Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands

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Best Dark Roast Coffee Bean Brands

There is a reason why the dark roast coffee is referred to as the ‘nectar of the gods.’ This is not your ordinary type of coffee but one that you only savor the ‘heat’ but not the ‘sweet.’ This is because the sharp, nutty smack of the roasting engulfs the entire zesty, strong tang of the coffee beans.

Darker roasts blend perfectly with milk because they equalize the intense and somewhat bitter taste. You can make a scrummy espresso for your family and friends from the extra smooth dark roasted beans. Here are some of the best dark roast coffee brands to sample from if you are looking for lip-smacking coffee.

Do take note that this guide will focus on dark roast beans only. For other roasts, check our guide about the best coffee beans here.

The 10 Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands

Dark roast coffee is different, with distinctive flavors of coffee and prices, of course. If you love your hot cup of coffee made by dark roasted beans, then you need to bookmark the best brands to look out for when you dash out to a coffee store next door. The collection contains both whole bean coffee as well as some ground coffee too.

1. Lifeboost Coffee – Dark Roast

Lifeboost Coffee Embolden

The global coffee aficionados highly admire the Dark Roast variety from the house of Lifeboost for its ability to produce decadent, chocolaty cups that are pretty close to the French roast.

Origin: Nicaragua, Central America 
Roast: Dark 
Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel

One morning, while drinking his ritual cup of coffee, a quick thought left Dr. Charles Livingston overwhelmed. Suddenly, he contemplated the significance of coffee in people’s daily life. With his extensive research, he learned that 70% of the global population drink coffee at least once a week, and 62% prefer to have a cup of coffee daily!

He realized that drinking coffee is good as long as it’s good for people’s health. This unanticipated realization initiated his venture of finding the healthiest coffee available. Eventually, this gave birth to Lifeboost Coffee – one of the most trusted coffee brands globally that aim to deliver the essence of healthfulness in every cup. 

Mild smokey undertones with the hints of dark chocolate make this low acid coffee perfect for cold and classic brews. The unique sweetness and delightful aftertaste add more to its appeal. 

When it comes to talking about the quality, Lifeboost sources the beans from small plantations in Nicaragua. They’ve grown at an elevation 5700-feet or higher, which lets the plants grow slower. This helps develop a better flavor. 

Additionally, the harvesters hand-pick the cherries, which omits the chance of picking up overripe or unripe fruits that render a sour or astringent-like qq1 taste. Moreover, the beans Lifeboost uses are tested for mycotoxins. Hence, you can bet on the quality of this variant unhesitatingly. The best part is – Lifeboost is committed to the fair, ethical trade of sustainably farmed coffee.

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Who’s This For?

It is meant for the community of fitness freak coffee-aficionados who consider themselves part of the single-origin and fair trade movement.

2. Volcanica Mexican Coffee Dark Roast

Volcanica Mexican Dark Roast Coffee

Volcanica Mexican coffee (Dark Roast) is hundred percent organic and shade-grown, making it safe from chemicals that can harm your body.

Origin: Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca, Mexico 
Roast: Dark 
Tasting Notes: Hazelnuts, caramel

Are you a dark roast lover but the coffee aisle at your local grocery store is not cutting it? Well, you may go for Volcanica’s Mexican Dark roast, which is readily available online. As its namesake suggests, Volcanica takes it as gospel truth that the best coffee beans come from the volcanic regions. 

The rich volcanic soil and an ideal climate for growing coffee allow these high elevation regions to produce coffee rich in minerals, which adds that ever desired extraordinary touch in their taste and flavor profile. 

If you’re looking for a delicious roast with distinct taste cultivated in sustainable coffee farms, Volcanica’s Mexican Dark Roast is your ideal pick. The sweet and smooth body, medium acidity, the tangs of freshly roasted hazelnuts give this variant an idiosyncratic touch that can leave you dazed!

In addition, to keep the quality of the beans untouched and unharmed, the beans are roasted to order in small batches and packed in airtight bags right after roasting. So, whenever you get them delivered, they welcome you with a pleasant, refreshing, and flavorful aroma. 

The roaster is quite considerate towards the growers as well as the planet! They always use Fair Trade certified beans from the farms that promote economically viable, environmentally conscious methods and practices. 

Who’s This For?

Anyone who looks for a distinctive note in his/her cup! The sweet hazelnut tang makes this variant a real energy booster that can help you start your day better.

3. Sumatra Mandheling Decaf Dark Roast from Volcanica

Volcanica Sumatra Mandheling Decaf

The ripening process of these rare beans is unhurried, which guarantees that the product carries each of the organoleptic properties of these world-class beans. 

