Best Gooseneck Kettles For Pour-Over Brewing

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Best Gooseneck Kettle For Pour-Over  Coffee

Here’s a fast and fueled-up questionnaire to see if you must read on about the best Gooseneck Kettle or settle for lemon water instead. Let’s quickly get brewing.

1. Are you a self-proclaimed caffeine addict?

2. Do you take joy in the process of creating a caffeinated masterpiece at home that makes each day just a little sweeter?

3. Have you spent hours on your devices researching, reviewing, and sourcing the perfect coffee beans to answer your every dream?

4. Do you have a coffee preparation set up at home that baristas would drool over?

5. Is the single thing missing from making everything just right… a kettle by any chance?

If you’ve answered in the affirmative to any one or all of the above questions, read on to find the Gooseneck or Pour-over coffee kettles.

Why use a Gooseneck Kettle

Nobody is ever going to question what it is that makes a gooseneck kettle stand apart and above others in the quest to create the perfect cup of coffee.

I will ask this though.

Have you ever watched a chef at a highly rated restaurant assembling one of his signature dishes? Do notice the time, concentration, and care that goes into the construction on the plate. It all comes down to patience and precision. And that is precisely what the elegant narrow spout of a gooseneck kettle provides.

But, wait before making your purchase. You’ve not reached the end of the road just yet. There are a few decisions left.

Step one is to understand your household’s needs. Then take your time and wade through this list and see what checks all your boxes. After all, it’s a masterpiece you’re going to be creating. If you are onto brewing with a pour-over or a french press, a Gooseneck is a perfect companion, or more we can say is a must with these techniques. Still, if you are looking for a simple electric one, we have a guide on the best electric kettles containing the top-notch in electric form.

The Best Gooseneck Kettles – Our Favorites

1. Fellow Stagg EKG

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle -...
  • STAGG EKG ELECTRIC KETTLE: Simple aesthetic meets powerful...
  • PRECISION POUR: Stagg EKG's sleek pointed spout is designed...
  • TEMPERATURE MATTERS: Speed up your brewing process with...
  • BREW LIKE A PRO: A sleek LCD screen indicates the desired...

We start off our list with this elegantly crafted electric pour-over kettle that melds class with convenience.

The Fellow Stagg EKG has been designed with a lot of attention to detail. Case and point, the kettle‘s precision pour-spout. Not only does it have zero drips back, but the fluted tip of the spout also allows for precise pouring down to the last drop.

You can control the water temperature in the kettle with the smart dial that allows you to move anywhere between 57 to 100 degrees celsius allowing you to brew a range of different coffees and teas too. The kettle also comes with a built-in brew stopwatch that will let you perfectly time your brew for a cup that is just right.

Apart from the chic white, the kettle is also available in a range of colors including Matt black matt white, warm pink with a maple wood lid, or a classic polished if that is more your style.


  • The lit LED screen offers a clear view of both the temperature you set, along with the real-time temperature of the water as it warms up.
  • A tiny toggle at the back of the kettle allows you to switch between the units of Celsius and Fahrenheit negating the otherwise unnecessary hassle.
  • When the hold mode on the kettle is activated, it will store the water at the temperature of your choice for a whole hour.


  • While this kettle will look classy on your countertop, it does make a pretty big dent in your wallet for the service it provides.
  • While the handle is of a good size to allow for a comfortable grip, the bottom part that connects to the kettle is known to heat up at times causing you to possibly burn your hand.

2. Fellow Stagg EKG+ Bluetooth

Fellow Stagg EKG Plus Electric Gooseneck...
  • STAGG EKG+ ELECTRIC POUR OVER KETTLE - Ready to kick your...
  • PRECISION POUR - Stagg EKG's sleek pointed spout is designed...
  • TEMPERATURE MATTERS - Speed up your brewing process with...
  • BREW LIKE A PRO - A sleek LCD display screen indicates the...

Hailing from the same family, this  Fellow Stagg EKG, kettle comes with the additional advantage of Bluetooth connectivity.

Like its previous counterpart, the kettle is perfectly balanced, allowing you a controlled and slow flow rate that is required for the precision in the preparation of certain coffee brews. This model too has the same 1200 watt quick heating element, a feature that allows you to quicken the brewing process.


  • The highlight of this model is the Bluetooth feature.
  • Using the Brewmaster app on your  Apple or Android mobiles, or the Stagg EKG+, on your Apple phone, and the  Brewbar app on your Ipad, you can send set temperatures and send other instructions to the kettle via your mobile devices.


