Nespresso Pod Holder – Best Capsules Storage Solutions

Best Nespresso Pod Holders

A kitchen looks great if things are arranged in a way they are meant to be. It will be a disappointment to anyone visiting your home if your kitchen is messy. Also, it becomes tough to work in an un-managed area where things are not at their place bringing confusion. Pods are small and can spill or spread at many places if they are not kept at some dedicated place. For that, many pod holders are available among which, few tend to do their job perfectly.

The 11 Best Nespresso Pod Storage Solutions

A pod holder doesn’t costs a fortune but is a great system to store your favorite capsules. These come in various shapes and size capacity. These are designed to hold coffee pods for Nespresso only, whereas Keurig K-Cup holders are designed differently. Let’s have a look at the best picks among them!

#1 Deco Bros Tempered Glass Original Line Capsules Holder

DecoBros Nespresso Originalline capsule holder

This is actually the top selling product when we talk about pod storage. It actually takes no extra space on your counter rather your Nespresso machine sits above this drawer system. It’s a drawer and can hold up to 42 capsules of small size.

DecoBros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso OriginalLine Storage Drawer Holder for Capsules

List Price:$29.99 USD
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The dimensions are 14.3”H x 13.4”W x 2.7”H which clearly states that it won’t take away much of your precious space. You can also store the other Nespresso compatible capsules in this as well as the others we are talking about.

#2 DecoBros Tempered Glass Vertuoline Holder

Nespresso Vertuoline Capsules Holder

Again the same brand but with the setting of Vertuoline capsules. The concept again here is the same and this drawer too sits beneath your machine saving on space. The capacity of this drawer 40 small or 20 large capsules.

DecoBros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso Vertuoline Storage Drawer Holder for Capsules

List Price:$26.87 USD
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The glass top also allows us to see any hidden pod left behind.

#3 Flagship Revolving Carousel

Flagship Revolving Carousal

If you need more storage then the above too, this might be a perfect pick for you. It will also be helpful if you are lazy enough and don’t even want to open the Nespresso pack. The stand simply holds the pack vertically and 8 such types if packs can be mounted.

Flagship Capsules Holder Carousel Rack Revolving Stores Coffee Pod Holder 80 Pods for Nespresso Originaline

List Price:$18.99 USD
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It becomes easy for the user to pull the flavor of his choice at the bottom of each pack. The capacity is hence of 80 capsules but if you need a smaller one, there are options. The material used is durable and rust free.

#4 Nifty 5510 Nespresso OriginalLine Carousel

Nifty 5510 Pod Carousel

Nifty is also among the top brands selling pod holders from long time. If you like the carousel pattern and are among the OriginalLine capsule users, this one might attract you. It even looks great at the counter top with it’s distinct design.

Nifty 5510 Nespresso Carousel

List Price:$29.99 USD
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The capacity of this stand is 40 capsules and cannot hold Vertuo or Keurig pods. So make sure your purpose matches the use.

#5 Nifty 5515 VertuoLine Carousel

Nifty 5515

Another similar product by Nifty to hold the Vertuoline capsules. It’s a little costlier (negligible) from it’s similar variant for OriginalLine capsules and takes up to 28 such. Good for those who love decorative things.

Nifty 5515 Nespresso Vertuoline Carousel

List Price:$24.99 USD
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 #6 DecoBros Mesh Nespresso Pod Drawer

DecoBros Mesh Drawer

Another great product by DecoBros is the Mesh Drawer. If you are worried about the glass top of the above models by the same brand, you can go with this variant. The top is solid metal and the capacity is 56 OriginalLine capsules.

DecoBros Coffee Pod Storage Mesh Nespresso Drawer Holder for 56 Capsules, Black

List Price:$22.89 USD
New From:$22.89 USD In Stock
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#7 WePlenish Java Smart Amazon Dash Replenishment

WePlenish Pod Storage

Looking for something different and smart. Buy this and you will never run out of stock on capsules. This holder is Smart enough to order the capsules for you when running low. It is connected via wifi and runs on 3 AA batteries that last for almost a year.

There is no fix holder so it can store OriginalLine, Vertuoline as well as Keurig too.

#8 AmazonBasics Nespresso Pod Holder

AmazonBasics Nespresso Pod Holder

Amazon has a habit of understanding the user demands and develops a product for it. As the pod holders are high in demand, here is a product by Amazon.

AmazonBasics Nespresso Pod Storage Drawer – 50 Capsule Capacity

List Price:$14.26 USD
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This drawer holds up to 50 OriginalLine capsules and has strength to easily take the weight of your machine via its internal pillar. This internal pillar helps the drawer not to bend.

#9 YouCopia CafeStack

YouCopia Cafestack

If you have some extra space on the counter and need a generous storage, this is your pick. It is a little different from other designs we have discussed above and stores up to 60-70 OriginalLine capsules.

YouCopia CaféStack Nespresso Pod Storage Drawers Cabinet Organizer, 60 Capsules

List Price:$25.00 USD
New From:$25.00 USD In Stock
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It has 5 pullout drawers that lower to give a complete view of what’s present and what is missing. Each stack holds 12 capsules easily or maybe 14 sometimes.

#10 MindReader Pod Storage Drawer Organizer

MindReader Drawer

Available in a variety of colors and even one printed tone, this Storage drawer is one of the favorite. We can place our single serve machine over the drawer to save space as in the DecoBros units.

Mind Reader 50 Capacity Nespresso Capsule, 24 Capacity Vertuoline Coffee Pod Storage Drawer Organizer, Grey

List Price:$17.39 USD
New From:$16.99 USD In Stock
Used from:$16.99 USD In Stock
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#11 Deluxe Acrylic Compartment

Another way to store the capsules is the Acrylic compartment. There is no need to arrange in some special way here but rather just put the capsules in a zigzag way.

Deluxe Clear Acrylic 4 Compartment Hinge Lid Capsule Holder/Tea Bag Organizer Storage Box

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It’s a box and not a holder, so we can place any type of pods. Be it K cups, Nespresso capsules or any other, all types can be stored. The unit is made up of durable construction and can hold both types of capsules. Capacity is 24 Vertuoline and 50 OriginalLine capsules.

The Wrap Up

So above were few of the solutions we thought are the best. Messed up kitchen doesn’t looks great in any sense and it will mess up more if things are not at their place. Hope you’d liked the above units.

In case you have another suggestion that works great, then please do share it via our contact page.

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