Origin: Sumatra Utara (North Central Sumatra) 
Roast: Medium-Dark 
Tasting Notes: Brown sugar and winey dried fruit

This delightfully smooth Indonesian coffee variant comes with a rich, heavy body associated with a fantastic flavor. The intense syrupy aftertaste and an earthy richness add more to the cup’s appeal. Low acidity makes this variant stomach-friendly.

To extract the exceptional flavors, the beans are sun-dried and semi-washed. To help the coffee lovers, who are not very friendly with caffeine, Volcanica makes these beans decaffeinated and helps them in experiencing the bliss of sipping a flavorful cup. 

They execute the decaffeination process using Swiss water. In actuality, this is entirely chemical-free that renders 99.99 percent caffeine-free coffee. It never harms the one-of-kind origin characteristics and nuances of the rare Sumatra Mandheling Beans.

To deliver the beans with the utmost freshness, Volcanica roasts them in small batches only after receiving your order. Naturally, it allows you to get freshly roasted, ultimately flavorful beans at your doorstep that boosts your coffee love every time you order from them.

You can have a cup of coffee made with this exquisite blend at any time of the day. The best part is, this exceptionally delicious coffee goes well with almost every dessert and starters.

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Who’s This For?

Dedicated to those desperately looking for delicious decaf coffee variants, which offer pure and rich cup notes associated with superb flavors.

4. Estate Dark Kona Coffee, Whole Beans – Koa Coffee

Koa Coffee

Koa Coffee roasts these world-class beans with the utmost care and attention until they’re dark to prepare their Estate version. This allows them to produce cups rendering delicate yet rich flavor and aroma.

Origin: Hawaii 
Roast: Dark 
Tasting Notes: Cocoa, dark chocolate, fruits

Being in the coffee scene for a while, you must have already heard the myths and legends about Koa Coffee’s Kona Estate Dark Roast variant.

This much sought-after coffee has already managed to be accoladed as one of the finest coffee variants available in the global market. In Fact, Forbes says that it’s the Best Coffee in America!

Grown in Hawaii on the Kona coffee belt, located in the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes at an elevation of 3000 ft, this variant is synonymous with standard and quality. 

You can characterize Koa Coffee’s Estate variant with its lower acidity, sweet, simple, mellow taste, and fruity tang with undertones of cocoa and dark chocolate. The Estate variant comes in whole beans, allowing you to grind them in the way you want. 

Who’s This For

Coffee buffs who want their cups to be qualitative and distinctive. The sweetish and rich flavor profile makes Koa Coffee’s estate variant the perfect pick to start a beautiful day.

5. 25th Anniversary celebration Roast – Brought to You by Portland Coffee Roasters

Portland 25th Anniversary Dark Roast Coffee

Blessed with a providential climate and rich, abundant soil, makes the 25th Anniversary celebration Roast rise and shines amongst competitors.

Origin: Costa Rica
Roast: Dark 
Tasting Notes: Rich & Sweet

It takes eras to establish a favorable outcome, and behind Portland Coffee Roasters’ 25th Anniversary celebration Roast, the count is two decades. Utmost care, a deeply ingrained and noteworthy roasting procedure, made Portland Coffee get coffee aficionados on its side. 

A deep, intense aroma due to molasses and aromatic wood makes your mind spectate a hint of earth. A rich and sweet flavor will commence delighting you followed by a roasted astringency after-taste.

Besides its aroma and worth mentioning flavors, there’s a fact which needs to be highlighted. Portland coffee roasters have constantly been supporting farmers in their endeavors. Therefore, with every sip of your Portland Coffee comes to the efforts of dedicated farmers implanting their love for you.

A rich bittersweet balance, obscurely full mouthfeel spliced with softly scorched aromatic wood notes is capable enough to leave you succulent. Every cup of your coffee tastes better when you recognize that you’re helping others with every purchase. The relationship with Portland Coffee Roasters and farmers has been inevitable, as the company fulfills the promise to help communities in need.

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Who is this for?

Individuals who are keenly fond of the ideal fusion of a balance of bitter and sweet flavor. Experience the exemplary dark-roasted taste with an astounding aroma of the 25th Anniversary Roast edition of Portland Coffee.

