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You may have a tiny kitchen at home, or an RV or houseboat, but that doesn’t stops you to brew a big pot of coffee for yourself and friends. French Press, Aeropress and Chemex are options as a small and portable coffee maker but they take up lot of time and leave some mess too. With these things in mind, we thought of finding a few options as a Space Saver Coffee Maker that can save your valuable space with their small size or under counter mounting. The under cabinet coffee maker are gaining popularity these days as they take up unused space in your kitchen.

Top Space Saver Coffee Maker

Offices and all need some automated solutions that can be easily used by anyone seeking a cup of hot coffee. There are a number of space saving coffee makers available that make use of forgotten spaces such as the underside of your cabinets or the wall in your kitchen too. The three Black and Decker models reviewed here are all designed as Under Counter Coffee Maker. They can be easily mounted on the underside of a kitchen cupboard. Also many people with travel syndrome will find these as best space saving coffee makers for RV or Houseboat. Furthermore, we have also reviewed two small sized on-counter coffee makers and two multi-purpose appliances having built-in coffee maker saving space of one whole appliance.

If you don’t have a suitable cabinet for under-mounting, you may want to consider a tall, narrow coffee maker that has a minimal footprint on your counter. These are perfect if you live in one of those tiny urban apartments in high-ceiling old buildings! Whatever the nature of your space limitations, you can find the perfect coffee maker for your needs.

Saving space is now days a winning situation in all aspects. Let it be a small home or an apartment, a recreational vehicle, the space is limited there. Before buying any appliance, saving space is a priority for many and the same is applicable coffee makers. If you don’t think wisely before buying one, you might end up occupying a large space of your counter from a big gizmo. There are smart choices available in this category. Counting on the ‘space’ factor, we thought to come up with a list of 7 best picks.

Top 7 Space Saver Coffee Maker  | Updated 2017

  1. Black & Decker SCM1000BD
  2. Black N Decker SCM2000BD
  3. Black & Decker SDC850
  4. Hamilton Beach 46201
  5. KitchenAid KCM1202
  6. Nostalgia BESET300 Retro
  7. Brew Express BE-110

Let’s first begin with the most sought solution that really save the space by utilizing the space under the counter freeing up all space from the platform.

Best Under Cabinet Coffee Makers

#1 Black & Decker SCM1000BD SpaceMaker Under Counter

This product is an under cabinet coffee maker that sits just  below the kitchen counter, allowing you to make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. It can brew 12 cups of coffee at once, making it a good choice for a busy office with a tiny staff room. It’s programmable, so you can set a delay time for your perfect brewing time.

Under Cabinet Coffee Maker SCM1000BD

  • Programmable with digital quick touch buttons
  • Glass carafe holds 12 cups
  • Hot plate for carafe
  • Water reservoir is removable for easy filling
  • Dishwasher Safe Carafe
  • Automatic shut off
  • “Sneak a cup” without waiting for brewing to finish

Most customers report that this coffee maker brews great cup of coffee at the desired temperature, and also keeps it hot for almost 2 hours. It has a digital programmer that can schedule coffee for the next 24 hours. The carafe clicks firmly into place, so you don’t have to worry about it moving around in an RV or houseboat or in any vehicle. Some people are not happy with the shape of the water reservoir: because it is short and wide rather than being tall and narrow, and that’s why filling it can be difficult. Therefore, an easy fix is to measure water in a separate container and pour from it into the coffee maker. Moreover, the reservoir can still be removed for cleaning, but don’t remove it after every use.

Black+Decker SCM1000BD Carafe
This coffee maker has a short cord that is stored in the back of the machine so that you can pull out only as much as you need. Unless you want to use extension cords, it’s best to mount the coffee maker close to an electrical outlet.

Furthermore, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while installing this or any of the Space Maker models. First of all, they are designed to be installed on flat bottomed cabinets only. If your cabinet has a lip or rail moulding, you may be able to get around this problem by attaching a board to the bottom of your cabinet to fill in the space created by the moulding.

BLACK+DECKER SCM1000BD SpaceMaker Under The Cabinet 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black (Kitchen)

List Price:$109.99 USD
New From:$109.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Installing the Space Maker is pretty much straightforward if you know how to use basic power tools. You will need an electric drill, screwdriver, ruler and measuring tape, everything else is included. The manufacturer includes good step-by-step instructions manual and recommends two people for installation.
On the whole, the SCM1000BD is a great option when you have very limited space and need a big-capacity coffee maker. The price is also not a bar and it comes under the $100 price tag.

