass or stainless steel French Press

People have preference over each other. A glass press is weaker than steel and cannot retain temperature for a longer time. But you can see your coffee while it’s brewing and it helps in controlling the process.
In stainless steel, the coffee remains hot for a longer time and the press coffee maker is not fragile.

Does French Press coffee raises cholesterol

Yes, it does, but if consumed at high levels. If one consumes 5 cups of French press coffee daily, then it can raise your cholesterol levels, research has already proved that.

Can you use regular coffee grounds in a French Press

If you want grounds in your coffee cup, then yes you can. The filter passes on the medium and fine ground coffee to your cup. The best is to use coarse coffee grounds.

How long does a French Press lasts

A glass French Press can last longer if taken care of or it can simply break when it falls. Stainless steel press can last more longer. The screen of a French press usually lasts about a year in both types and can be replaced easily.

Can you use milk with French Press coffee

Yes, of course! If you like coffee with milk then fill up the French press 1/3rd with warm milk and you are done. You can adjust the quantity of milk with your preference.

What size French Press should I get

Apart from being glass or stainless steel, one should also consider the size of the French Press. These are available as 3-cup, 4-cup, 6-cup, and even a 12-cup. Think about your consumption and pick the right size so that it works well and also looks good.

Wrapping Up

If you are going to use a French press for the first time or want to do some experimentation, it is best to step into a lower cost French press smaller ones. Once you have find out why French presses are deemed as one the best devices for making coffee, you can step on up to something that’s a bit more pricey and with more features.

On the other side, if you are already in love with French Press and have tried them before, consider getting either a stainless steel or a glass French Press as they are more professional and precise for making a great cup of coffee.