Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine Collection and Reviews

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Drinking specialty coffee at home feels like breeze but since, the gizmos used for this cost a lot, one has to take a careful decision when trying to pick the best super automatic espresso machine from the numerous available options.

By getting the right coffee machine, you will be exclaimed about how much you are saving as compared to consuming coffee at expensive cafes. We suggest, before making a final purchase, think about your exact requirements and then check out the options.

With a super automatic espresso maker, you get what you pay for. There are a number of inexpensive automatic espresso machines available in the market, but they are prone to break down, anytime and replacing or repairing them can be a big mess.

If you have a nominal budget, buying a premium coffee maker for home or getting a quality home espresso machine makes a good sense instead of buying a cheap super automatic. If you are super serious about getting a super automatic, make up your mind for spending at least $600 for a basic one.

There is a long range of products by many brands like Saeco, Jura, Gaggia, Breville and DeLonghi, and every brand has always a model to appreciate. Below is the list of top rated automatic espresso makers that are excel in making a great cup of coffee; are good-looking and also durable to stay with you.

Semi-Automatic vs. Super Automatic Espresso Machine

People are mostly not aware of this thing and are often confused when thinking about getting one. So, we thought that this should clear up before we move on to our list.


The reason why this machine is classified as semi-automatic is that the brew cycle must be controlled (turned on and off) manually. The user is in complete control of everything from grind setting to the extracted espresso shot.

It is preferred by consumers who are searching for an espresso machine that balances ease-of-use and practicality with a more personal touch. However, it can be a bit confusing for first-timers. It take practice to brew perfectly through a semi-automatic.

Super Automatic

What really distinguishes this machine from a semi-automatic is the inclusion of built-in grinder and milk frother. Even though there are some semi-automatic machines that come with a built-in grinder, but most do not.

With a super automatic machine, you just have to put the beans or grounds into the hopper and press 1 or 2 buttons. The at-home barista takes care of all the rest of hassles and outputs the amazing drink. There are some super machines that come with customizable options but not all machines have this feature. So, if you’re not a control freak and want a hassle-free espresso, there is no better option than this one.

Best Premium Automatic Espresso Machines

#1 Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

Jura, a bold name that comes at the top when talking about Premium Coffee Makers for home. The actual name of the company is Jura Elektroapparate AG and it’s a Swiss brand known for quality products.

Jura is known for its quality super automatic espresso machines. This core area originated in the early 1980s and is nowadays a main element of the brand image as well as creating most of its sales. A strong focus is laid on design and there are no low-budget machines.


With Jura, you’re paying a lot up-front, but for that initial price you’re getting a super automatic machine that was built in Switzerland using high-quality materials, parts and design. You’re also getting good customer service and a 1 year warranty. Repairing can still be a hassle, but in the vast majority of cases the machines won’t break down in the first place. You will be a lot confident in making a great cup of coffee with Jura.

Jura Impressa XS90 Coffee Center

If you and your family love to drink multiple cups of coffee a day, Jura Impressa XS90 is your go-to option. The high-end functionality of this coffee center enables it to make 12 different blends of coffee, including latte and cappuccinos, with merely a push of a single button. Call it your personal barista or anything you like, it allows you to brew almost any blend that you cherish the most.

Thanks to the six-setting precision grinder, an impeccable blend of large and small grains is achieved. It is ultra-easy to use and the display enhances the convenience level that is already provided by Jura Impressa XS90.

There is also an integrated cleaning and rinsing option that ensures an active life of the machine. The reservoir can hold 1.5 L water and it is big enough to give the first impression of a heavy-duty automatic coffee maker.

Features and Specifications

  • Integrated six-setting precision coffee grinder
  • 15 pump bar that promises high-performance
  • Active bean level monitoring
  • Easily programmable machine
  • Two independent boiler systems
  • Comes with a cappuccino frother
  • Brew unit and control system
  • Comes with an energy-saving mode and auto-shut off feature
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout and integrated cleaning, rinsing, and descaling program
  • Graphic display with a plain text

Set Up

Jura Impressa XS90

Setting up the machine is quite easy but if you are using it for the first time then you’ll have to go through the program setting process. However, it is not much difficult at all if you remain patient. And by that, it means you’ll have to think that it will take some time to master it.

Overall, it is not a complicated machine to use; it is just that it takes time to get used to it. With the help of an instructional user manual and DVD, using it seems quite easy.

Cleaning and Maintenance

With regular cleaning, the machine is destined to serve you for a long time. Jura Impressa XS90 comes with an integrated automatic cleaning setting – with a simple touch of a button the machine will be fully cleaned and descaled. It also gives maintenance alerts on the digital screen to let you know when it is time to clean the machine. Overall, this automatic machine takes all the hassle of cleaning and descaling.

The Result

It is a big machine that will certainly take up some counter space. But it makes up for it by offering plenty of options to the user. Many would agree that it is one of the best Jura models in the market because of its effective features such as one-touch design, strong brew, conical burr grinder and bypass chute. It goes without saying that Jura Impressa XS90 is worth your investment.

Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

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  • 15 bar pump enables the machine to perform better and faster
  • Due to the built-in two heating systems, you can select two different water temperatures for beverages
  • Active monitoring helps in keeping track of beans
  • An energy-saving machine
  • Built-in ground container
  • Six-grinding precision setting
  • Can make over 50 cups of coffee a day


  • It will take your counter space
  • Offers a warranty of just 1 year (only in commercial use cases)
  • Some people feel that the design is complicated


#2 Jura ENA 9 One Touch Super Automatic Espresso Maker

The Jura ENA 9 One Touch Espresso offers a full range of delicious espresso drink options with the simplicity of one-touch controls. Choose to customize the size, strength, and texture of your coffee beverage, as well as the exact amount of milk foam that tops it off. Additionally, quality, simplicity, and versatility are all wrapped up in a sleek, elegant design espresso machine that will complement any modern kitchen.

Jura ENA 9 One Touch

Features and Specifications

  • Versatility of drink size – A moveable brew spout allows you to brew directly into almost any size cup or mug. Choose from espresso drinks or regular coffee drinks.
  • Versatile grind settings – A built-in burr grinder allows you to precisely choose the coarseness of the grind used to brew your coffee beverage.
  • One touch controls – Single touch controls allow you to customize the size, strength, and texture of your drink with total ease.
  • High water pressure pump – A 15 bar pump provides the perfect pressure for pulling rich, smooth shots of espresso.
  • Versatile milk settings -A touch of a button will determine whether you enjoy the light foam of a latte or the heavy foam of a cappuccino.
  • Fresh ground coffee – An internal bean hopper and burr grinder ensure fresh ground coffee for every drink you make.
  • Drink strength versatility – Adjustable water settings allow you to increase or decrease the amount of water used to determine drink size or strength.
  • Automated cleaning cycle – An internal cleaning program ensures easy maintenance of your machine with a simple press of a button.


The set-up is as easy as filling the water reservoir and bean hopper and following the easy to read prompts.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Fully automated programs will rinse, clean and even de-scale this machine.

Warranty and Repairs

A 2-year warranty guarantees that this machine will provide top quality beverages each and every time.

The Result

Jura ENA 9 Controls

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Machine

List Price:$1,398.95 USD
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The simple one-touch controls will turn anyone into an expert barista instantly. Whether you choose to practice your skills with your friends, or whether you keep them to yourself, the JURA ENA 9 One Touch will bring the coffee shop experience into the comfort of your own home.


  • At over 130 degrees, steamed milk is the hottest compared to other brew systems.
  • The automated cleaning program ensures no residues that can result in bitter aftertastes.


  • This unit uses only automatic milk steaming, preventing the option of manual steaming.
  • The steam wand requires careful cleaning after every use.

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#3 Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Size matters, right? Well, in the case of Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 it doesn’t! Don’t let the small size of this machine trick you because it has all the traits that made Jura such a famous brand. It is a small machine specifically designed to serve large purposes. This ultra-compact machine grinds beans right before brewing to provide an exceptional bean-to-cup experience.

Jura 13626 ENA Micro 1

If you love drinking professionally made coffee, this small yet highly effective machine is the right match for you. The intelligent preheating system makes it energy-efficient and coffee strength can be adjusted. Needless to say, using it is like a piece of cake (but of course, metaphorically).

Features and Specifications

  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel boiler with Swiss engineering design
  • 37-ounce reservoir
  • 15 bars pressure pump
  • Energy efficient (uses just 1450 watts) with auto shut off feature
  • Programmable – user-defined cup sizes
  • 275 pounds of bean hopper capacity
  • Intelligent preheating system

Set Up

To set this machine up, all you need to do is to plug it in and program the cup size of your preference along with the dosage level. It is a small machine and Jura specifically tried to make it as simple as it gets. The factory settings of this machine make the whole setting-up procedure stress free.  Simply unbox the machine, fill the hopper and reservoir and enjoy a cup of espresso, ristretto or coffee.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The machine has an integrated cleaning cycle that fast-forwards the cleaning process. It will alert you if it goes too long without cleaning. It also tells you when you need to start the rinse cycle. Given the fact that it is a small machine, cleaning and maintaining it is not a big problem.

The Result

It is best for houses that have only one or two regular coffee drinkers. Even you and your spouse can get the best out of this machine without any trouble at all. It is a great choice for people who live in apartments or tiny dorm rooms. It won’t take much space and it delivers exactly what you can expect from an automatic coffee maker.

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine, Micro Black

List Price:$1,200.00 USD
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  • Super easy to use
  • The rinsing cycle keeps it well maintained
  • You get a fresh cup every time because there is no use of capsules or pods
  • Energy-saving mode and auto shut-off
  • It has a built-in whole bean grinder
  • Convenience is provided with a Touchscreen


  • A bit heavier than its competitors
  • Makes only one cup

#4 Saeco Intelia Cappuccino System Deluxe HD8771/93

It surely is not right to let someone else do all the hard work while you just enjoy the rewards. However, this is the case with Saeco Intelia Deluxe HD8771/93. With a dose control, programmable shot time, ceramic burr grinder, and automatic milk frothing, this machine does all the work for you. With the machine, one thing can be said with absolute certainty – it delivers divine coffee, premium quality, and utmost convenience.