  • The kettle comes with a one-year warranty however the customer service department needs to work a little better at satisfying queries and complaints from its consumers once that period has eclipsed.
  • Like its cousin higher up on the list, this particular kettle isn’t the wisest choice for a budget-conscious shopper.

3. Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle

Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle with...
  • Channel your inner barista with our pour over kettle,...
  • Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a goose neck...
  • Easy to clean, our pour over coffee kettle can be hand...
  • Designed for practicality, our stovetop and induction kettle...

Tooting its own horn, the next entrant riding in our list calls itself the Lamborghini of the coffee world. This Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle comes from the family that makes it their mission to bring more smiles per cup. The kettle has a triple-layer base and comes with a thermometer built into its lid in order to help keep track of the water temperature at all times. Since different types of coffee can require water at different temperatures for optimum extraction, the inbuilt feature can be used to prepare a variety of coffee or tea beverages. The handle of the kettle is comfortable to grip, making the kettle well balanced and the flow rate easy to control.


  • This lightweight, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion kettle work on multiple stovetops including ceramic, gas, induction, electric and even camping stoves making it a great travel accessory.
  • The kettle comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • While the kettle can hold up to one liter of water at a time, customers are advised by the company to only warm roughly half that quantity at a time.
  • Though rare, there are times that the water while boiling can make a bit of a rattling sound.

4. Cosori Electric Gooseneck Coffee Kettle

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle with 5...
  • 5 One-Touch Presets: Your Gooseneck Electric Kettle features...
  • 1 Hour Keep Warm: Use the HOLD TEMP function to keep the...
  • The Purest Taste: The electric kettle's durable interior,...
  • Precise Pouring: A essential choice for making pour-over...

The next pick on our list has been constructed from food-grade stainless steel ensuring nothing will interfere with the taste of your morning cup. The Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle comes with five different temperatures pre-set into the device that can be used for both coffees and teas allowing you the chance to get your beverage just right every single time you brew.

If you are in the habit of stepping away while your water boils, stay at ease, the ready-tone of the kettle beeps 3 times altering you to when the water has reached the temperature you want. For any reason you do not want this feature active, you can easily turn it off.

When your water is boiled and you’re not ready for your drink yet, you can use the keep warm function to hold the water at the temperature of your choice for up to an hour.


  • The kettle has a boil-dry safety feature that ensures that the kettle goes off if there is no water inside it to heat.
  • The handle of the kettle is designed for maximum comfort, even providing a groove for your thumb in order to give you maximum control overflow rate.


  • Be careful not to fill the kettle to the brim cause it can cause it to overflow at times.

5. Willsence Gooseneck kettle

When it’s about counting things that bring ecstasy, there are few, and the Willsence Gooseneck kettle is undoubted, one of them. The thick stainless steel design and the ingenious spout reflect the precision of the product’s engineering. 

Featuring an LCD temperature control panel and 1,200-watt rapid heating technology, it’s one of the most convenient and user-friendly models in today’s cattle market, making it the favorite of numerous baristas.

With its extraordinary ability to heat water to the desired temperature, it allows you to award your cup with the best aroma and enjoy the perfect taste notes of your favorite beans. It hardly matters what type of beans you are using or what brew you like the most; this excellent kettle gets you covered with all!

The built-in stopwatch adds more to its ever-convenient approach. With the help of this unique stopwatch, you can leverage the freedom of controlling the brewing time down to mere seconds.  

Let’s give you a quick glance at the goods and evils of Willsence Gooseneck Kettle!


  • Agile heating up ability
  • Great design
  • The convenient temperature control attribute
  • Clearly readable LCD
  • Functional in-built stopwatch


  • Every good carries some evil, so does this kettle. The negligible downsides of Willsence Gooseneck Kettle look like the following.
  • The cord is not retractable.
  • The max fill-line inside the kettle is sometimes not comprehendible.
  • The capacity of the kettle is comparatively lower- a clear 750 ml.

Coffee buffs who are looking for a convenient and efficient pour-over kettle to make the brewing session a bit handy can count on Willsence Gooseneck Kettle unhesitatingly, leaving no chance for regretting their decision!

6. Coffee Gator True Brew Gooseneck Kettle

Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle with...
  • BARISTA-APPROVED: Channel your inner barista with our pour...
  • PREMIUM GRADE: Engineered in high-quality stainless steel...
  • BUILT-IN THERMOMETER: Take the guesswork out of brewing at...
  • PRECISE POURING: Designed for precision, our stovetop kettle...

The next player on the list guarantees 100% satisfaction with a promise to bring smiles to the faces of its consumers.