#2 Under Cabinet Coffee Maker Black & Decker SCM2000BD

Black+Decker SCM2000BD

This model is a similar in design to the SCM1000BD, but is smaller and uses a thermal carafe rather than glass. It looks descent with it’s aluminum ascents on the control panel and you are going to love it after installing it under the counter and hence saving the valuable counter space. Few of the features are:

  • A spill-free pour button.
  • Programmable with digital quick touch buttons
  • Reusable Filter Basket
  • Stainless Steel Double Wall Thermal Carafe
  • Thermal carafe holds 8 cups
  • Keeps Coffee hot for hours
  • ‘Serve’ button on carafe for easy pouring
  • Water reservoir is removable for easy filling
  • Automatic shut off
  • “Sneak a cup” function pauses brewing while you pour a cup

Overall, this model has mixed reviews. Many customers love the look of the machine and the fact that it saves  valuable space in the kitchen. Most also report that it makes great cup of coffee at hot enough temperature. The problem seems to be that few of these machines arrive with defective carafes that leak or fail to keep coffee hot. These cases are rare but if you do order one and it has a dripping, malfunctioning carafe, it’s best to return it right away for a replacement. It’s worth noting that customer service contacts people who leave negative reviews online to attempt to resolve their problems.

Black+Decker SCM2000BD Carafe

The features of  Black & Decker SCM2000BD Space Saver Coffee Maker are almost similar to that of 1000BD and differ just in design and size aspects. The carafe here is made of stainless steel that keeps coffee hot for hours. The dimensions of this coffee maker are a bit shorter and hence it saves some more space.

The installation process is similar to that of the 12-cup model, and it mounts easily under the counter saving a valuable space on the counter.

#3 Black & Decker SDC850 8-Cup SpaceMaker Coffee maker with Thermal Carafe

Black & Decker SDC850

Consequnetly, this under cabinet coffee maker is very similar in design to the SCM2000. It also features a thermal carafe and installs under the cabinet to save space.

  • Programmable with digital quick touch buttons
  • Thermal carafe holds 8 cups
  • Water reservoir is removable for easy filling
  • Automatic shut off
  • Cord storage in back
  • 2 year limited warranty

Some people are completely satisfied with this product once it is up and running, but even the most positive reviews report problems with installation. It seems that the manufacturer has included a template whose measurements don’t exactly match up with reality: if you do choose to install this machine, it’s best to do the measurements yourself rather than trust the template. However, it’s not any major problem and anyone with basic skills can do the installation.

This model comes with a 2 year limited warranty to cover up your worries, and you can buy an additional warranty for the peace of mind. After all it’s a machine, and machine do deteriorate over time.

Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe (Kitchen)

List Price:Price Not Listed
New From:0 Out of Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

If you want to purchase one of these cabinet mounted Black and Decker coffee makers, the 12-cup SCM1000BD is likely your best option, provided you have room for it. However, if you are very short on space, you can go with the other models too.

Best Portable Coffee Makers

#4 Hamilton Beach 46201 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 46201 12 Cup Space Saver Coffee Maker

What if you don’t want an under cabinet coffee maker but are looking for something with a minimal footprint on the counter top? At #4 in the Best Space Saver Coffee Maker category is Hamilton Beach 46201. This simple quality drip coffee machine makes full use of vertical space, which may be exactly you need if you don’t have under counter space and also less area on the counter top.

  • Settings for brewing regular or bold
  • Glass carafe with 12-cup capacity
  • Option to brew 1 – 4 cups
  • Programmable brewing
  • Burner temperature control
  • 2-hour shut-off
  • Removable reservoir for easy filling
  • Swing-out basket with release button
  • Swivels on base for easy access to water reservoir

Although it isn’t marketed specifically as a space-saver, this model has few features that make it ideal for certain types of cramped kitchens. The tall narrow shape means less of your counter-top’s surface area will be used up. The swivel base allows you to remove or fill the water reservoir without pulling the coffee maker out from under the cabinet.