6. Go For The Bold – From Amazon Fresh

AmazonFresh Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 12...
  • Dark roast coffee with mild finish
  • Three 12-ounce bags of whole bean coffee
  • 100% Arabica coffee grown in Central and South America
  • Roasted and packed in the U.S.A.
Origin: U.S.A 
Roast: Dark 
Tasting Notes: Woody, smoky

The best dark roast ground coffees list remains incomplete without the Amazon Fresh Go For The Bold. This dark roast variant carries a bold, rich, and luscious flavor profile. It’s roasted using 100% organic arabica beans that come straight from the rich coffee-growing regions of South and Central America. 

As the name suggests, Go For The Bold offers cup notes that can overwhelm you with their woody and smoky boldness. From the very first sip, you will be able to fetch its robustness perfectly associated with a full mouthfeel. 

When it comes to talking about the quality of the roast, you can say that the roaster’s mindful approach allows them to extract the most out of these world-class beans. The words that describe this coffee the best are ‘comforting’ and ‘inspiring.’

Who is this for?

Coffee lovers who are looking for that perfect energetic cup that can help you start your day better or assist you in combating the stress caused by a long day, betting on this coffee will be worth it. 

7. Italian Roast by Fresh Roasted Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Italian Roast, 5 lb (80...
  • Coffee is roasted in our environmentally friendly coffee...
  • OU KOSHER certified; Sustainably sourced and proudly...
  • Bold Body, Dark Roast, Artisan Blend
  • DARK ROAST; BOLD BODY; An Excellent Choice For Not Only...
Origin: Haiti 
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: Red fruit, Bittersweet

The admirers of the darkest roasts won’t be able to afford to miss the magic created by Italian Roast coffee. And when it comes to picking up the best-quality Italian roast, there’s no better alternative than the one that comes from the house of Fresh Roasted Coffee. 

The beans used for Italian roasts are usually black and coated with an oily sheen. The intense roasted flavor that borders on charred brings the touch of ultimate uniqueness to the cups produced using this coffee variety. Coffee buffs also call Italian roast Dark French, Neapolitan, Heavy roast, or Spanish. 

The nuances of red fruits blended with dense bittersweetness create cups that are bold and refreshing. The roaster, i.e., French Roasted Coffee, believes in adhering to a holistic process to deliver the best quality Italian roast coffee to your doorstep. They source these high-quality beans from the rich growing regions of Italy and roast them using advanced technology. 

The unique and smart method of roasting allows them to reduce their carbon footprint, keeping the roast precision, quality, and overall flavor profile of the beans untouched. From origin consideration, quality of roast to the enchanting flavor profile, the Italian Roast variety from Fresh Roast Coffee has simply everything to deliver consistent, exceptional coffee fused with true approachability.   

The brewing methods of these beans are versatile; from a French Press, cold brew to espresso, it goes well with all. This variant is Kosher certified, making it consumable for all. 

Who is this for?

Anyone who seeks a coffee variant that’s versatile and refreshing. Coffee freaks who love cold brews, prepared from dark roast beans, love this Italian roast too!

8. Subtle Organic Coffee by Cafe Don Pablo

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee - Dark Roast -...
  • ORIGIN - Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is high altitude shade...
  • AROMATIC NOTES - This whole bean coffee has a profound depth...
  • EXPERTLY ROASTED - We artisan roast our coffee beans in...
  • QUALITY (& RESPONSIBILITY) - Our Light roast beans are...
Origin: Colombia 
Roast: Dark 
Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, caramel, and honey

Low acidity, intense chocolaty flavor perfectly alleged by the clean finish describe Don Pablo’s Subtle Organic variant the best. This 100% Arabica, CCOF certified organic, and Non-GMO beans have managed to win over the hearts of innumerable global coffee aficionados with their ability to produce cups with smooth milk chocolate, caramel, and honey tangs. 

The roaster cares about the health of the consumers, the environment, and the people who are putting all their efforts into growing these world-class beans. Due to this reason, they source the beans directly from the growers, omitting the interference of go-betweens. This ensures the sourcing of quality coffee beans maintaining the fair trading method. Moreover, the beans are collected from the farms that promote environment-friendly growing practices. 

These one-of-a-kind beans contain naturally caramelized sugar which allows them to adopt an immense toastiness. However, it never makes them compromise on their full-body character and smooth, delectable aftertaste. 

The best brewing methods of Don Pablo’s Subtle origin include auto drip, hand drip, French press, espresso, and cold brew.

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Who is this for?

It’s the ideal pick for those who enjoy cups that offer the ultimate sweet-ish and earthy aftertaste along with a silky mouthfeel. 

