The Best Coffee Scales For Precise Brewing (Digital Scales)

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Best Coffee Scales

Are you among those people who just love to be precise in whatever they do? If yes, you would love to owe a coffee scale to measure the beans precisely before brewing, so that your coffee cup is consistent, no matter how many times you brew.

A cup that has the exact proportion of all ingredients to make your day incredible. A cup that speaks to its master saying ‘You’ve earned it.’

Here, we will walk you through the best coffee scales you can buy for your next coffee trip to the kitchen.

So, Why Use A Coffee Scale

The main reason for using a scale in your daily beverage preparation is precision. Precision is your star ingredient in this coffee preparation.

To the new-coffee-fellow in town, a scale might seem like watching a man measure the distance between his golf ball and the first hole. It can seem superfluous. When you were a child, did you ever pretend to be an astute scientist? Did you ever run around your house looking for different liquids and powders throwing them into a big pot in varying quantities and waiting excitedly for the end result? As an adult, attempting to brew a perfect cup of coffee can at times provide a similar visual. It is an art form; that requires delicate precision, dedicated steps, timing, and focus. In order to achieve this impeccable precision, we need to resort to scales.

“If you’re going to do something , do it well.”

Although this well known quote is from a famed American criminal and cult leader, it doesn’t make it any less true.

Have you ever wondered as to why the coffee today is bad as compared to yesterday? Can you predict how it will be tomorrow? With spoon science, which can be any – round, deep, broad – by which we are just assuming, same like in the food recipes. With scale, if it’s 18 grams then it is exactly that amount! There is no guesswork and therefore, the results are consistent. And if you love to be precise, we have compiled here the best coffee scales. These are really helpful if you use equipment like French Press or any of the artistic Pour-Over style coffee makers.

So, it’s is to these perfect people I say, read on.

Best Coffee Scales – Our 10 Favorites

There’s a difference between picking a highly rated machine and picking what is right for you. The key to getting your hands on the right device for your household is research, research, and more research. Take a look at the 10 scales we’ve got here for you and start planning as to which can be a good fit.

1. Hario VST-2000B V60 Drip Coffee Scale

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, Black
  • Hario V60 drip coffee scale measures in 0. 1 gram increments...
  • Includes a drip timer for perfect bloom times and pours each...
  • Integrated timer for complete and total control of your...
  • Auto power off in 5 minutes (not activated when the timer is...

A refined and absolute debonair design for your kitchen counter! Weighing in at 9.1 ounces, this sleek black drip coffee scale is here to ensure you have the perfect pot of steaming coffee in style.

Boasting a high review score inaccuracy, the scale measures the ingredients you need in increments of 0.1 grams. The scale also rates high on ease of use and easy to read and runs on 2 triple A batteries that come along with it.  If the timer function is not in use, the machine will turn itself off in five minutes to save battery life. Quite a relief for the forgetful folks.

The flat weighing surface area on the scale is large and extremely practical with room for your coffee dripper.

What we like

If you are someone who loves to sit back with a warm cup of drip coffee you’re in luck. The machine has a drip timer that helps you brew yourself the perfect cup every single time.

2. Coffee Gator Coffee Scale

This one is quite a positivity-infused scale! With a mission statement that hopes to bring ‘more smiles per cup’ for its customers, this multipurpose Coffee Gator scale can be used to weigh anything from coffee powder sugar and milk, to even the jewelry lying at home.

Easy to clean, read and use, the scale allows you to view measurements in Ounces (oz), grams (g), gram milliliters (g/ml), milliliters (ml), and pounds (Lb). The machine has an LCD display with a bright backlight that presents all the numbers clearly.

The scale comes with a loading tray, heat resistant non-slip rubber mat and two triple A batteries for the machine to run on.

What we like

The aim of the company is simple. Bring smiles and happiness to the faces of their customers by helping provide the tools required to make the perfect cup of coffee. They claim to increase happiness levels by roughly 96.7%.

3. Acaia Pearl Model S Professional-Grade Digital Smart Coffee Scale (Black)

Here are the light and environmentally effective picks. Weighing only 0.16 ounces and less than 1.3 inches tall and rating high on accuracy, this light, and compact black digital scale is easy to store and comes with a one-year warranty.

The scale has six modes namely auto start, timer, weighing, auto tare, espresso, and beverage. The scale is compatible with the Acaia iPhone and Android app from which you can track the condition of your brew.  The app can also be used to follow the interactive guides on it.

What we like

This scale not only weighs your coffee before preparation, but also monitors the time and flow rate of the coffee while you brew without turning off. With an aim to be environmentally friendly, the scale has a lithium iron battery that can last between 20-30 hours after which it needs to be charged with a USB cable.

4. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

Sleek yet multipurpose. This easy-to-use scale can be used for weighing anything from coffee beans, sugar, and milk, to fruits, flour, cheese, and more.

The unit conversion button allows you to shift between grams, kilograms, pounds, and ounces. You can easily pull out the digital display of the scale to help you read the numbers better in case of any inconvenient shadowing. The scale also has a backlight option in case lack of visibility is an issue. The platform of the machine is easy to remove and therefore easy to clean.

And yes; rating high on accuracy, the scale has a zero function for taring. This means once a container is placed on the scale, it will revert back to zero and only measure the weight of the ingredients they are placed inside the container.

What we like

The scale is smudge and fingerprint resistant which means you won’t have to worry about greasy stains on the device. The scale comes with an indicator that raises the alert when maximum weight capacity has been reached. The scale allows for anything between 0 to 5 kgs.