Saeco Intelia Deluxe 8771-93

The impressive functionality of the machine is backed up with a versatile design. You can brew coffee, espresso, cappuccino or a lungo with a simple touch of a button. It also features built-in ceramic grinders, a by-pass doser and customizable features such as coffee volume and strength. Overall, it is a well-designed and compact machine that offers a convenient way to the user to enjoy his/her favorite beverage without going through much hassle.

Features and Specifications

  • 10-ounce bean hopper and a 50-ounce water tank
  • One-touch automatic functionality
  • Ceramic grinders with a 10 grind setting that ensures that best flavor is extracted
  • The volume and dose can be adjusted
  • For pre-ground coffee, there is a by-pass doser
  • Also has a milk frothing carafe
  • Auto-Rinse & guided descaling
  • Cup warmer
  • LCD screen
  • Energy-efficient with an auto shut off feature
  • Stainless steel finishing

Set Up

This automatic machine is quite easy to use. Setting it up is simple and all you have to do is to fill the reservoir and bean hopper. Simply make necessary adjustments and selections by following the symbols on the LCD screen. It is pretty straightforward and it’ll take no time in getting used to it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, Saeco Intelia Deluxe needs to be rinsed with water before the first use. A ‘calc clean’ message will appear on the screen that indicates that descaling needs to be done. Simply use a descaling solution via the internal water tank and the carafe. The machine’s carafe is dishwasher safe. Overall, it requires little maintenance, but if you want to use it on a long run then don’t skip maintenance days.

The Result

You need to ask yourself whether you want a reasonably priced quality machine with few negatives or an expensive machine that is simply impeccable. Given the fact that nothing is completely perfect, it is recommended that you need to go with a reasonably priced machine with few downsides. Needless to say, it is a good investment because it is made to last for a long time. If you want to make quality espresso, coffee or cappuccino at home, buy Saeco Intelia Deluxe – it is simple as that!

Saeco Intelia Cappuccino Deluxe Automatic Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel, HD8771/93

List Price:$1,499.00 USD
New From:$1,299.00 USD In Stock
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  • The one-touch functionality is quite convenient
  • It is simple to use and there are not many complications faced by the consumer while using it
  • The automatic milk steaming feature lets you steam milk and make beverages of your choice
  • It is energy efficient
  • The customizable features allow the user to control dosage and volume
  • The versatile design can complement any kitchen décor


  • When it comes to the brewing process, you can lose control due to its automatic nature
  • There are chances that you might not be able to set the right milk temperature or adjust the foam texture

#5 Saeco HD8924/47 PicoBaristo

If you like trouble-free mornings then it is quite likely you despise the fact that you’ll have to go through the irritating process of making coffee. With the latest automatic technology of PicoBaristo, it is not the case. As a matter of fact, it ensures that you do not have to go through any trouble at all. Consider it your litter barista at home that delivers perfect aroma and flavor every single time.

Saeco HD8924/47 PicoBaristo

Thanks to removable brew spouts, dishwasher-safe tray, and the latest descale-free AquaClean filter, there is no issue of maintenance. It is a compact device that promises to deliver a superlative taste to the user. With the help of ceramic grinders (10 grind setting), a rich in taste espresso is delivered. Let it be coffee, latte and cappuccinos or espresso, you can get any beverage of your choice. With top-loading water and beans feature, everything operates smoothly and precisely.

Features and Specifications

  • A compact design made of stainless steel
  • Delivers 8 beverages with coffee, latte, cappuccino or espresso
  • A Café Crema button dedicated specifically to deliver a full-dosed long shot
  • Ceramic grinders (10 step grind setting)
  • Quit Heat Boiler delivers hot beverage in no time at all
  • The temperature, length,and strength of your beverage can be adjusted
  • With heavy-duty ceramic grinders, 20,000 cups of premium coffee can be made
  • Automatic milk frother ensures that finest consistency is achieved
  • Dishwasher-safe and removable brew group

Set Up

Saeco HD8924/47 PicoBaristo Interface

Simply plug it in and fill the top of the machine with water and beans. A menu will appear in front of you with a 12 navigations buttons. From 8 given options, you can choose any variety of coffee. Simply select the temperature, length, and strength of your beverage and that’s pretty much it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you really want a machine that requires low maintenance then this one is an easy picking for you. Thanks to the removable brew group (it is also dishwasher safe), large drip tray and the new AquaClean filter, there is no need to worry about cleaning and maintenance.

The Result

It can be said that if you are looking for a machine that can make a perfect cup of cappuccino or espresso, this compact machine can be the right choice for you. The machine lets you make your beverage according to your likes and dislikes – it is more like a barista but of course, an automatic one.

All in all, it is safe to say that PicoBaristo has all the traits to become your favorite machine. It is up to you whether you want convenience in your hectic life or not.

Saeco HD8924/47 PicoBaristo Automatic Milk Frother Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

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  • Great functionality and preparation of your favorite beverage
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Removable brewing group makes maintenance easy
  • Ceramic grinders’ 10 step grind setting ensures that a perfect taste and aroma is extracted from the beans
  • The menu on the screen is quite easy to read and understand
  • Compact design that is versatile
  • The water tank is on top of the machine and there is no need to remove the water tank to add water


  • There are no profiles for individual users
  • Machine’s body is vulnerable to stains

#6 Gaggia Accademia Super Espresso

When talking about the super automatics with amazing results, Gaggia cannot be left untalked. One beautiful creation of its line of machines is Accademia that looks great and is among the easiest machines to operate. At first glance, you will fall in love with this machine. With just one press of a button, it is able to deliver your type of coffee.

