Best Instant Coffee Brands

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Best Instant Coffee Brands

Instant coffee is becoming the most sought-after beverage that is raising the specter of homespun mornings of every hard-working person living and working in busy cities. Indeed, coffee aficionados will tell you that it is giving energy drinks and late but sumptuous tea the heave-ho when it comes to boosting performance and alertness.

In the present day, instant coffee is taking different forms, from a blend of thirst-quenching syrup and sickly-delightful colors in a day-glow espresso, sieved through civets, chilled, and, at times, simply acrid and roasted. It all depends on the coffee product that will whet the roof of your mouth like a charm.

Brief History About Instant Coffee

It is widely believed that the earliest form of soluble coffee was invented in Britain in the early 1770s. It was until 1853 when an experimental version of instant coffee, which was in cake form, was developed and tested in America during the Civil War. In New Zealand, David Strang created and patented instant coffee in 1890. In 1901, Sartori Kato of Japan conceived the first effective method for manufacturing a stable powdered instant.

At around 1910, George Constant Louis Washington was the first person to undertake mass production of instant coffee in America, although many people did not like its taste. In 1938, Max Morgenthaler, a Nestle scientist upgraded the taste by using the technique of drying equivalent quantities of coffee extracts and soluble carbohydrates. The new product was called Nescafe. In 1954, Nescafe developed a new technique that does not need the addition of carbohydrates.

Why Instant Coffee

Instant coffee, just like regular ground coffee, contains antioxidants and nutrients. It is known to have a series of benefits that include the following:

  • Its caffeine content enhance brain content;
  • Boosts metabolism and helps in burning fat;
  • Lowers risks of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer;
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes;
  • Reduces the risk of depression and other mental health conditions longevity.

Some common benefits include – a quick beverage that many people love to entertain their guests with, especially in a meeting, for adding additional coffee flavor when baking, for smoothies, and for cooking, such as preparing dry rubs for meat.

The Best Instant Coffee – Top 12 Brands

There are so many brands in the market that you can try out. Even as coffee was first produced in the UK, it has since spread in other countries, including America and China, etc., where many companies, such as Nestle have cropped, thus increasing competition. The following are the common brands that are lifting the spirits of many:

1. Waka Coffee

Waka Premium Instant Coffee Medium Roast, 80...
  • QUALITY INSTANT COFFEE: medium roast premium instant coffee,...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: quality coffee beans without additives...
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR: well balanced, smooth bodied with notes of...
  • ON YOUR TERMS: make one cup at a time anytime and anywhere....
Origin: Colombia
Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Sweet, nutty, bold, and citrus

The Best Instant You’d Ever Have!

Waka is among the most reputable brand when we talk about instant, the reason, it’s 100% Arabica. They produce their instant coffee with advanced freeze-drying technology as compared to most other brands, which use the mass spray method that sacrifices taste. They have various roast levels to suit your taste and have assortments from other origins as well.

Moreover, they do have some good compliments from Business Insider, Forbes, and The Daily Beast. So, if you are really into instant, don’t think about Waka, just try that once and you’ll be in love with it.

Waka donates 4% of its earnings to charity to support bring clean drinking water to 26 countries. So, when you are buying a Waka, you are also donating something to charity!

Why Should You Buy This?

This legitimately good coffee maintains a balanced taste perfectly complemented by a smooth and sweet mouthfeel. Hence, if you’re looking for a rated, best-in-class instant coffee, relying on waka coffee will be worth it!

2. Jiva – Instant Coffee Packets

Jiva Instant Coffee Packets - Single-Use,...
  • NEVER BITTER, ALWAYS SMOOTH – Each packet contains only...
  • NO “INSTANT COFFEE TASTE” –. We use a special cold...
  • TASTES FRESHLY BREWED – You can have a morning coffee that...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Each packet only weighs 3.5...
Origin: Colombia
Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Freshly Brewed Coffee, Fruity, and Chocolaty

This freeze-dried instant coffee brand comes in plain packets of 120 mg. Jiva products are one of the brands bidding for a share in the ever-increasing instant coffee products. Jiva is a perfect choice for someone that is off on an escapade that makes preparing coffee conventionally a logistical challenge. Therefore, Jiva is a perfect product that offers an excellent way to begin your morning ritual minus all the gear.

As various single-origin coffees do, Jiva is a single-origin Colombian coffee that has a charming yet citrus flavor. You can try preparing black with a little milk or sugar. Both preparations will guarantee you a gratifying instant coffee to drink.

The amount of caffeine in a packet of Jiva is approximately 120 mg. This is a good quantity for an instant. Normally, it varies between 50-80 mg for a single serving.

Why Should You Buy This?

