Pink Coffee Maker Picks For Coffee Lovers

For most women, pink reminds us of the days when we wanted to live in a Barbie home when we grew up. There’s no reason why we should leave our favorite color in the toy department when we can bring it into our adult life. A Pink Coffee Maker looks beautiful in every aspect and you could have already imagined it in your kitchen, but might not be giving it a try. Why?

According to Colorpsychology, Pink is the symbol of Love, Calmness, Innocence and Optimism. Many of us just relate it to feminism, but there are more other things that relate to pink. If you love someone, give them the gift of Pink; if you would like your life to be a little calm, have pink color in some part of your home where you spend a portion of your time. Pink is an amazing color in many aspects and so why not the Coffee Maker be Pink!

Pink Coffee Makers

Most coffee makers are designed in colors like black and silver that blend in with as many different kitchen designs as possible. But if you want your coffee maker to stand out instead of fading into the background, check out some of the best Pink Coffee Machines reviewed here, you are simply going to love them.

Some of these have a bit of a retro feel. In the 1950s, pastel shades including pink were popular in home décor. If your kitchen uses a 50s style color scheme, a pink coffee maker may be just what you need to complete the effect.

Pink wasn’t always just for girls, and in many parts of the world it still isn’t considered an exclusively girly color. People tend to associate it with sweetness, youth and innocence, so don’t feel confused about whether to pick up the pink coffee maker for your kitchen, it’s an exclusive choice.

More recently, pink has been used in breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaigns. In fact, the two Cuisinart models reviewed here come from the company’s Pink Series, which means that a portion of the money you pay goes to breast cancer research. Yet another great reason to love pink! We are also using pink color here in some text to get more into the theme.

Pink Coffee Maker Collection | Top 4 picks

  1. Cuisinart DCC 450-PK
  2. Moccamaster KBG-741
  3. Cuisinart DCC1100PK
  4. Keurig Mini Plus K10

Of course, color isn’t the only thing to think about when we are into buying a coffee maker. We have taken the time to find high quality machines that brew excellent coffee. Whether you’re looking for an economical drip coffee maker, a convenient single-serve brewer or a top-of-the-line European coffee maker, you can find it in your favorite color. These aren’t just pretty faces!

#1 Baby Pink Conair Cuisinart DCC 450-PK

Conair Cuisinart DCC-450PK

First of all, we’ll start with Cuisinart in the Pink Coffee Maker Series. This one is designed with smaller kitchens in mind. And it’s a good choice for a single girl living on her own. With over 1500 reviews, this coffee maker is clearly been loved by many. Additionally, it is a durable piece of machine that is going to last long in your kitchen. Below are few of the features to be noticed.

Features and Specifications

  • 20 ounce stainless steel carafe
  • Brew pause function
  • Compact size perfect for small kitchens
  • 30 minute automatic shut-off
  • Comes with paper filters and coffee scoop
  • 3 year limited warranty

As with the larger model reviewed below as DCC1100, the DCC 450 coordinates well with other appliances in Cuisinart’s Pink Series. Again, a portion of the money you pay will go towards breast cancer research.

Most noteworthy thing, this model is just the right size for a tiny kitchen having limited counter space in a home where you only make coffee for one or two people. In the world of coffee makers, a cup is 5 ounces, while in reality most of us drink servings that are closer to 10 ounces in volume. And 20 ounces is just right for two big mugs of coffee.

The stainless steel carafe is a bit of an unusual feature. Most coffee makers have either glass carafes or insulated stainless steel carafes, but this one is not insulated. It gets very hot, so you have to be careful not to touch it. Fortunately, the handle is designed to keep you safe while you pour your coffee.

The DCC 450 comes with a package of paper filters. If you prefer, you can buy a #2 reusable cone filter to use instead. About the taste, it brews perfect coffee. It heats the water to hot 190F and so, the extraction is perfect.

This machine is not programmable, but it only takes about five minutes to brew a full pot, so if you set it up the night before all you have to do is flick the switch in the morning and wait for five minutes. Furthermore, this model does have a 30-minute automatic shut-off, as well as an on/off light that lets you see at a glance whether or not you left the coffee maker on.

Cuisinart DCC-450PK 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Carafe (Pink) (Kitchen)

List Price:Price Not Listed
New From:0 Out of Stock
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All in all, this is a good choice if you want a small, basic coffee maker but are keen on getting it in your favorite shade of pink.

#2 Moccamaster KBG 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe, Pink

Moccamaster KBG 741 Pink Coffee Maker

If you want the very best brew quality combined with great style, the Moccamaster may be just what you’re looking for. It’s one of the best machines available, and you can get it in a wide range of colors – including pink! Maybe, Moccamaster is a bit costly affair, but perfection is what it provides in all aspects. You won’t be disappointed in any case.

Features and Specifications

  • 40 ounce glass carafe
  • Brew temperature between 196 and 205 Fahrenheit
  • Pulse action to allow bloom and perfect extraction
  • Full pot brews in just 6 minutes
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • All plastic is BPA/BPS free
  • 5 year warranty

Moccamaster has long been a favorite of serious coffee snobs. Made in the Netherlands, this machine delivers top-quality coffee and an optimal brewing process that includes pre-infusion.