The Coffee Gator True Brew Gooseneck Kettle is rust-proof and can work on any heating surface including electricity, radiant, ceramic, induction gas, and others.

The handle of the kettle has been crafted to provide a thumb rest and hence ensure better control of the kettle so you can get the flow rate you desire when brewing your daily beverage.


  • The safety features in the kettle provide multiple cool touchpoints, as well as outlets for the steam away from your hands so as to ensure you never burn yourself by accident.
  • Unlike most of the kettles on the list, you don’t need the added step of taking the lid off every time you need to fill some water in. The kettle has a hinged lid that is easy to flip open. It offers you the added option of maneuvering with a single hand should you need to.


  • While there aren’t any stand out flaws to report, there have been a few reports of leakage and rusting with this kettle from a few unhappy customers

7. Soulhand Pour Over Kettle With Thermometer

Soulhand Pour Over Kettle with Thermometer |...
  • ☕ UNIQUE GOOSENECK OUTLET DESIGN: The Soulhand gooseneck...
  • ☕ UPGRADED TRIPLE-LAYER BASE: The bottom of this goose...
  • ☕ SUITABLE FOR MOST STOVES: The Soulhand goose necked...

If you’re someone who enjoys brewing a variety of coffees and teas for yourself and the people in your household, the Soulhand Kettle with Thermometer could be the right pick for you. This sleek black kettle comes with an integrated thermometer that is easy to read on the lid, allowing for better control and offering a chance to experiment with your beverage choices every day.

The kettle can be placed on any heating surface including induction, radiant, gas, and others. 


  • The new and improved three-layered bases of the kettle guarantee your kettle will be rust free for up to 10 years.
  • This particular model claims to have an advantage over other kettles of its kind, with a slightly more curved spout that is supposed to offer better control on the speed of the water flowing from the kettle.


  • Though the kettle claims to be able to hold and heat up to 1.2 liters of water, you are advised not to fill the kettle more than 800 ml to avoid hot water spilling over and possibly ruining your countertop.

8. Hario V60 Pour-Over Kettle Buono

Hario V60 "Buono" Gooseneck Coffee Kettle,...
  • Stainless steel kettle with an ergonomic design.
  • Capacity: 41-ounce/ 1. 2 L/ 1200 ml (best filled to about...
  • Slender spout for slow, steady and controlled pouring.
  • Ideal for use on any type of cooking surface, including...

Holding up to 1.2 liters of water, the Hario V60 Kettle comes in a classic black or a stylish silver if that is more your taste. The kettle can easily be warmed up on any heating surface including induction cookers and campfires. The brand has always been a craftsman to show up perfection, and the kettle also represents that.


  • The handle of the kettle is easy to grip and does not heat up with the water within so do not be worried.
  • It is the perfect companion to the Hario dripper improving your coffee-making experience.


  • Unfortunately, the water within the kettle does not stay hot for too long. So if you’re not someone who brews immediately after boiling, chances are your coffee is going to be a bit cooler than you’d ideally expect.
  • It might take you a few tries to get the angle and pressure on the kettle just right for the adequate flow rate for the coffee or tea of your choice.

9. Hamilton Beach 1.2 L Kettle

Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Pour Over Electric...
  • FAST BOILING WITH 1500 WATTS — This electric gooseneck...
  • PRECISION POURING. The slender gooseneck spout on the...
  • CONVENIENT CORD-FREE SERVING. The stainless steel electric...

The Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle can hold up to 1.2 liters and promises to get that water hot faster than a microwave. It is lightweight and well-balanced allowing for an easy and controlled flow rate. The handle of the kettle is easy to grip and at a safe distance from the body which means it remains cool and safe to hold at all times.


  • The kettle comes with an auto shut off feature that engages as soon as the water is boiled and ensures the water will never flow over to your countertop.
  • The cord of the kettle can be wrapped neatly around the base of the kettle making it compact and easy to store when not in use.


  • Unfortunately, the sides of the kettle can also heat up with the water within so be careful not to burn your hands.
  • The kettle tends to make a little noise when the water is heating up.
  • Be sure to take good care of the kettle and keep it dry when not in use if you don’t want to see rust ruining your machine.

10. Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle

Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless...
  • Fino’s narrow spout and gooseneck curve allows precise...
  • Made in Japan of 18/8 stainless steel; angled handle keeps...
  • Allows for total control of a slow and precise water flow to...
  • Achieve a better brew without expensive, bulky machines;...

