Long Black Coffee – Recipe, Tips And Facts

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What is Long Black Coffee

Coffee is a compulsory fuel to start the day for a lot of people all across the world. And while some turn to instant coffee to curb their cravings, it is not considered to be the best of what the bean can offer. Long Black is one such drink from which the people begin their day. There are many, who do a daily detour to the local coffee shop for the Black. Though rewarding, the outing can get a little heavy on the wallet over time. Add to that the fact that some days, there is nothing better than coffee at the comfort of your couch. Your home kitchen starts looking like an exciting alternative.

If you don’t trust your culinary skills enough, we’re here to ensure the process is smoother than silk. We’re going to walk you through the steps that result in an incredible cup of Long Black Coffee, help you nail down that recipe, and provide some tips with some hacks on the way.

What is Long Black Coffee

Before we dive into the deep end, let’s skim the surface. The coffee menu is almost always evolving with discoveries and inventions being added in. So there’s a fifty percent chance you’ve encountered the term Long Black Coffee before.

Creating a Long Black

If you have heard of the caffeinated beverage, chances are you were either in Australia and New Zealand at the time. It is most commonly observed on menus in those areas. For those of you still in the dark, the Long Black is an espresso-based drink that is usually constructed as a result of a double shot of espresso being poured over close to 100 to 120ml of hot water. It is the perfect companion for caffeine consumers who like their drink black and wish their coffee to last longer than a few sips. It offers you the pleasing punch of espresso while ensuring it lasts longer.

Long Black Coffee vs Espresso vs Americano

With the sheer scale of caffeinated beverages flooding the community every other day, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when people confuse a few of the names at times. Let’s clear the air.

Long Black vs Espresso vs Americano

The espresso is one of the most concentrated creations of caffeine that you can enjoy. It is however a comparatively small cup of coffee. The Long black carries shots of espresso as one of its core ingredients. It however distinguishes itself by holding water in the cup you pour your espresso into.

While the key ingredients in a Long Black and Americano are the same, there are a few noticeable differences. To start, the long black is a bit more concentrated than the other alternative. There is more water used in the creation of an Americano resulting in a slightly more diluted flavor. Another one of the key variances is in the method of preparation. The Long Black you see will have you add a double shot of espresso into hot water. The correct construction of an Americano on the other hand would ask you to pour hot water over the shots of espresso.

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Long Black Coffee Recipe

So you’ve decided to buckle down and try your hand at the famed creation? We’re here to walk through the steps with you.

What you’re Going to Need

  1. Coffee – Get your hands on your favorite bag of fresh coffee beans. Don’t be married to an espresso beans blend just because this is an espresso-based drink. Allow time and trends to alter your tastes a little. Be adventurous and experiment with the flavor profile of the bag you’re bringing home.
  2. Grinder – While there is no one way to get your coffee ready, there’s also no denying that freshly ground coffee brings more flavor. If you’re considering introducing a grinder as a new kitchen accessory, we would suggest looking into a burr grinder. They are the perfect pick if you want your coffee ground precisely to a uniform size.
  3. Coffee Mug – Keep your favorite mug ready.
  4. Scale (optional) – If you’re starting out and wish to be precise in your measurement, it’s smart to have a kitchen scale ready to be precise with your ingredients.
  5. Espresso Machine – Since this is an espresso-based drink, you’re going to need some form of apparatus to pull the shots for your beverage. Opt for any machine that suits your kitchen and household needs, manual or machine doesn’t really matter.
  6. Water -The main pair to your espresso. Try if possible to get your hands on filtered or boiled water. While this is not a rule written in stone, it is the preferred alternative as tap water can hold impurities that color and flavor the coffee.

Steps to make that perfect Long Black Coffee

  • Pour some water in the kettleTo begin, set some water in your kettle or on the stovetop and get it nice and hot. Grab your favorite coffee cup and pour it in.
  • Grind the beansNext, it’s time to tackle the coffee. Measure out something between 18–21 grams of coffee and grind your coffee beans. If the grinder at your disposal doesn’t have a specific espresso setting, work it till the coffee beans feel finer than table salt in your hands. If for any reason you opt for pre-ground coffee instead, measure out the necessary quantity.
  • Pull 2 espresso shotsUse whatever apparatus is at your disposal, manual or machine to pull two shots of espresso.
  • Pour espresso over waterAll that’s left to do is pour the espresso over the water into the cup.
  • EnjoySit back, sip, and enjoy your long black.

Once you’re done don’t forget to wipe down and wash all the elements involved in bringing your creation into being.

If you feel like the coffee in your cup is either too strong or mild, feel free to adjust the quantities of either the water or coffee to suit your tastes.

Here is the visual, if you want to learn with that.



  1. How much caffeine does a cup of long black coffee contain?

    One cup of long black coffee can hold anything between 80 to 120 mgs of caffeine.

  2. How many calories does a cup of long black coffee contain?

    Let all the calorie counters out there be alerted. A solitary cup of long black coffee usually holds less than five calories.

  3. Can I add sugar in a long black coffee?

    While the drink is not usually enjoyed with a sweetener of any sort, but feel free to add in something sweet if your palate demands. However stay alert to the increasing calories.

At the End of the Day

Caffeinated beverages are always being experimented with and experimented on. There’s often a curious or crazy person who wonders what will happen if the brown bean is treated a different way or introduced to a new best friend that serves as an exciting ingredient. The beauty of coffee is the fact that it offers up the freedom to make it your own. The long black coffee for example was created when people felt the existing espresso is too strong and a short beverage to enjoy. It came as the answer to a lot of cravings. And like those before you, you have the freedom to play with it and make it your own.