Dunkin Donuts Vs Starbucks

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Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks

Everybody loves a good face-off. The energy in the arena when one colossal giant is pitted against the other. It’s a blend of passion and talent, spiced with innovations and electricity. And there cannot be a bigger or more awaited standoff than the one brewing between Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks.

While there has by no means been a shortage of cafes or donuts shops in corners all around the world in the last decade or more. These two have best weathered the test of time and stand as tall and intimidating as ever.

So its finally time to take the gloves off, and ask you the all important question. Are you ready to rumble?

Where, When, and How – Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks

The two companies launched into the market years ago. And years apart. Through that time, they have both succeeded in covering a lot of literal and financial ground. 

Dunkin donuts were the first of the two to dip its toes into the world of caffeine and cakes and cafes. It was born in Quincy, Massachusetts seventy-odd years ago under the guidance of Mr. William Rosenber. Since then, the company has managed to spread its metaphorical wings across the country and world. At last count, they had a whopping 11,300 restaurants spanning across geographical borders. 
Official records declare that on any given day, the combined forces of their franchises from all over the world are said to make a combined sale of close to 1.8 million cups of caffeine. An impressive number indeed.

Starbucks entered the scene twenty-one years later, in 1971 to be exact. However, they hit the ground running and have been way more aggressive in their quest for global domination.

From commencing with a tiny store in the city of Seattle, they today have close to 11,100 branches across the United States of America. 

While Dunkin has managed to spread its net over 32 countries in total.  Starbucks has more than double that leaving its footprint in over 70 different countries so far. They have a very clear sight of who their audience is and have done well to pander to the social media generation of today. It would be impossible to scroll through Instagram without coming across a post or story of someone flashing their Starbucks cup.

Starbucks began with an aim to offer the world a taste of the finest fresh-roasted whole bean coffees, and Dunkin Donuts in its infant stage offered donuts with a side of coffee. Over the years the two have on occasion moved around into each other’s businesses crossing boundaries into each other’s territories. At last count, Starbucks generates a sky-shattering $26 billion each year in revenue. Dunkin Donuts is still to hit the $1.5 billion mark.
And while each entity has at its core a fan base loyal to their every move, only time will tell what their futures hold.

5 Reasons why Dunkin Donut is better than Starbucks

It’s time to get down and dirty.
If you’re looking for reasons to tilt towards the side of Dunkin, pick your way through a few of these.

Their MVP

Donuts by Dunkin
Dunkin Donuts

They have donuts in their name. It should be a pretty big giveaway. It’s not just the fact that Dunkin offers donuts, it’s the matter that when you add in the seasonal options, they offer up to seventy different types of donuts. From the classic glazed, jelly, and powdered sugar perfection, to quirky glazed blueberry, pumpkin, and French cruller. There’s a style that suits every palate’s preferences. 

Quick Tip – If you’re ever in the mood for a free donut at Dunkin’s, simply follow the instructions on your receipt and complete the survey and the next time you’re in you don’t have to pay for it!

Simple Folk

Dunkin Donuts Cafe

Dunkin Donuts has managed to survive a competitive market for a long time. With new coffee chains popping up around every corner each attempting to offer something never seen, tasted, or experienced; surviving with your head above the water is commendable. Thriving through it all, while staying true to your traditional relaxed approach is something spectacular.

A visit to Dunkin doesn’t need you to have an international encyclopedia with you every time you attempt to order anything off the menu. The place has an aura of acceptance which is why you don’t feel the usual intimidation when you hope to try something new.

Money Matters

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. We would all simply love to sit back and have our daily dose of caffeine handed to us in a steaming cup with all the work done and nothing to clean up. There comes a point though after which the pinch on the pocket starts feeling a bit too real. While it might be unfair to classify the coffee at Dunkin Donuts as cheap; it is definitely cheaper than what you would be asked for at Starbucks for the same order.

If that doesn’t seem enough, maybe the fact that Dunkin will add elements like cream milk, sugar, or other savourings to your drink without any additional cost will clinch it for you. 

Bags of Benefits

It’s not just about what brings you to a place, it’s about what gets you to keep coming back for more. Dunkin Donuts has an app like Starbucks on which you gain access to their reward program. But that’s not where they stop. 