The embodiment of value for money, the Fino Coffee Kettle comes with an easy-to-grip, BPA-free handle that remains cool when the water inside is heated. The kettle can hold and heat up to 1.2 liters (or six cups) of water at a time. It is also available 1 liter (or four and a half cup) variant if that fits your household requirements better.

The overall design of the kettle and the spout, in particular, allows you to create the perfect cup with a slow and controlled flow rate.


  • You can use this kettle on all variations of stovetops including induction cookers.
  • If you’re someone who hates cleaning up, the fact that this kettle is dishwasher friendly should help seal the deal for you.


  • It is important to keep the kettle dry when not in use as it could develop rust if not looked after properly.
  • Consumers have at times mentioned that the lid of the kettle does not sit with ease on the top which can be a point of contention for some.

11. Chefbar Gooseneck Kettle

Chefbar Coffee Kettle for Stove Top Premium...
  • PERFECT GOOSENECK SPOUT: Chefbar pour over coffee kettle is...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & PERFECT SIZE: This 0.8 Liter (We Recommend...
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN: Goose neck water kettle with...
  • STOVE TOP KETTLE: This stovetop kettle is applicable for...

The last entry on our list also lies on the lower side of the price spectrum. The rust-resistant stovetop tea kettle by Chef bar serves all your brewing requirements.

Weighing in at roughly five hundred grams, the portability of the kettle makes it the perfect multi-use accessory for camping trips and other holidays. The BPA-free kettle can hold up to one liter of water at a time.


  • The eco-friendly handle of the kettle is designed for ease of use with a slip-resistant grip that does not heat up with the kettle.
  • For those of you that have a knack for leaving the kettle on the stove unattended, have no fear. The kettle is designed in a way that does not allow the boiling water to ever overflow on to the stove or platform.


  • This particular model does not come with a built-in thermometer, it is therefore not possible to know the exact temperature of the water and cannot be used for making a variety of different coffees like a few of the other kettles in the list.
  • If a thermometer is essential to your brewing needs, it is possible to purchase a version of the model with one, for an additional cost.

How To Buy A Pour-Over Kettle

If you are going to go take the extra effort of picking out a gooseneck kettle in order to make sure you’re brewing the perfect pour-over coffee, you might as well ensure you’re getting the right one. So what are the things you should consider before bringing a kettle home?

Electric or Stovetop

No, we aren’t trying to start a war here. This is a personal choice here and any answer is acceptable. You could have grown up with a stovetop model and cannot bring yourselves to make the switch. If that is the case, just be sure the model you pick will run on the stove in your kitchen. While electric kettles offer baggage of benefits, like temperature control and auto turn-off, they often have a harder hit on your wallet.


Keeping a keen eye on the temperature plays an important role in getting your coffee right. While almost all the kettles in this list come with an inbuilt thermometer that helps you do just that, others even allow you to target and set precise temperatures.


Brewing a great cup of coffee can often feel like a balancing act. It’s important to get all the elements in the right way, at the right time, and in the right quantities. Flow rate plays an important role in achieving the much-needed precision. Whether you prefer a faster or slower flow rate, it’s important to look for a kettle that reacts to subtle movements and pressure to aid in your preparation technique.


Do you live in a household of many coffee drinkers? How many cups of coffee do you find yourself brewing at a time? While most kettles allow you the option of heating roughly one liter of water at a time, you are sure to find variations in size according to your own specific needs.

Material – Whether Anti-Rust or Not

When you invest the time, effort, and money in procuring the right instruments required for your perfect cup, it’s only natural that you want them to have a long and healthy shelf life. To ensure that, you need to look into the base elements your kettle is made of. Be sure to pick a material that does not allow for leakage and most importantly keeps the dreaded rust far away.

The Handle to Hold

While it might seem frivolous to put much thought into aesthetics, do not allow attention to the handle of the kettle to slip outside your radar. Make sure you pick a kettle that has its handle carefully crafted with a good nonslip grip that is easy to hold and makes the kettle easy to maneuver. If for any reason you’ve decided on a plastic gooseneck kettle for your household, be sure to check you won’t burn your hand on the handle when you lift to pour.

Ready for your Perfected Brew?

Taking all this time and effort to choose a kettle might seem strange to some. Some would claim that most people won’t give more than a few minutes of thought. As long as the main function of the water getting hot is completed, that’s all that matters or maybe not. Perfection is all about precision, art, and the right neck to crack!

We hope that your questions about finding the best gooseneck kettle have come to a limit now and you are just left with a few options. Don’t bang your head too much as all the above products are top-rated; so pick whichever you like by looks or features.