The shade of pink is a bit redder (less mauve) than the Cuisinart Pink Coffee Maker, but still a light pastel shade that would look great in a retro kitchen. The filter basket, carafe handle and other accents are all black, creating a nice contrast with the pink body of the machine.

These are not cheap machines – you will pay a few hundred dollars for them – but the idea is that this will be the coffee maker you will use for the rest of your adult life. They’re built to last, which is something to consider when you’re choosing the color.

The brewing temperature is between 196 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal temperature for brewing coffee. People who understand the science of brewing coffee and who are discerning enough to taste the difference have been fans of Moccamaster for decades.

While this machine will cost a ted high, it rather comes with a 5 year warranty for piece of mind. Therefore, if it really is the last coffee maker you want to buy, you could still end up saving money with it.

Moccamaster KBG 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe, Pink (Kitchen)

List Price:$329.06 USD
New From:$329.00 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Also check out some of the other colors this model has to offer. There are more than a dozen shades available, including bright orange and a vivid royal blue.

#3 Cuisinart Hot Pink Coffee Maker: DCC 1100PK


This is large coffee maker in an affordable price range with enough bells and whistles to keep most people happy. It is part of the Pink Series from Cuisinart, which means you can coordinate it with other appliances and you’ll know that some of the money you spend will help fund breast cancer research.

Features and Specifications

  • 24-hour programmable, fully automatic coffee machine
  • Glass carafe with 60 ounce capacity
  • Ergonomically designed carafe handle
  • Setting for 1-4 cups
  • Brew pause function
  • Comes with gold tone reusable filter, charcoal water filter, and measuring scoop
  • Self-cleaning function

Most of all, this coffee maker, and all products in it’s Pink Series, are a light pastel with a bit of a mauve undertone. Even the lid and handle of the carafe are pink! This is a shade that would work well in a retro kitchen or a room that uses a lot of white.

In addition, this coffee maker is big enough to serve your whole family and it also gives you the option to brew just 1 to 4 cups. It’s perfect if you usually just have a cup or two of coffee in the mornings but like to entertain on the weekends.

The DCC 1100 comes with a reusable gold tone filter, or you can buy #4 cone filters if you prefer to use paper. Most coffee experts agree that, all else being equal, cone filters are a better shape for optimal extraction than flat basket filters.

Cuisinart DCC-1100PK 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Pink (Kitchen)

List Price:$130.00
New From:$199.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Furthermore, the machine has an LCD clock that you will need to set in order to use the automatic functions. Some customers have complained that the clock is difficult to program. This may be a case where you need to actually look at the manual and take the time to set it up rather than diving in and figuring it out for yourself. Most people say it’s a manageable task that you only have to do once.

Finally, this is an affordable machine at under $100 that will allow you to wake up to already-brewed coffee every morning and also complete your wish for having a pink coffee maker on your table.

#4 Keurig Mini Plus K10 Coffee Brewing System, HOT Pink

Keurig K10 Mini Plus Hot Pink

Seems like many of us have fallen in love with the convenience of Keurig’s single Serve brew system as it has already got much popular in them market. Probably, this machine in a hot pink shade will look great in any modern décor. Most of all, with a simple interface and easy to use interface, Keurig’s are being loved all over. So, if you are interested in it, we have the best Keurig Coffee Maker Collection.

Features and Specifications

  • 6, 8 and 10 cup brew settings
  • Compact size
  • Can be used to brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate or just hot water
  • Comes with sample package of 6 K-cup packs
  • Can be used with any K-cup compatible coffee, including reusable cups

This machine is a shade of hot pink or fuchsia that is bolder than the pastels we’ve already looked at. Rather, if you have a lot of black and silver in your kitchen, this Keurig would make a great pop of color on your countertop.

Much as with all other Keurig machines, the single brew system allows you to keep a variety of different types of coffee on hand without worrying about them going stale if you don’t use them quickly. Also you can use your own ground coffee to make some cheap k cups if you prefer. Furthermore, the machine comes with a starter kit of 6 K-cup packs.

Keurig Mini Plus K10 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System, Hot Pink-Mauve

List Price:Price Not Listed
New From:0 Out of Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

So, this is a mid-priced model in the $100 range. Much as the name suggests, it’s small and suitable for cramped spaces such as a small home kitchen or small office. In conclusion, the only disadvantage of this small size is that you can’t brew directly into a tall travel mug. Otherwise, this is a hassle-free purchase that is popular with customers.

Finally, if you’ve been depressed by all of the silver, black and white options out there, it’s nice to know you can find a coffee maker that suits your own style and personality without compromising on quality. Pink is a pretty color that and people give it a feminine view, but in real, it looks beautiful. Also, having a pink coffee maker is not a bad choice, if you already have a beautiful kitchen as pink will simply add some charm.

Everything’s better in Pink!

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