Features and Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 11 x 16.8 inches
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Dedicated buttons for 7 specialty drinks
  • Large colored screen
  • Programmable from 7 to 10 cups
  • Dual boiler technology for simultaneous operations of steaming and brewing
  • Integrated Ceramic burr grinder with dual lid that can grind from coarse to fine
  • Cup warmer
  • Automatic cleaning with a dedicated button
  • 6 liters water reservoir
  • Hot water system
  • Energy-saving standby mode

Ease of Access

It has dedicated buttons for specialty drinks like cappuccino, latte, macchiato, café lungo and espresso. There is also a direct button for the cleaning of the machine. So, you don’t have to press a lot of buttons to and concentrate on the menu for operations to have your job done.
The machine can also accommodate a variety of cup sizes with its adjustable telescopic coffee dispenser up to a height of 6.5 inches.

Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

List Price:$1,799.35 USD
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  • Beautifully built
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to use, no complicated controls
  • Easy to clean and descale
  • Can accommodate various cup sizes
  • Quick heat up time


  • A little expensive
  • Interior drip tray size is small
  • Small water reservoir requires refilling frequently
  • Smaller coffee grounds residue holder

Overall, the Gaggia Accademia is a great coffee and cappuccino system if you have a decent or small family size. It works pretty well and offers unsophisticated controls for easy operations.

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines Under 1000

#7 Jura Impressa C65 

There is no denying that automatic coffee machines provide utmost convenience in making your life easier. If you love to make coffee for yourself but hate the whole irritating process of grinding the beans and separately heating the milk, then you need a reliable and easy to use an automatic coffee machine like Jura Impressa C65.

Jura 15068 Impressa C65

One of the most talked about aspectsof this coffee maker is its super easy operation. The one-switch operating system can do all the things with a simple press of a button. The user-centric control system enables the user to select the strength of his or her favorite beverage. To ensure that the user has no difficulty in using it, the machine comes with a plain text display which is in 11 different languages. Programming the machine is made simple and you’ll have no difficulty in using it.

Features and Specifications

  • One-switch operating concept provides a super simple operation
  • Fine foam frother that provides impeccable foam quality and ultra-light consistency
  • Height adjustable coffee spout (between 2.6 – 4.4 inches)
  • ThermoBlock heating system
  • 15-bar super performance pressure pump
  • The user-centric control system enables the user to select the strength
  • Plain text display with 11 different languages
  • Comes with an integrated cleaning mode
  • CLEARYL water filter used for water filtration
  • Energy saving mode
  • Rotatory switch

Set Up

Given the fact that the main emphasis of Jura is to provide machines that are super convenient, setting this machine up is as easy as it gets. It also comes with an instruction manual that makes the whole setting-up process quite hassle-free.

Cleaning and Maintaining

A well-maintained machine serves for a long time. Cleaning the Impressa C65 is quite easy and it won’t take much of your time. Simply adjust the dial, choose the available cleaning mode, and put some water and your Jura cleaning tablet in the machine. Let the cleaning cycle finish and that’s pretty much it.

The Result

It is a machine with a compact design has all the traits to serve you on a long run. If you just cannot resist yourself from drinking multiple cups of coffee a day then it is the best option for you. The bean hopper and a large tank can make multiple cups for you. It can also store some milk as well that can be used to make smaller beverages or cappuccinos and lattes.

There are chances that some people might not like the fine foam frother but it works pretty well for those who just want a bit of foam to go with their favorite beverage. Overall, it is a highly recommended machine that is suitable for smaller places and people living in apartments.

Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum

List Price:$1,200.00 USD
New From:$899.00 USD In Stock
Used from:$899.00 USD In Stock
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  • Thanks to the commercial spout, there is no splashing
  • Using it is super easy
  • Delivers your favorite beverage with a single push of a button – there is not much hassle in using it
  • The sleek and compact design provides durability
  • The digital display lets you know about the coffee setting and other available options
  • It deploys an impressive grinding and aroma technology
  • It requires limited maintenance and cleaning
  • You can customize your drinks on the basis of aroma and coffee strength
  • It is an energy-efficient machine built to consume less and deliver more


  • There is no steam wand that comes with the machine – it affects the quality of foam produced
  • Due to the shiny finish, fingerprints can show up everywhere on the machine

#8 Jura A1 Ultra Compact One Touch Super Automatic

What better feeling there is than waking up and drinking a hot cup of espresso to start your day on a high note – it is a matchless feeling. Jura A1 Ultra Compact is a superlative espresso, coffee, and ristretto maker that has all the traits to become your durable companion. This small yet highly impressive machine operates with a pulse extraction process and brews perfectly to deliver the flavor that you cherish the most.

Jura A1 Ultra Compact

With Jura A1, you get the option to brew three different cup sizes along with selecting their dosage level. It comes with a conical burr grinder that delivers you a fresh grind every time you wish to have a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee. It also has a 4.4-ounce bean container and a 37-ounce water capacity. The thermoblock heating system comprises of a 15 bar pressure pump. On top of all this, the auto shut off program makes it an energy efficient machine.

