Best Coffee Chains In The World

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Coffee is everywhere; there is no denying that. Perhaps it’s the most popular drink after water, and that’s saying a lot. Coffee shops or Cafes have been around for a while now, but nowadays, they are everywhere. I have heard a few jokes myself about Starbucks being in every corner, but there are plenty of other popular chains in the world, so let’s get right to it.

Best Coffee Chains

Best And Largest Coffee Chains

Here we go with the largest and the most popular coffee cafes around the world. We tried our best to figure out the correct figures, but if we’ve mistaken, you have the right to contact us for that!

#1 Starbucks – The Largest

It was already mentioned, and if you like coffee, you probably heard about it, to be fair, even if you don’t want coffee. Starbucks is the titan of coffee shops, with over 30,000 shops around the globe, this Seattle brand, founded in 1971, had a lot of drama involved, as the founder was rejected by several investors that probably got mad at the brand’s success. The brand is massive, and is, by far, the most successful Coffee chain worldwide. Starbucks sells most kinds of coffee drinks along with some soft drinks and different snacks. Also you can find their own coffee accessories for a little shopping experience.

#2 Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is another of those large brands that become popular especially in Europe and the middle-east. This company was founded in 1971 (What a coincidence, this year was perfect for opening coffee shops) by the Costa family over in London. The brand now has around 3401 stores under its banner, turning it into one of the most successful Cafes out there. Costa Coffee focuses on coffee but also sells snacks and other soft drinks.

#3 Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a Canadian based cafe that started back in 1964; this company became huge in a short time. It was founded in Ontario, and the fast food giant Burger King purchased it in 2014. Tim Hortons can be found in Canada, USA, and even China and of course Europe, becoming one of the biggest coffee companies in the world, with almost 5,000 shops at the time. Note that Tim Hortons also works as a Donut shop and a Fast-Food restaurant.

#4 Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is the second biggest chain after Starbucks, with around 11,000 of shops around the world, this is another titan and the only one that can even approach the first place, Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts started back in 1950, as the name states, coffee is an extra to the donuts they are famous for, and of course, they expanded to other baked goods. The company was founded in Massachusetts, where the headquarters are still located, although in a different city. You can also get few other drinks than coffee in this café.

#5 Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee may not be as huge as other chains in this list, but it’s one of the finest, offering one of the best coffee qualities in the USA. Peet’s may only have around 200 shops in the states and 1 in China but features a unique blend that is sold in over 14000 stores across the States. It was founded back in 1966 in the state of California, around the San Francisco Bay Area. Without a doubt, Peet’s still offers high-quality coffee as well as various espresso drinks to those who need something like that. They offer soft drinks, beverages and snacks and sell their in-house products including coffee.

#6 Tully’s

Tully’s is now a ghost from what it used to be, it was founded in Seattle, the same birthplace of Starbucks, back in 1992. Tully has been involved in some turmoil for a while now, but again in 2018, the shops in Seattle and the states overall closed temporarily due to “lack of coffee.” This temporary measure became permanent, as debt increased and landlords evicted the coffee shops due to lack of payment. What will happen with this brand remains to be seen as the German coffee company: Keurig now owns it.

#7 McCafe

McDonald’s is huge, we all know that, and they got into the coffee industry as well with McCafé, a branch that can be found in several of their restaurants as a standard now. The McCafé concept was born in Melbourne, Australia, back in 1993. This brand became huge quite fast in this country; it became even more profitable than McDonald’s itself! The estimates for the number of McCafe stores and outlets around the world go from 5000 to 10000. This makes it one of the biggest competitors in the market around the globe. Of course McCafe also sells other snacks, shakes and drinks.

#8 Caribou Coffee

The Caribou Coffee company is another of the younger companies in this list, founded in Minnesota back in 1992, this coffee shop became popular quite fast and is now one of the most successful ones out there, with over 600 shops around the world. Caribou coffee is owned by JAB holding company at the moment, which is one of the biggest German holdings out there, with Peet’s coffee included in their list. Caribou offers a vast amount of soft drinks and baked goods.

#9 Lavazza

Lavazza is one of the old house in the list. Considering it was founded back in 1895, it has a lot of tradition and renown. Of course, this Italian brand makes excellent coffee and is one of the biggest brands in Europe, Asia as well as the USA. Lavazza also offers education, with around 30,000 people receiving training in the matter each year. It also has the Lavazza foundation that provides aid to different coffee producing countries. Lavazza strongly focuses on coffee but also offers baked goods as well as soft drinks.

#10 Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans is another American tale of success, sharing a place with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, on a smaller scale. Gloria Jean’s was founded in Illinois back in 1979, and it started to have success exceptionally quickly. Nowadays it has over 1000 stores worldwide with a franchising business model that allows quick expansion. It became successful and is now one of the biggest cafe chains in the world. Gloria Jeans focuses mainly on coffee and soft drinks. But they are even considered a restaurant in some locations with various dishes available.

#11 Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros is a relatively new company, founded in Oregon back in 1992; it has over 300 coffee stands around the west coast of the USA. It has been a fast-growing company and one of the most successful ones in the past years. Dutch Bros has also appeared in Forbes as one of the best small companies in 2017. Without any doubt, this company will continue to expand delivering quality coffee to the west coast, eventually expanding even further. Dutch Bros focuses on coffee drinks and other common drinks.

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