Calphalon Temp IQ vs Breville Barista Express

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Calphalon Temp IQ vs Breville Barista Express

According to the experts, Espressos are a typical expression of coffee. One of the greatest pleasures of life for all cafe lovers is to sip an espresso drink at one of the famous and favorite coffee houses. However, to enjoy that smoother and richer cappuccino made in the comfort of the house, there is a need to have a qualitative espresso machine.

Selecting a suitable espresso machine might be a daunting task. Still, for the home baristas wishing to have complete control over the espresso brewing process, the right solution might be semi-automatic espresso machines like these. Breville Barista Express and Calphalon Temp IQ are also perfect for people craving to acquire the pleasure and satisfaction of creating a smoother and flavourful espresso drink.

Even though there are numerous models, these two machines stand out due to the qualitative construction, great features, a pocket-friendly price tag, and their capability to produce luxurious and creamy espresso shots.

Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso With Grinder

Calphalon Espresso Machine with Coffee...
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or...
  • 15-Bar Italian pump delivers the right amount of pressure...
  • Freshly grind your beans to your preference With the...
  • Pre-programmed settings for single and double shots, and...

Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine comes with a built-in grinder that provides precise grinding and even heating that ensures a  perfect espresso drink. This espresso machine comes with an integrated, conical-shaped burr mill grinder with 30 grinder settings, which are easily adjustable to offer a range of fresh espresso drinks.

The Calphalon Temp IQ machine has a thermoblock heating technology with a PID temperature control that assures even heating during extraction. . It also provides a gentle pre-infusion for the blooming of the espresso grounds at the extraction’s beginning. This espresso machine model comes equipped with a café-sized portafilter of 58mm, allowing even water dispersion and robust flavor.

The powerful steam wand ensures creamy foam and microfoam milk to make the best cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso drinks. Furthermore, the machine has an auto-shot volumetric control to dispense the right amount of water for 1 or 2 espresso shots. It also contains a cup warming tray, hot water option, and other features for espresso-ready cups. Moreover, the machine has a stainless steel mug jar, cleaning disc, tampers, and cleaning pin.

Features of Calphalon Temp IQ

  • This espresso machine is equipped with a steam wand and a grinder.
  • It also has an Italian Pump of 15-bar.
  • This is widely popular as a one-touch espresso.
  • It has an enlarged portafilter that provides better extraction of coffee flavors.
  • There is an accessory named the cup warming tray that is perfect for the espresso-ready cups.

Breville Barista Express

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine...
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  • The Breville Barista Express delivers third wave specialty...
  • DOSE CONTROL GRINDING: Integrated precision conical burr...
  • OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: Low pressure pre-infusion gradually...

Breville Barista Express espresso machine is one of the most popular models in this portfolio across the globe. It is also not much expensive, unlike the other top-rated and higher-quality espresso models.

Breville Barista Express has done excellently well in some roundups from some of the world’s best and highly trusted sources, like CNET, America’s Tech Kitchen, and others. The experts deliver this report after in-depth testing of all the available espresso machines. This espresso machine also got rewarded as the “Best for Heavy Use” by TechGearLab, the “Best for DIY Types” by America’s Test Kitchen, and “The best espresso machine value” by CNET. And all these appraisals make it clear that it is an impressive accomplishment.

This espresso machine also comes equipped with a razor dose trimming tool, stainless steel portafilter of 54mm, a cup, 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets, coffee scoop, an integrated tamper, a stainless steel milk jug, cleaning disc, and tablets. It also has an Allen key and cleaning brush with a water filter and a holder.

It is integrated with a higher-quality die-cast case that offers it a unique appearance, making it an attractive addition to any kitchen counter globally. Breville Barista Express also produces higher quality espresso drinks of numerous types, and it stays the best in terms of the offered results. It comes out as an impressive, super-automatic espresso machine model with a sleek, sturdy, and rugged design made of stainless steel.

Features of Breville Barista Express

  • This espresso machine has a bean holder capacity of ½ lb and a water tank capacity of 67 oz.
  • It has a 1600w stainless steel thermocoil integrated water path capable of precisely managing the water temperature.
  • Breville Barista’s pre-infusion function gradually increases the water temperature for gently expanding the grinds and providing an even extraction.
  • This espresso machine has a purge function that can automatically adjust the water temperature after steam and maintains an optimal espresso temperature.
  • This machine also has separate settings for single and double shots.

Comparison – Calphalon Temp IQ vs Breville Barista Express

Both the espresso machines have such odds that favor them. They have a unique set of features, making them among the top espresso machine models available in the global market. However, when it comes to buying and choosing the perfect option to suit your needs, you must go through a comparison to find out the most suitable product.

Here is a brief comparison of both the barista espresso machines.


The Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso machine begins its brewing process with more delicate bean grinding in an integrated and adjustable conical burr mill grinder that contains around 30 settings. This integrated grinder has an 8-ounce hopper that helps store more amounts of coffee beans. Furthermore, the adjustable settings also allow global users of this espresso machine to optimize beans’ coarseness to get an ideal extraction. Moreover, the entire dosing and grinding process become more straightforward and hassle-free.

For ensuring perfect espresso drinks, Breville Barista Express allows users to set the grinding size, amount, and tamping pressure in the integrated grinder. Thus, you get an option for getting proper adjustments for each type of coffee bean with it.