Features and Specifications

  • Conical burr grinder makes the grinding process fast
  • Easy to use controls
  • Thermoblock heating system is backed up with a highly effective 15 bar pump
  • To provide good taste, it uses a CLEARYL Blue filter is used to remove lead, chlorine from tap water
  • Programmable- you can program three different cup sizes and also select their dosage
  • Touch technology with illuminated icons
  • Aroma preservation seal on the bean hopper
  • Height adjustable coffee spout (from 2 to 5.5 inches)
  • Zero energy switch ensures that there is no energy consumption when you are not using it

Set Up

It is easy to set-up this small machine. Even though it is programmable, you can simply make adjustments with the help of illuminated icons that can guide you throughout the whole process.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The manufacturer provides a cleaning and maintenance manual that can help you in properly cleaning the machine. Like every other automatic machine from Jura, this one also needs almost zero maintenance.  The drip tray, dregs drawer, and water tank are all in easily accessible and can be cleaned quite easily.

The Result

If you are a home-user, this machine is perfect for you and if you are not, you might need to consider other options. It is because of its size and the output. Talking about its aesthetic, this machine is powerful, sleek, and compact. It is good for offices with less than 6-7 people.

All in all, Jura A1 Ultra Compact is great for home-users because let’s face it, Jura is one of the best brands in the market and they have certainly not disappointed us with this product as well.

Jura A1 Ultra Compact Coffee Center 15148 with P.E.P.

List Price:$789.00 USD
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  • It is super easy to use
  • It has a compact design
  • You get a high pressure brewed coffee or espresso every single time
  • Optimum extraction is achieved with the help of Pulse Extraction Process
  • It is energy-efficient and has a programmable turn-off time
  • There is no need to use pods or containers


  • According to some users, the programmable setting is complicated
  • It is a bit overweight

#9 Delonghi ECAM23260.SB Maginifca Smart

Another great marvel to take notice of is the DeLonghi ECAM23260.SB Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso. You won’t look back at other machines after that. It is loaded with many programmable features that can be tweaked and tested for customized performance.

Saeco ECAM23260.SB

Grinding is the base for all coffee making process and it affects the most. DeLonghi is equipped with a professional quality conical burr grinder, the output comes consistently. There are grind settings to adjust the fineness of variety of beans.

Features and Specifications

  • Digital Programmable Menu
  • Dimensions:13.39 x 17.32 x 18.11
  • Dual Boiler
  • Double Shot Feature
  • Patented Direct-To-Brew system
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Professional quality grinder with 13 adjustable settings
  • Pre-ground coffeee chamber
  • Instant Reheat Feature
  • Espresso or Lattes and Cappuccinos at a Single Touch of button
  • Variable Coffee Strength
  • Warming plate at top 
  • Removable drip tray and used coffee container
  • Auto Clean function
  • Water Capacity: 60 ounces
  • Bean Capacity: 250 grams/ 8.8 ounces

Every time you brew an espresso shot, it will give always the consistent one. With the dual boiler technology and a 60-oz feasibly sized water tank, the temperature of the water is almost stable which gives consistent brewing all the time.

It has the all new Latte Crema system that tops your coffee cup with rich dense and long lasting foam giving the coffee an extra charm. The output is well balanced and brewing are consistent. Almost everything is programmable like drink, strength and size of beverage.

De’Longhi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker, Black

List Price:$985.99 USD
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  • Inbuilt water filtration system allows to use tap water also
  • Most of the things are programmable
  • Compact
  • Consistent shots everytime
  • Dual Boiler
  • Low on maintenance


  • Max Brew Size 6.3-oz
  • Parts are a little costlier

#10 Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

The DeLonghi ESAM 3300 Super Espresso Machine offers state of the art espresso brewing technology. With a patented brew system, this unit can produce any variation of cappuccino or latte with simple one-touch controls.

Delonghi Esam3300 Magnifica

Features and Specifications

  • Patented milk frothing technology – The patented ‘Cappuccino System’ of the DeLonghi ESAM 3300 produces a perfect mix of milk and foam for the ideal cappuccino or latte.
  • Versatility of strength – The conical burr grinder offers totally adjustable coarseness, providing a wide range of shot richness and strength.
  • Fresh ground coffee – As well as offering versatility of strength, the built-in burr grinder guarantees freshly ground coffee for each and every shot you brew.
  • Easy to use interface – The controls on the ESAM 3300 are easy to read and offer one-touch versatility over every aspect of your beverage’s size, strength, and texture.
  • Large capacity water reservoir – The 60 oz water reservoir enables you to make numerous beverages without worrying about running out of the water.
  • Versatility of size – An adjustable brew spout, along with an adjustable milk steamer, enables you to brew any size beverage into almost any size mug.
  • Cup warmer – A built-in cup tray allows you to warm up your cup before making your beverage, as well as keeping beverages warm after being made.


After filling the water reservoir and bean hopper, simply follow the prompts for the perfect first beverage. The interface is easy to go and navigates automatically to the process. Once you’ve gone through it, you’ll easily be making coffee without any hiccups.