The demand for instant coffee has taken a massive growth, and so has the Jiva instant coffee. The reason being its fantastic taste which you certainly resemble with a freshly brewed coffee. For anyone who seeks to enjoy coffee instantly when cravings pop up, or someone who loves traveling, the Jiva Instant Coffee is indeed a deserving candidate.

3. Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee

Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee,Dark roast, 7...
  • PREMIUM COFFEE—Savor rich, bold flavor in an instant with...
  • EXCEPTIONAL TASTE—Elevate the taste of the coffee in your...
  • PURE QUALITY—Crafted with respectfully grown coffee beans...
  • EASY TO PREPARE—It's easy to make a perfect cup of...
Origin: Switzerland
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: Bold, Rich

One of the most affordable instant coffees is the Nescafe Clasico. Apart from its upfront affordability, this brand is also pocket-friendly in the end, as the powder needed to prepare a cup of coffee is six ounces only.

Do not be misguided by the affordability of Nescafe to think that its taste is whatsoever less than exceptional. Your first encounter with the greatness of Nescafe Clasico is its fantastic aroma. Once you add a Nescafe Clasico to a cup of hot water and stir, it produces a strong aroma that can literally awaken a coffee-aficionado from his sleep.

For a perfect sip, ensure you add the correct volume of water. Excess of it will destroy the flavor, whereas too little will make your drink have a burnt/roasting taste.

The main features of Nescafe Clasico are:

Why Should You Buy This?

Being a brand that has paved its way to the maximum kitchen shelves around the globe, Nescafe has been successfully delivering coffee which mesmerizes coffee aficionados. The Nescafe Clasico Instant coffee is yet another example that, along with its striking aroma and bold taste, lets you enjoy breathtaking cups of coffee instantly.

4. Trung Nguyen G7

Origin: Vietnam
Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Smooth, Pure coffee

There is a time when you just need to take an instant cup of coffee without having to buy one that is extremely expensive or waiting for minutes to prepare one. Trung Nguyen G7 instant coffee crystals are a blend of the finest beans from Vietnam, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Jamaica that produces a well-rounded, tasty, and aromatic cup of coffee minus the unpleasantness in one easy to brew packet. The preparation of your coffee is simple and quick.

The preparation of a single cup of Trung Nguyen coffee requires a single packet of 16 grams. This product is not concentrated, freeze-dried instant, or brewed. Trung Nguyen, the only instant coffee worldwide that is processed from green beans that are not roasted. It is also powdered and roasted in the same process.

This procedure reserves more taste and results in a tasty cup of coffee that is free from bitterness. The pack contains a coffee powder made from coffee beans that are chosen cautiously from counties that are famous for producing sweet coffee.

Why Should You Buy This?

This instant coffee goes through a dry-roast process, which means it isn’t pre-brewed and thus offers a fresh, flavorful, and smooth taste. The best part is, this coffee dissolves easily in cold water, which can do wonders during summers when we look for iced coffee the most. In addition, it’s the best buy for those who are allergic or lactose intolerant, as the content inside is pure coffee. Besides, the pungent aroma and phenomenal taste make it the favorite for many.

5. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix Cordyceps...
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix Cordyceps and Chaga Pack...
  • 100% Arabica Coffee with Cordyceps and Chaga
  • 40mg of Caffeine per Serving
  • Packaging may vary. Product contains Chaga. Please refer the...
Origin: China
Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Mushroom

For only an instant, suspend what you know about coffee. You may or may not know them, but Four Sigmatic is a company based in Los Angeles, specializing in drinks based on the mushroom. Four sigmatic mushroom coffee mix is quickly gaining popularity among People running away from caffeinated beverages due to health risks.

This blend is a fascinating mixture of 100% organic Arabica coffee, Chaga mushrooms, Rhodiola (popularly called the “golden root,” harvested wild in Tibet), and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. The taste of this coffee is not anything like ‘mushroomy’ as you might think. On the contrary, the mushroom enables the coffee to have a milder and smooth flavor while getting rid of any bitter taste available in the majority of instant coffees.

Four sigmatic mushroom coffee mix is also pocket-friendly, considering its organic constituents and quality.

Why Should You Buy This?

The Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee mix comes with the goodness of Chaga and an athletic boost of cordyceps. Therefore, for anyone looking for a delicious cup of coffee with the touch of an original mushroom taste profile and an energy booster & anti jitters, this coffee is worth giving a try.

6. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee,...
  • Instant Coffee
  • Dutch Coffee
  • Freeze-Dried instant coffee
Origin: United Kingdom
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: Rich, Velvety

Douwe is a Dutch company making this medium-roast fine coffee quality for around 250 years. Douwe Egberts is a type of coffee that is freeze-dried instant. Even though Douwe Egberts has other varieties of instant coffees, many coffee lovers agree that the pure Gold Medium Roast has a better taste.