9. Starbucks French Roast Coffee

Origin: Latin-America & Asia Pacific 
Roast: Dark 
Tasting Notes: Dark caramel, earthy 

Before brewing, this coffee is dark and earthy, foreshadowing the intense and toasty brew it produces. Coffee fanatics love these Starbucks variants because of their admirable caramelized tones fused with smoked quality. Needless to say, that it’s nothing but a portent of the roasted flavors arrested by this exceptional quality coffee variant from the house of Starbucks.

This French roast dark coffee features a mild sheen of aromatic oils. The beans are smooth and clean, which helps to avoid the necessity of clinging it vigorously to the mug. Once the cup produced by these extraordinary beans hits your lips, it leaves with you a truly silky mouthfeel. 

The unrivaled flavor profile of Starbucks French roast coffee boasts hints of dark caramel, fantastically fused with earthy undertones that pop in but never turn into burnt flavors. Mildly astringent aftertaste with subtle toasty overtones adds more to the cup’s appeal.

In a one-liner, Starbucks coffee is indeed one of the best choices for coffee lovers who consider themselves die-hard fans of the absolute dark roast coffees. This variant is milk-friendly, so you always have the option of enjoying it with a splash of the cream orbit of sugar. 

Who is this for?

Anyone who loves coffee and likes to create blissful experimental moments with their cups. Starbucks’ French Roast is undoubtedly one of the finest dark roast variants available in today’s market.

10. Ruta Maya

RUTA MAYA COFFEE Dark Roast, 35.2 OZ
  • Ruta maya's organic dark roasted coffee is a rich,...
  • Rich, distinctive and aromatic roast
  • Smooth flavor with hardly a trace of the bitterness often...
Origin: Mexico 
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: Earthy

Ruta Maya is a very delicate yet concentrated roast having an effortless chocolate flavor. This espresso bean is also made with Arabica beans, shade-grown, and handpicked.

Well balanced and delicious. Unprecedented richness derived from ancient growing techniques coupled with gentle roasting to extract ultimate depth and flavor. This coffee has a distinct taste full-bodied smooth flavor.

Its earthy taste is refreshing and a Ruta Maya espresso is certainly something to look forward to in the mornings. After having a Ruta Maya espresso you are sure to know the difference between shade-grown coffee and sun-grown. You should definitely try this espresso coffee bean it’s amazing! The taste is truly rich.

Who is this for?

Certified Organic Shade-grown Arabica coffee that is grown with Mayan culture and is perfectly roasted for standards.

Various Dark Roast Levels

Many people are confused about the roast levels of coffee. The basic upper chart includes light, medium, and dark. When we go into more depth, there is even medium-dark level too and so on. For some span of time, the dark beans were supposed to be the king of coffee beans. It was believed that anyone who enjoys a cup of dark-roast coffee has a seasoned palate and the lighter roast is left for the weak tongued. However, this is not the real truth.

Light roast coffee is often characterized by light-colored brown coffee beans. It does not have any oily layer but has a crisp acidity level, low body, and sharper flavor. Medium, conversely, is characterized at first glance by the actual brown color coffee beans, which rarely have an oily surface, medium acidity level, body, and rounded flavor. The dark roast is characterized by dark brown color coffee beans having an oily surface, low acid level, heavy body, and deep yet darker smack.

The Dark Roast levels are further sub-subdivided for clearer identifications are:

  • Vienna
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Dark Roast vs Light Roast

When dark or light roast is compared, many people delve into caffeine levels. Some will consider taking dark roast coffee, believing that it contains high levels of caffeine, while others will pick on a light roast, thinking that it contains high levels of caffeine. However, this is wrong because caffeine remains unchanged during the roasting process. The coffee plant determines the level of caffeine.

A dark roast has an oily surface, while a light roast is not an oily surface. The darker roasts will have a smoky, dark, and smooth taste; whereas a lighter roast will have a mellow body taste and bright flavors. The dark roast will also have low acidity levels, while the light roast will have crisp acidity levels, a tender body, and bright flavors.

Wrap Up

Some coffee aficionados and connoisseurs claim that dark roasted coffee tastes like a good wine. But who knows how bad wine tastes? All we know about is that a good cup of coffee can play host to a plethora of robust flavors. Do take note that not all the coffee beans are the darker roast coffee, when you are looking for darker beans, you have to search specifically from the dark collection as above.

If you are looking forward to enjoying a traditionally prepared coffee, you need to try the coffee that is roasted and brewed with exclusive culinary art and cultural expertise. From growing the coffee seeds to the roasting and brewing process, everything is super divine.

This has been made easier for you with a multiplicity of the best coffee brands that are readily available in your local store. Pick one brand and make all your mornings perky. Someone needs their mug of coffee pronto!