Cleaning and Maintenance

First of all. the bean hopper and water reservoir are easily removable for simple and quick cleaning. Also, the brew system is easily removable, requiring only an occasional quick rinse.

Warranty and Repairs

The ESAM 3300 comes with a 2-year warranty for parts and labor.

The Result

Delonghi ESAM3300 Controls

In conclusion, enjoy your favorite coffee house drinks without leaving the comfort of your home with the innovative and elegant ESAM 3300. And use your new-found barista skills to impress neighbors, friends or just yourself!

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

List Price:$514.56 USD
New From:$509.01 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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  • Control dials are easier to use than some touchscreen interfaces.
  • The durable construction and reliable technology of this unit have resulted in fewer customer returns or repairs than many other systems of comparable price.


  • The grinder is designed for low oil beans, meaning that your coffee options are somewhat limited.
  • The noise of the grinder is somewhat louder than many other grinders in similar units.

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#11 Delonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System

DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus

Though it doesn’t come fairly in the Super automatic range, it does makes a great cup of Joe with a push of a button. It’s best for those who are seeking a machine with a budget of $300 to $400 which require minimal efforts. This machine uses Nespresso pods or similar in place of coffee beans which come in many flavors. So, it doesn’t have a grinder on top which all the super automatics have.

Features and Specifications

  • Original single-touch hot milk system
  • Patented coffee capsule system
  • Energy-efficient, it also has an adjustable auto-timer
  • A sliding drip tray and accommodation of smooth latte
  • Convenient and easy to maintain
  • Control panel allows you to choose beverage of your choice
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Weight: 11.6 pounds
  • Dimensions : 12.5 x 6.6 x 10.2 inches

Lattissima Plus can even be used by a novice to fetch a great cup of coffee. It has illuminated controls on top that are very easy to understand and use. The mess is very less with these coffee makers and the used cups are also stored in the inbuilt bin that can store up to 10 cups. This unit is one of the greatest Nespresso coffee machine with it’s quality features. It is one among the top sold units for Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso Lattissima Plus Original Espresso Machine with Milk Frother by De’Longhi, White

List Price:$319.00 USD
New From:$319.00 USD In Stock
Used from:$299.99 USD In Stock
Buy Now

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  • Very easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Consistent results every time


  • Body sometimes feel fragile when moving

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#12 Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine

Brera from Gaggia can be said as the most pocket-friendly machine that is available at the pricing of an espresso machine. It is one of the most sold superautomatic on Amazon and contains all the basic features required for in a Super Espresso. This machine is best for those who are looking for an espresso maker under the budget of $500.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions : 5 x 10 x 11.5 in
  • Weighs: 19 pounds
  • Rapid Steam Technology quickly heats up the machine
  • Programmable brewing
  • Front panel made up of stainless steel
  • Burr Grinder with bypass doser that allows brewing with grounds too
  • Pannarello steam wand
  • Removable brew group head for cleaning
  • Easily accessible water tank and dreg box from front
  • Push button controls
  • LED display panel
  • Energy saving mode
  • 1-year warranty

The machine is very simple to use and has much more to offer as compared to its price. The ceramic grinder on top grinds the coffee beans up to mark. It is also attached to bypass doser allowing using grounds too. You can tweak few of its settings but don’t expect much as it’s an entry level super automatic especially designed for starters.


  • Compact in size
  • Doesn’t costs a fortune
  • Energy saving mode switches machine to standby mode after 60 minutes
  • Cup warming surface at top
  • Bypass doser is an added advantage


  • Less durable because of many plastic components
  • Can’t make many specialty drinks

#13 Breville BES870XL Automatic Espresso Machine

Breville BES870XL Super Espresso

The Breville BES870XL is the new and improved version of former model BES860XL. Provided with the top-notch quality of Breville with cutting-edge technology, this model offers all the latest features to ensure you get the perfect shot of espresso each and every time. Adjustable grind settings allow you to control the strength and richness of each espresso shot, while brew size settings allow you to customize the size of drink being made. The stainless steel design makes this machine as elegant as it is durable. Instead of the term Super Automatic, a title of Semi Automatic better suits this machine. If you are unaware of what separates a Super espresso from a Semi, watch this video below.

Features and Specifications

  • High-pressure pump – A 15 bar pump ensures the proper pressure for a perfect shot of espresso every time.
  • Temperature regulation – The Breville BES870 XL uses a 1600W coil heating system. This system ensures rapid water heating, as well as temperature regulation during use.
  • Built-in burr grinder – A built-in burr grinder ensures a wide range of grinding coarseness, allowing for customized strength and richness in every shot of espresso brewed.
  • One touch controls – Grind coarseness and shot size are fully adjustable with simple to use controls.
  • Hands-free brewing – The portafilter fits effortlessly into position, allowing for hands-free operation.
  • Stainless steel construction – The Breville BES870XL is constructed of durable stainless steel, ensuring this model endures years of daily use and abuse.
  • Conveniently removable water reservoir – The water reservoir comes complete with a handle, making it easy to remove for filling or cleaning. Additionally, the 67 oz capacity means you can make many beverages without worrying about refilling the water supply.