Controlling temperature

Calphalon Temp IQ features a thermoblock technology for optimal and faster heating process and has a PID temperature control that ensures temperature stability while extracting the espresso.

In contrast, Breville Barista Express has a Thermo coil heating system with an in-built PID to properly maintain the water temperature at a stable 200 degrees while extracting the espresso. Moreover, with this amazing espresso machine, you are allowed to easily adjust the brew temperature by 4 degrees up or down using the 2-degrees increments. It is very helpful for achieving the taste variations in different espresso drinks.


Calphalon Temp IQ comes with an enlarged and café-sized portafilter of 58mm that promotes even water dispersion for ensuring a robust flavor. The pre-infusion in this espresso machine gently soaks the ground coffee puck in the portafilter before applying the entire brewing pressure to provide better water penetration. This espresso model’s pre-programmed and 3-second pre-infusion feature evens the grind finely before applying the total pressure. It thus compensates for some more minor imperfections in the grind size.

In contrast, Breville Barista Express has a unique dosing apparatus made of stainless steel that perfectly maintains the portafilter after tamping. It thus assures a smoother and continuous coffee extraction.


The Breville Barista Express comes equipped with a pump of 13-bar. It also has an impressive gauge mounted on its front panel for better pressure monitoring. It notifies the barista as the machine achieves the ideal pressure of 9 bars.

On the other hand, Calphalon Temp IQ has an Italian-made pump of 15-bar, which delivers an ideally required pressure to ensure maximum taste extraction. Therefore, it also helps in producing a rich, creamy top layer of the espresso drink.


Calphalon Temp IQ can create microfoam milk and a creamy froth for popular espresso drinks, like lattes, cappuccino, etc. It has a seamless operation of its milk wand and ensures finely textured microfoam to provide the best lattes, just like the cafes.

In contrast, Breville Barista Express has a swivel ball-mounted steam wand that enhances flexibility to create the perfect foam for the latte or cappuccino cups.

Easier usage

Compared to the other semi-automatic espresso machines available globally, Calphalon Temp IQ requires more effort and a longer learning curve. However, it also offers a more straightforward operation process, even for beginner baristas. It comes in handy with complete directions to accurately help beginners determine the grind size required for a different type of coffee beans. It also describes the entire process of grinding, tamping, and brewing in a detailed manner.

Breville Barista Express also requires some more effort and experiments to brew the rich and flavourful espressos, just like the other semi-automatic espresso machines available in the global market. As the manual’s size gets intimidating sometimes, users are also offered to watch the instruction video before they turn on the machine.


Breville Barista Express comes with a clean-me light that acts as a reminder for users. It automatically lightens when the machine gets dirty, telling you that it is time to get some cleaning to avoid rust and dust accumulation that might exploit its quality and operation.

In contrast, there is no such feature available in the Calphalon Temp IQ, and just like the other semi-automatic espresso machines, it also requires regular and hands-on cleaning. However, the descaling process is a bit quicker and easier with this machine.

Advanced settings

Calphalon Temp IQ comes with more straightforward controls to allow experienced baristas to do some experiments by performing manual adjustments in advanced settings, like the water temperature, pre-infusion, and volume. This espresso model is also equipped with a cup warming tray to heat the cup to an ideal temperature before pulling the shot. Furthermore, it is a one-touch espresso machine that can dispense the correct water volume for one or two shots of espresso drinks.

Breville Barista Express comes with a removable, filtered water tank with a capacity of 67 ounces with a replaceable water filter of charcoal for removing all the impurities and reducing the scale. Its water filters add some cost to the entire machine and ensure a consistent quality of espresso drinks. Furthermore, when not in use, this espresso machine also has the feature to automatically go into standby mode after 60 minutes and then shut off after 3 hours.


As Calphalon Temp IQ with grinder comes at around a price tag of $550, it might be turned out as pocket-friendly for a few serious home baristas but out of budget for many others who are just starting out. However, this espresso machine’s price is competitive for such a product that is capable of providing genuine espresso drinks with café-like quality.

Breville Barista Express comes at a little above the price of the former and tags around $599. This espresso machine is around 50 bucks costlier than the Calphalon Temp IQ with grinder. However, the higher quality espresso that it provides seamlessly justifies its cost when it comes to the expert barista.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine...
Sale Calphalon Espresso Machine with Coffee...

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At the Bottom

Suppose you want to get an espresso machine with the push-button function and the one that is super-automated to ease all the work, including loading the coffee beans into the hopper, refilling the water tank frequently, and others, then you must search for some other higher-end espresso machine models apart from these two.

Calphalon Temp IQ and Breville Barista Express, both espresso machines are semi-automated, require some time, practice, and effort to produce smoother and flavorful espresso. However, the results with these machines are worth the added efforts. Both these espresso machines can pull qualitative shots. These machines thus offer immensely satisfying outcomes.

For beginner baristas, the Calphalon Temp IQ espresso machine is a preferable and fantastic choice. The machine comes with simple instructions to help beginners start with the creation of creamy espresso drinks quickly. The Breville Barista Express also includes detailed instructions, but the information is much more suitable for experienced users.

Furthermore, Calphalon Temp IQ comes at a lower price, which might also be a deciding factor for your final choice. Both the espresso machines can produce results just like the other espresso machines that even cost more than three times.

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