Dunkins has a number of deals on both food and drinks offered. Offering up the choice to make combo meal plans should you be in the mood. One of the more unconventional practices of Dunkins is going to make you start following football scores even if you’re not a fan of the game. Should you ever choose to pay them a visit after the NY Jets or NY Giants wins a game. You’re going to be treated with a caffeinated beverage for 25 cents. Now that’s a bargain if ever we’ve seen one.

Taste Tests

What it all boils down to is taste. There have been reviews that might come as a bit of a surprise to you. Or perhaps you’ve experienced it for yourself at one time. But a lot of people claim Starbucks coffee roasters burn their beans while roasting more often than not. Which in turn ends up adding a rather unsettling flavor profile to their caffeinated drinks. 

The coffee at Dunkin Donuts is good and has never faced any such charge. When it comes to the nibbles, you can be sure you’re eating fresh. The treats offered up at Dunkins are made in-store and in front of you by a friendly local baker.

5 Reasons why Starbucks is better than Dunkin Donuts

Time to put the shoe on the other foot and walk down the reasons why you could side with Starbucks in this clash or cafes.


Starbucks New York Store

It’s all a numbers game. Starbucks entered the arena later and is a relatively younger brand. They were in it to win it, and was quick to spread their tendrils over the coffee market. And it’s not just on USA soil. Starbucks has managed to conquer six of the seven continents in its quest for global domination. 

The sure fact that the number of Starbucks cafes out there eclipses the number of Dunkins by a long shot, ( almost 2:1) means you’re more likely to run into a Starbucks when you turn the corner in your hometown in your quest for your daily cup of coffee. 

Secret Menu

Unlike the 1999 classic Fightclub, the first rule of the Starbucks secret menu is that absolutely everyone knows and talks about the Starbucks secret menu. It is after all like that cool club that we all yearn to be a part of. It’s something that people wait around for. And when a new item is added to the secret menu, news about it spreads like wildfire. It will be all anyone wants to get their hands on.
And while it’s true there are people who claim to know how to recreate the items from the menu at home, there always seems to be something missing.

Spoiled for Choice

Through the years Starbucks has not only been growing its empire, but they’ve also been working hard at expanding its menu. In today’s world where everyone has things they cannot, will not, or probably should not eat and drink. It doesn’t hurt to have options. Both the food and drinks menu at Starbucks has those in spades.

Starbucks has dairy-free drinks for the lactose intolerant or vegan consumers out there. With the world more concerned about how their produce is sourced, Starbucks even has organic coffee options. They also offer up a healthy menu for those of us counting calories.

Choose to Customize

The best thing about the time we live in is the fact that people know exactly what they want and aren’t at all afraid to demand it.
Personal choices often show off personality. And if Starbucks’s substantial menu doesn’t seem to have your preferences covered, there’s no need to fret. They’ve still got your back. If you don’t like what’s on their extensive menu, you have the choice to customize and create your own serving. You can take ingredients out, or add something to their existing offerings. Go crazy and experiment till you find whatever it takes to make it sit right for you.

Seasonal Mayhem

Starbuck On Christmas
Image – Pinterest

The festive season is a time of celebration and joy. And nothing brings bigger smiles to the faces of Starbucks customers than the knowledge that Christmas time is approaching. Their famed pumpkin spiced latte that makes its appearance during fall has a cult following all over the world. 

It’s not just the drinks that people go crazy about, it’s the cups that hold them too. Come December you’re sure to spot a cup or twenty on your social media feed. 

For those of you who celebrate their birthday like it is a national holiday Don’t forget Starbucks will commemorate the day with a free drink. 

Key Takeaways on Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks

  • Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks two names that have grown almost be synonymous with coffee today and continue to the trajectory to conquer the global caffeine community.
  • Although Dunkin Donuts entered the market two decades before Starbucks they are still behind in annual revenue earnings and the number of physical stores in both the country of the USA and the world.
  • Both companies have apps that offer directions to their local branches and customer rewards benefits.
  • While both brands offer similar items on their menu; Starbucks has more taste and dietary options along with the freedom to customize. Dunkin Donuts seems to have the upper hand when it comes to taste and coffee flavor profiles.

At the End of the Day

Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are both names you’ve heard before. And they each have their own hoard of crazy caffeinated fans who’ve sworn their allegiance to the brand. The pair have managed to co-exist relatively peacefully so far. You can even find some of the best K-cups for your Keurig by both the brands as they both manufacture that too. They’ve sat by and enjoyed watching potential new competitors come and go. Only time will tell where their paths will lead. Will they ever come to a truce? Or will they go down swinging?