5. Reflex 500g / 0.01g Digital Pocket Wireless Smart Scale

One of the most multi-functional scales on the list, this machine can measure anything in the range of 1 to 500 grams with 0.01 grams accuracy. The unit of measurement on the scale can move between kilograms, ounces, troy ounces, carats, grains, and pennyweights. There are even more options for conversion available on the smart chef app.

The machine comes with 2 scale platform cover trays and a USB charging cable that can be used for the built-in rechargeable charger. The shut-off time on the scale can be customized to your personal requirement.

What we like

It’s quite a tech-guru. There is a free app for both iOS and Android users that can give you access to multilingual food databases. The barcode scanner from the app can also be used to retrieve nutritional information on the various items in your fridge and pantry.

6. Acaia Pearl Laboratory Grade Digital Coffee Scale

Perhaps the most accurate scale on our list, this machine can measure up to the 10th of a gram. The scale also boasts of response times of as low as 20 milliseconds.

There is no auto-off feature in this scale which means you run no risk of it going off mild-brew. The machine measures everything including the time, weight, and flow rate all while you are in the process of brewing your coffee. The scale runs off a battery that lasts between 20-23 hours at a time after which it can be charged with a USB cord. Now, that is an impressive run time.

What we like

The machine has a built-in stopwatch that can be synced with your mobile phone. With it, you can time and track the bloom, infusion, and pouring time for your drink. Also for the traveling coffee freaks; the size, weight, and sleek design of the scale make it the perfect travel companion. And not to forget: the machine also has a built-in stopwatch.

7. Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale

This stainless steel scale that can measure anything up to 11 pounds is extremely easy to maintenance and store. The scale allows you to convert anything between the measuring units of oz g mL and lb oz. The backlit display is very clear and easy to read. The scale is powered by two AAA batteries that arrive with it. In order to conserve the life of the batteries, the scale automatically goes off after two minutes of not being in use.

If you need to measure any messy powders the scale also comes with the tare function which negates the weight of the container it is in. It is important to note this scale is not water-resistant. So it would be wise to be careful of any spills.

What we like

The scale has a low battery indicator that helps alert you when it’s time to change out your batteries.

8. GreaterGoods Digital Kitchen Scale

Perhaps the scale that will have the smallest impact on your pocket, this sleek ash grey minimalist scale has everything you’d require to brew that perfect cup of coffee. With a high contrast LCD screen, the scale provides an accurate reading within 1 gram or 0.1 ounces. The machine also has the tare function if you need to place messy items in a container before being measured. The sleek surface and touch-sensitive buttons are extremely easy to clean and maintain.

What we like

In a commendable action by the Greater Goods team, a portion of the money spent by buyers on this product will be placed towards aid to the Global Orphanage project that helps children in need. The scale has a large-sized weighing surface (6*6 inches) that can hold up to 5 kilograms. Yet, the size and weight of the machine are easy to travel with.

9. Nicewell Food Scale

Constructed combining tempered glass stainless steel and ABS plastic, the last scale on our list is highly durable.

This scale measures in precise increments of  0.1 oz or 1 gram and can handle anything weighing up to 10 kilograms. Although the minimum weight recommended is 2-3 grams. It can also be used for your other cooking needs including cooking and baking. This device is simple on upkeep.

And can convert anything between the measurements m, fl. oz, g, kg, and lb: oz. The tare button helps to make sure you aren’t accidentally adding the weight of the container in your measurements. The machine has an automatic off function if left un operational for over 90 seconds.

What we like

Somehow, we’re hooked to the hook. The device has an attached hook that makes it very easy to store.

10.  Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale

Not too much into the number game? If you’re someone who hates math and couldn’t be bothered minus the weight of any bowl or container that holds the item being weighed have no worry. The precision tare button does precisely that for you.

This accurate, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean digital scale is available in a range of colors including black, red, lime green, teal blue, and silver. The automatic unit button to the left of the machine allows you to pick between 5 units of measurement namely gms lbs, ml, oz, and lbs: oz. The scale can measure anything in the weight range of 1gram to 5 kilograms. It runs on 2 triple A batteries that arrive with the machine.

What we like

The scale will turn off after two minutes of not being in use to conserve battery life. The buttons on the scale make an audible clicking sound to confirm they have been pressed.

How to Buy the Best Coffee Scale

1. Keep it Simple

The first thing to think of its practicality. If using a coffee scale is going to be part of your daily routine, it’s important that the process is fairly simple. Anything with too many bells and whistles can end up frustrating you in the long run.

2. Size things up

Space in apartments does come at a huge cost per square foot. And, storage is always an issue. This is where the size of the actual scale comes into play. You have to think of where the scale will be when it is not in use. Apart from the size and weight, the look and feel of a scale are also of importance as it will possibly be a permanent presence in your kitchen and should not look out of place.

3. Look to See

The display of the device is important to take notice of. Make sure the display is never too crowded. It should be easy to read and come with a backlight incase of poor light in surroundings. Again, keep navigation simple always.

4. It’s all about the buck

For something so small and considered unnecessary by so many, coffee scales can make quite a big impact on your wallet. While there are scales in every price range, it’s important to take note of the value of the money you are receiving. Have a very clear idea of what the scales will be used for in your everyday life.

Also, take note if you will need to spend on any form of maintenance or upkeep and any added expenditure on the machine. For example, certain scales come with inbuilt batteries that can be charged with the wires provided. Others require you to buy a steady supply of batteries through the months to keep the scale working. So get down to your calculations.

Wrap Up

Coffee is often a key ingredient in either starting your morning or kickstarting a lazy afternoon. Adding a coffee scale to your daily brewing routine can make a world of difference to taste and satisfaction. Honestly though: who doesn’t everything to be… just right. And aren’t you secretly looking to outdo that barista coffee? The perfect scale can be your perfect ally.