Different Types of Coffee Drinks for Newbies

Coffee has many flavors and can be said countless easily. Every region has different taste which varies with coffee origin, roasting method and preparation methods. Being so much diversified, the coffee preparation is been divided into six major categories.


Espresso Shot

Espresso is the base for other coffee drinks and is prepared by forcing nearly boiling water into tamped fine ground coffee under pressure. The result is thus a concentrated liquid of dissolved and suspended flavors of coffee with a little crema on top. The size of a basic espresso is 25ml which can be further classified as single, double or triple shot(25ml,50ml or 75ml) according to the strength required. As it was further stated, it is the base of other coffee beverages like; Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Macchiato and Americano.

Espresso gained its popularity in the 1980s but at that time it was just available in the stores only. Lately, home brewing equipments were made to ease the coffee lovers have their favorite drinks at home. Now days, many equipments are available online as well as in the stores.



Introduced in 17th century by Italians, Cappuccino has gained immense popularity in the whole world. All the baristas and coffee bars have this drink at the top of their menus. It is generally a combination of an espresso, hot milk and steamed-milk foam. The bottom 1/3rd of a cup is filled with espresso shot followed by next 1/3rd with hot milk, and the last portion with steamed milk foam produced by steam producing espresso machine.


Caffe Latte

The actual name of Latte is Caffelatte which got shortened with time and now known as Latte. Latte is generally a combination of espresso shot and steamed milk. The standard drink is of 1/3 cup of double espresso shot and 2/3 portion of steamed milk. The top is decorated with latte art which can be easily done by steamed milk with few practices. The milk dominant in Cafelatte as the portion is high here. It is a marvelous drink and is been loved all over.


Cafe Mocha

This is the drink for chocolate lovers. Mocha, which is originally Mocaccino was derived in the coastel town Mocha, Yemen. The drink resembles Latte with an addition of chocolate in the form of either syrup or sweet cocoa powder. They generally contain milk froth on top as in Cappuccino. There are many varieties of Mocha with variations in chocolate flavors and most common are the dark and white chocolate Mochas.


Caffe Macchiato

Caffee Macchiato is prepared by adding a spot of foamed milk to an espresso shot. The spot of milk can be said as little milk or just a hint of milk to change the taste of a plain espresso shot. The top can be decorated with a latte art to make it look good. The very well known place for Macchiato is Ethiopia where the best of this drink is made.



Americano, the last major variation of coffee was derived in America were people love strong coffee. The Americano is prepared by adding hot water to a single or double shot of espresso as required. This coffee is mostly loved in America only.

The above were all the major variations of coffee drinks which are popular throughout the world. There are varieties in all of them and that is what constitutes a Café Menu. Hope the article has increased your knowledge about coffee. Any feedback or questions are welcome through the comment section.

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