Hamilton Beach 46201 12 Cup Coffee Maker
Most of all, people on the whole are happy with the coffee that this Hamilton Beach model brews. The brewing temperature is high enough. Some people want to keep their coffee as hot as possible while others worry about it getting a burnt taste, so the adjustable burner temperature is a great way to keep everyone happy.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel (46201) (Discontinued Model) (Kitchen)

List Price:$49.99 USD
New From:$45.00 USD In Stock
Used from:$49.99 USD In Stock

Maybe some people report that the front panel has some tendency to fall off when the brew basket is opened or closed. Another common complaint is that it’s not possible to sneak a cup of coffee in the middle of brewing. But overall, this Hamilton Beach coffee maker is a popular choice with consumers. Read complete Hamilton Beach 46201 Review

#5 KitchenAid KCM1202WH 12-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker

Kitchen Aid KCM1202WH

It does seems like, in the space saver coffee makers list, Kitchen Aid KCM1202WH is the most beautiful one. This coffee maker has an even smaller footprint than the Hamilton Beach. Kitchen Aid is available in either white or onyx black, and has a rounded shape in contrast to the boxy design of the Hamilton Beach. It’s not false to say that it is probably one of the most beautiful coffee makers available. Both of the colors have their own charm.

  • Glass carafe holds 12 cups
  • Adjustable brew strength
  • 1 – 4 cup brewing option
  • Removable water reservoir for easy filling and cleaning
  • Pause brewing to pour a cup
  • 24-hour programmable brewing
  • 2-hour automatic shut-off
  • Reusable gold-tone filter included

While this machine makes a good cup of coffee, it also keeps it hot for a couple of hours. Note that it uses a flat basket filter (the picture on Amazon’s page is a bit misleading), which maybe some people find inferior to cone filters.

Overall this is a popular machine with consumers. Some find it a bit messy: because, the lid of the brew basket collects a lot of condensation, which can spill everywhere when you lift it. Others have said that the pause function doesn’t work quite as well as advertised.

This machine, like the others reviewed here, is programmable so that you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee. Some owners find that the clock tends to lose time, so make sure you check it before you go to bed at night! Otherwise, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a coffee maker that doesn’t hog too much of your counter space.

KitchenAid KCM1202WH 12-Cup Glass Carafe Coffe Maker – White (Kitchen)

List Price:$63.99 USD
New From:$59.40 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

#6 Nostalgia BESET300 Retro Series 3 in 1 Breakfast Station

Another amazing appliance to merge in your kitchen is the Nostalgia BESET300. It actually is not a small appliance but rather, it combines 3 operations in one unit and hence saves space of actually two appliances we generally use. This product by Nostaligia combines a Coffee Brewer, a Griddle and also a Toaster which are used frequently.

Nostalgia Retro Series

For very small kitchens, it is like a gem. It has the mostly used functions that are needed to prepare the breakfast and what’s more, you can keep the prepared food hot in the griddle. The griddle is non stick and has transparent lid for easy cooking too. Additionally, both the griddle and toaster tray are removable for easy cleaning.

Nostalgia BSET300BLUE Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station – Aqua Blue (Kitchen)

List Price:$79.99 USD
New From:$70.37 USD In Stock
Used from:$52.47 USD In Stock

The coffee maker brews 4 cups at a time and that is a general consumption for a single family. Also, the coffee it brews is perfect and one is simply going to love it. While, the only drawback is that it brews only for 4 people and you have to brew it a few more times if there are more guests.

Finally, for less than a 100 bucks, this Breakfast station cuts the cost of 3 appliances and saves space too. It’s a steal and a must buy for every small home and students too as they are always in need of space saving things. It’s also a perfect thing to be given as a gift to your loved ones.

#7 Brew Express BE-110 Built-In Space Saving Coffee System

Another product to be praised is the Brew Express Built in Coffee System that attaches itself inside the wall and saves space on the counter. Like an under cabinet coffee maker, this also saves space by utilizing the place were nothing else can be used.  To install this coffee system, we have to prepare some gap in the wall so that the Brew Express can sit inside that space. The outer part then just left is merely 3-4 inches. Overall, a lot of space is saved that none other thing can use.

Brew Express BE110 Space Saver

It also has some smart functions like automatic filling of water (connects directly to tap), adjustable cup selector and programmable timer so that you can wake up with a fresh cup of coffee every morning.

Brew Express Coffee Maker Illustration

Moreover, the coffee maker is built to last for years. It is tested thoroughly for thousands of cycles and hence no worries about reliability here.

Brew Express Programmable Recessed Coffee Maker, 10 Cup (Kitchen)

List Price:$399.99 USD
New From:$399.00 USD In Stock
Used from:$294.12 USD In Stock

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading the above suggestions for improving on your kitchen and hence saving some space with the Space Saver Coffee Makers. I too had small kitchen and that is what diverted me to think about few space saving gadgets. And so, we picked up the above space savers that are all top notch, top rated and have the most positive reviews especially the collection of under cabinet coffee maker by Black & Decker. We continually thrive to add more great options in this list.

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