The set-up is as easy as filling the water reservoir and the bean hopper and simply turning on. Easy to follow instructions will help you set your grinder as well as the water temperature.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The easy to remove the drip tray and water reservoir makes clean up simple. The portafilter will need to be cleaned after each use, and it can be messier than internal units.

Warranty and Repairs

A limited 1-year warranty with free shipping comes with the Breville BES870XL.

The Result

Breville BES870XL Controls

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

List Price:$599.00 USD
New From:$549.98 USD In Stock
Used from:$539.99 USD In Stock
Buy Now

The durability of the stainless steel exterior is only matched by the durability of the internal components of this model. The Breville BES870XL is designed to withstand daily use for many years to come. Whether you want to entertain friends, or just spoil yourself with your favorite coffee shop beverages at home, this model is an ideal all-around choice.


  • Fully programmable water temperature and grind settings ensure perfect drinks.
  • The external portafilter means that less internal cleaning is required.


  • The external portafilter can be messy, especially for anyone used to internal brewing units.
  • A single boiler design means that milk frothing and shot pulling need to be performed separately.

#14 Delonghi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS

Delonghi Magnifica XS

If you would like to have some striking look with your super automatic, the De’Longhi ECAM22110SB can be your best pick. It looks futuristic with a large display and bold black square buttons, something like a robotic machine. It comes with built in filtration system, so you can simply use your tap water.

This gizmo packs many functions yet it’s compact. There are two features in this machine making it distinct from others – first the aroma button that helps extract the fuller flavor; and second the energy saving switch that saves up to 77 percent of power.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 17 x 13.8 in
  • Weight: 19.8 pounds
  • Large digital display
  • Energy saving switch saves upto 77 percent power
  • One touch drink selection buttons
  • Advanced manual frother
  • Brew strength control
  • Programmable
  • Front accessible and removable water reservoir
  • Removable drip tray
  • Machine cleaning indicator
  • Dishwasher safe parts

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso Machine

List Price:0
New From:$833.21 USD In Stock
Used from:$833.21 USD In Stock
Buy Now

Best Commercial Super Automatic Espresso Machine

#14 Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Center

This is the Cadillac of automatic espresso maker. Not only does it has 2 heating systems and pumps, it also allows you to brew 2 drinks at a time, it even has 2 bean hoppers!

Jura Giga 5 Super Automatic

Jura Giga 5 is going to make you feel like a professional Barista at home, though you have to burn your pocket a lot!

Features And Specifications

  • Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 13 inches
  • Weighs: 40 Pounds
  • Two grinders, each with their own hopper
  • Dual Spout
  • 17 programmable drinks with fully customizable settings
  • Additional recipes for specialty drinks such as Viennese or Irish coffee
  • 87-ounce water reservoir
  • Hot Water function
  • Cup warmer

Two of Everything

With 2 grinders, 2 thermo-blocks and 2 pumps, you can make a lot of drinks quickly using this machine. While it isn’t rated as a commercial machine, it’s a good choice in business settings such as an office where you want to impress your clients with barista-style coffee options. It might also work in a home setting where there are lots of coffee drinkers, or for people who entertain a lot.

Jura Giga 5 Top View

Moreover, the two hoppers allow you to blend two different kinds of coffee in one drink. If you want a half-caf, or 25% decaf with 75% caffeinated, this machine can do that. Or you can use two different roasts and keep the bypass doser for decaf if you prefer.

The Result

Jura Giga 5 Top

Much as with all of the machines reviewed here, the espresso shot is perfect every time. The milk frother also seems to get the milk quite a bit hotter than with the other two models. The only problem is that the milk steaming apparatus takes a bit longer to clean than on the other machines. It can make 20 different drinks that are pre-programmed.

Jura 13623 Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine, Aluminum

List Price:$5,499.00 USD
New From:$5,499.00 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
Buy Now


  • Allows you to make many drinks in a shorter time
  • Heats milk somewhat better
  • Includes recipes
  • Two hoppers allow for custom blending of two different roasts


  • Much more expensive

This machine costs more, but for the price you get really substantial upgrades – a whole extra grinder and the capacity to make twice as many drinks in a given time frame. For most homes, the extra capacity is not necessary, but in some settings, it’s easily worth the extra cost.

Buying Guide – Things To Consider

As the name implies, super automatic espresso machines are indeed super! These machines can effortlessly perform the tasks of brewing the finest brew of espresso with a single press of a button – and that too without taking too much time.

If you are buying a super espresso machine for the first time or have been using manual or semi-automatic espresso machines for the past few years and want to try something more advanced, here is a comprehensive guide that’ll assist you in buying the right super automatic espresso maker for your day to day use.

Below is a video that tells you about things you should know before buying a super automatic.

The Brand

Brand reputation has a big role if you are the first time buyer. If the name is a trusted one and has good solid customer feedbacks, it simply means we can trust too. While if a brand doesn’t has good feedback’s, than you might be doing an experiment. As you are buying a super espresso, a wrong brand can burn a big hole in your pocket.

The Grinding

Most of the automatic espresso machines come with built-in grinders. This feature ensures you get a fresh shot of espresso whenever you want it. The machine grinds only the amount of beans instantly which is required for your drink. Many of these machines allow easy adjustment of grind settings to make the flavor exactly how you want it.