If you intend to sip a more extravagant coffee drink, pure gold instant coffee seems to be a good option as its crema makes it taste like a beverage blended with added flavoring or a protein shake.

Its above-average price should not prevent you from enjoying it as you will be consuming a high-quality product from a company that cares about sustainability and the environment they harvest its beans from.

Why Should You Buy This?

The Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant coffee is worth trying for those looking for a robust and instant coffee but doesn’t want to experience bitterness. The taste and look of coffee stand luxurious and will surely make one fall in love with its smoothness.

7. Starbucks VIA Instant

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee—Dark Roast...
  • Contains 50 single-serve instant coffee packets for...
  • Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted dark by...
  • Enjoy the smooth, full-bodied flavor of Starbucks signature...
  • Perfect for at home, work, travel or wherever you want great...
Origin: Latin America
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: Roasty and sweet

This VIA Italian blend is an excellent quality instant coffee that is made with the best Arabica beans. Starbucks VIA Dark Roast Coffee provides a dark roast with a strong and vigorous aroma that packs a deep and tasty caffeine punch and has refined notes of sweet-burned sugar. To help keep the coffee crystals aromatic and fresh, Starbucks VIA Instant Dark Roast arrives in a box that has 50 separately enclosed servings.

Its preparation is quite simple. You only need to add hot water, leave it for 10 seconds, finally stir and then enjoy your drink.

Key features of this Starbucks Coffee are:

  • Rich, black Italian roast with smooth flavor and aroma;
  • Made of 100% Arabica coffee, which is carefully sourced;
  • Naturally decaffeinated;
  • Easy and quick to prepare;
  • Comes in individual satchels with 50 packets contained within.

Why Should You Buy This?

For any looking for a naturally decaffeinated coffee option, the Starbucks Via Instant Italian roast is undoubted one of the best options to go for. Be it those late-night cravings or the need for iced coffee during summers, this product with its out-of-the-ordinary taste certainly deserves a try.

8. Mount Hagen Organic Dried Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen Organic Dried Instant Coffee,...
  • Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee - 3.53 Oz.
Origin: United Kingdom
Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Fruity, chocolaty

Mount Hagen seems to be the best instant for you if you dislike large containers of powdered coffee. A Mount Hagen Organic Dried packet comes in a black box that increases the lifespan of the coffee as the dark box blocks out the light. These packets are so small and convenient that you can carry them on vacation, at work, and of course at home.

Mount Hagen is made of pure organic Arabica beans obtained from farmers who accept to adhere to ecological coffee farming regulations – without applying insecticides and other chemical compounds around or in the coffee beans. It’s USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified.

In addition, the manufacturer does not use any chemicals while handling and brewing the beans to produce instant coffee.

Why Should You Buy This?

This instant coffee is synonymous with freshly brewed coffee to a great extent. In addition, it’s cent percent organic and offers a healthy and low-calorie serving. Anyone looking for a smooth and exciting flavor can undoubtedly choose to go with this coffee.

9. Medaglia D’Oro Italian Roast Espresso Instant Coffee

Origin: Italy
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: Espresso, coffee

Medaglia D’Oro Italian Roast Espresso Coffee is a game-changer that gives you a pleasant taste in your mouth the moment you take a sip. The heady espresso blend is mixed with a coffee type that is double roasted to yield a bold and unique instant coffee that is both rich and creamy.

Medaglia D’Oro is well adjusted, smooth, and makes the perfect base coffee to use for those preferred other caffeinated brews like cappuccinos and lattes.

The key features of this brand of coffee are:

  • It comes in a 10-ounce tin with a resealable lid that closes tight;
  • Rich, black Italian roast with charming flavor and aroma;
  • It is an award-winning Italian coffee;
  • Easy to prepare, just add hot water and stir;
  • Soused from a carefully selected 100% Arabica coffee.

Why Should You Buy This?

Get ready to enjoy numerous cups of coffee as this instant coffee will make you ask for more. This double-roasted, flavourful, and aromatic coffee will let you enjoy a mellow espresso flavor. In addition, it won’t give any bitter after taste and will be worth every delicious drop.

10. Nescafe Classic Instant Greek Coffee

Origin: Russia
Roast: Medium-dark
Tasting Notes: Sweet, milky, and chocolaty

This cold instant beverage is made out of water and Nescafe is French-inflected. Nescafe Classic Instant Greek Coffee was inspired by the practical needs of soldiers during WWII. This freeze-dried instant is prepared from Greece’s local ingredients and prepared by combining a spoonful of its powder, mixed strongly with cold water, and dispensed over ice cubes. You can trickle condensed milk and add various degrees of sugar. We don’t know how it’s roasted, but maybe, classic roast!

