How to Buy the Best Espresso Tamper: Our Top 5 List

When you buy a new coffee machine, it often comes with an Espresso Tamper and this is what we will be talking about here. Usually this will be a cheap, flimsy item – sometimes even made out of plastic – but at least it will allow you to get started pulling espresso shots right away. In the long run, however, you’re going to want a decent and moreover the Best Espresso Tamper. Tamping espresso serves three purposes. First of all, it evens out the ground coffee inside the filter basket for a consistent extraction. Uneven grounds allow water to formRead More

Best Electric Kettle Collection For Home: Top 10 Picks

Best Electric Kettles

Which is the Best Electric Kettle in your eyes for your beautiful kitchen? Do you think a kettle is just a simple appliance for heating water to the boiling point? If you haven’t been kettle shopping in a while, you will be amazed by the features now available on the humble electric kettle. Some even use Wi-Fi! Before writing up this article about Electric Kettles, we saw a beautifully composed article at Goodhousekeeping, which was a great one, but much of technology has evolved since it was written back in 2009. In today’s world, there is a hurdle of kettlesRead More

Top 7 Knock Box For Espresso Grounds

Top 7 Espresso Knock Boxes

If you are new to making espresso at home, you may not have given much thought to knock box for espresso grounds. It may even seem like an unnecessary complication – Do you really need a special accessory to knock the pucks out of your portafilter when you already have a perfectly good garbage can? However, there are good reasons for using a dedicated Knock Box for Espresso Grounds with your coffee maker. One is cleanliness: If you’re tapping your portafilter inside your garbage can or composter, you’re going to have to wash it before you use it again. SecondRead More

Top 5 Electric Kettles Under $50

Illy Bonavita Electric Kettle

Who needs a stove when you can simply plug in an electric kettle and flip a switch? Electric kettles or hot pots are small, self-contained water-heating devices made from plastic, steel, glass or more often than not, a combination of two or all three. They are easy to use and very convenient. The variety of brands and styles of these modern teapots are unimaginable and some prices are more budget-worthy than others. Electric kettles come in all sorts of fantastic colors and shapes to fit your space and style, some fancier than others. But who says you can’t getRead More