However, few of the super automatics don’t come with in-built grinders and you have to buy a separate one or use the ground coffee. You can follow our guide on buying grinders.

Steam or Pump Powered

The pump-driven espresso makers are the best because they are equipped with separate systems that generate the required pressure and control water temperature. Even though steam-powered espresso makers are affordable, their presence in markets is diminishing with time.

Boiler System: Single or Double

Espresso machines with a single boiler system are equally effective as a double boiler system, with the later one offering additional benefits such as more accurate water heating capability etc. However, it all comes down to your budget. It is because a single boiler system is less expensive than a dual boiler.

If you are willing to spend a bit extra, it is always better to choose the one that comes with some enhanced features.


Super automatic espresso makers come with some basic features such as water reservoir, boiler, electric water pump, steam wand etc. The feature that makes these machines different from other espresso machines is built-in a burr grinder and an automated internal brewing system.

  • Drink Options: Super automatic espresso machines can make more than just a simple espresso. Given that these machines are equipped with automatic milk frothing functions, you can prepare various custom-milk drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes,and others with a simple push of a button.
  • Bypass Doser: While a doser is a must for an espresso machine, it is best if you purchase a super automatic espresso machine that is equipped with an additional feature of a bypass doser. It is because a bypass doser enables you to brew coffee than the one that is already stored in the bean hopper of the espresso maker.
  • Direct Tap Water Connection: Even though there are machines that come with a direct tap water connection, it is still recommended to use bottled water. Most commercial super automatic espresso machines are equipped with this feature.
  • Programmable Options: Although these machines do all the work for you, it doesn’t mean that you cannot choose from different ready-programmed options. You can control a few things such as grind size, temperature, descaling cycle, brewing options, shot strength etc.
  • Frother: Espresso machines either come with manual steam wands or automatic milk frothers. Given that manual steamwands are difficult to use, it is recommended you should buy the one that has an integrated milk frother.
  • Types of Drinks: Do have a check on the number of drinks the machine can make and compare that with the ones you need. Most of these can make Espresso, Doppio, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Lungo, Ristretto, Mocha or Macchiato.
  • Milk Storage: Almost all super-automatic espresso makers come with a slim detachable milk carafe that can be stored in the fridge. So, there are no issues with milk storage with these machines. Check for this option as it is a handy one.
  • Plumbing: If you find it cumbersome to fill the water tank again and again, look for this option. This feature allows connecting tap water to the machine and it can input the water as per the requirements.

Water Reservoir

These machines are best at providing convenience to the users. That’s why they have large water tanks installed to ensure there are minimal water refilling trips. This machine can easily prepare 7-10 or more cups.

Size of Machine

Ever thought of where you are going to place this new coffee machine? If not, than do pay attention to this as many people skip this step. These espresso makers are quite a bit larger and can take up extra counter space. However, new models have much sleeker and compact designs. So if you have some space constraints, try looking for a slimmer one.

The Interface (Easy or Complicated)

The interface of some super automatic machines is easy to maneuver, but it cannot be denied that first-timers will find it a bit difficult to use. However, each machine comes with a user manual that explains how to use the machine. So, there shouldn’t be a lot of doubts in your mind before purchasing this machine.

Maintenance & Brew-Head 

There are some machines from renowned brands that come with the feature of removing a brew group. This enables the user to manually inspect, remove, and clean the major mechanism of the machine.

And then there are other machines from brands that do not come with the feature of removable brew groups; instead, they depend on the automated cleaning cycle. In these machines, either indicator lights or message on the digital display is used to indicate when it is the right time to clean the brew groups.

Clean Up

Many of the machines might look fascinating but do ask about cleaning and maintenance. Most of the super automatics come with self cleaning system – that is with just the press of button, the machine is automatically self cleaned. This feature is a huge time saver and is a must for every super automatic espresso.


When it comes to buying a super automatic espresso machine, you should look at it as an investment. It is because these machines have great features and they are good at providing quality and convenience. There are options under $1000 range, but it is recommended that you should look for quality without worrying too much about price.

Wrapping Up

Unlike manual or semi-automatic espresso machines, super automatic espresso makers are super easy to use and there is no patience or practice required in operating them. Even though some of the models of these machines require more counter space, new models are more compact and lightweight.

All in all, if you want to continue your love with espresso with more convenience, this is the right machine for you! We hope that the above selection helps you finding the top-notch machine as per your needs.

Finding the Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine - Our Top Recommendations
  • Jura XS90
  • Jura ENA 9
  • Jura ENA 1
  • Saeco 8771/93 Intelia Deluxe
  • Saeco PicoBaristo
  • Gaggia Accademia
  • Jura Impressa C65
  • Jura A1
  • De'Longhi ECAM23260.SB Magnifica
  • De'Longhi ESAM3300
  • De'Longhi Silver Lattissima Plus
  • Gaggia Brera
  • Breville BES870XL
  • Delonghi Magnifica XS
  • Jura Giga 5


Super Automatic Espresso machines are among the easiest form of making specialty drinks at home without much hiccups. Though they are costly and that’s why have to be chosen carefully. We have enlisted here the best picks from which one can get his favorite.

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