The shaking of Nescafe Classic is essential during its preparation as it produces thick and marginally bitter foam that stays unchanged as you sip. That is how the Greeks like it.

Why Should You Buy This?

Enjoy the delectable taste of Greek coffee at home with this instant coffee from the house of Nescafe. If you are looking for delicious, super caffeinated, thick, and frothy cups of coffee, don’t think twice before giving this a try.

11. Café Presto Instant Coffee

Origin: Nicaragua
Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Ripe jackfruit and strong coffee

For many decades, Café Presto has been one of the customary drinks of Nicaraguans. This perfect coffee is now available for you to sip as you sit back in your office. Every sip of Café Presto from Nicaragua is a perfect reminder of the tropical natural tropical flavors, ancient Maya roots, and imagination of the daily life in Nicaragua.

The main features of Café Presto from Nicaragua are:

  • It is a traditional Nicaraguan coffee;
  • Made of 100% pure coffee;
  • Very easy to prepare as you just add a cup of hot water;
  • Excellent taste and smell balance;
  • It has a unique flavor and is prepared with sweetener and cold mild.

Why Should You Buy This?

Fall in love with an aromatic and flavorful coffee experience with Café Presto Instant Coffee. Encounter purity and Nicaraguan flavor; all you would need to do is add hot water and get going. 

12. Maxwell House International Café Francais

Origin: United States of America
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: Mild coffee, slightly sweet with a hint of cream 

Maxwell house coffee products have been in existence since 1892. Irrespective of the mood you are currently in; Maxwell House International Café Francais is a perfect instant coffee for you. To have a great day as a coffee lover, Maxwell House provides a classic roast-rich flavor that is balanced well. Custom roast every batch to guarantee that the product has the perfect blend between character and strength for a caffeine drink that you will love.

Maxwell House International Café Francais is a great choice for drinking at home and convenient to prepare and bring along in your thermos.

The main features of Café Francais Instant Coffee are:

  • It is easy to prepare and is crafted well;
  • Classic and rich, medium roast that delivers a flavor that is well balanced;
  • It comes in a resealable jar that is easy to open and lock in aroma and flavor and makes it stay fresh;
  • Soured from 100% finest coffee beans;
  • Every full jar can produce 120 cups of sweet instant drink.

Why Should You Buy This?

The intense chocolate flavor makes it the perfect pick for those who lobes mocha! You should give this a try as its consistent signature taste deserves it! 

Tips on Choosing Best Instant Coffee

The following are the key factors to consider when choosing the best instant.

  • Coffee beans: The two main types of beans to consider are – Robusta and Arabica. Although many coffee-making companies use a mixture of both types, most gourmet mixtures have a high percentage or purely made up of Arabica beans.
  • Check the Roast: Roasting is the procedure of extracting the aroma and the flavor from the coffee beans which starts out with a green color and undergoes various steps of intense brown. This is because roasting extracts the oil from the bean. Italians and French blend is typically dark roast while American coffee is a mostly medium roast. The different stages of roasting produce their own unique texture and taste.
  • Look for Caffeine: In general, a common 8-ounce serving of instant coffee contains 27-173 mg of caffeine. However, most of the coffees contain a caffeine mark of 65-90 mg. Thus; make your decision wisely as there are different caffeine contents in different instant coffees with different degrees of flavor and likely side effects.
  • Convenience: The easy and quick manner of preparing instant brings the advantage of convenience. Instant coffee powders are commonly stored in sealed airtight canisters. This enables you to enjoy the taste of your favorite drink conveniently. And that’s why mostly already come in containers which makes them better for handling.

Moreover, look for Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic labels so that farmers get correct wages for their hard work.

How to make Instant Coffee Taste Better

The most shared criticism against instant coffees is they have a bitter, chalky sour taste. The good thing is that, with some simple steps, you can take to boost the taste.

  • Add cocoa powder: Before adding water, add one or two scoops of chocolate powder to your coffee. The difference will be great.
  • Add butter: Butter has a way of bringing the best out of everything. It also helps to suppress bitterness in your coffee and gives it a silky texture.
  • Cinnamon: This is a good alternative to sweeteners and sugar
  • Mix with milk and ice: This is a perfect imitation of Frappuccino’s for those who love it
  • Add a little liquor: The flavor can taste much better with added liquor
  • Frothed milk: This helps neutralize the extra bitterness


Instant coffees are flexible, surprisingly flavorsome, easy to customize, and quick to brew. The best way to obtain maximum flavor from your packet is to mix one or two teaspoons of your instant powder in cold-warm water. Allow it to rest for approximately 30 seconds and stir. Then sit back and enjoy the smack!