Best Green Tea K Cup Review 2018

Best Green Tea K-Cups

Green tea not only has a great smooth taste but it also has incredible health benefits such as energizing the body, boosting brain functionality, lowering the blood pressure, weight loss, heart diseases, diabetes etc. Green tea is a popular beverage known for its stimulating and calming effect on human brain and body. It has a smooth flavor, fresh taste, and enticing aroma. Green tea is expensive as compared to black tea and other options. Many people in this fast paced world have switched to automatic machines like Keurig and Nespresso to make their morning cup. However for Keurig people, there is a plethora of flavors to choose including the green tea.

Top 5 Green Tea K Cups To Rejuvenate Your Health

With competition in market, there are lots of cheap k cups option to pick and it is natural to get confused around them. Here we are listing the best 5 that are great tasting and have received positive ratings from consumers.

#1 Twinings Green Tea, Keurig K-Cups

Twinings Green Tea K Cups

A tea company with expertise of over 300 years is renowned all over the world for their quality tea.
There is 24-Count of Twinings green tea k-cups included in the product. Each K-cup is enriched with smooth and ultra-rich flavor. The expert blenders at Twinings test pure and natural green tea that is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. It is made certain that only perfect 24 k-cups are selected that have a refreshing and soothing taste.
You have to use a Keurig brewer and start the brewing process. You can adjust the strength of green tea according to your taste.

Twinings Green Tea Decaf Keurig K-Cups, 48 Count

List Price:$30.63 USD
New From:$30.63 USD In Stock
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#2 Keurig, Celestial Seasonings, Natural Antioxidant Green Tea

Celestial Green Tea K Cups

The product includes 30 Celestial Seasonings rich flavored green tea single serve K-cups. The green tea is packed in an air tight plastic cup that has an aluminum lid and a filter. The K-cups protects the green tea from moisture, air, light and seals the freshness of green tea that we all crave for. There is no need of messy grinding or any cleanups, all you have to do is use the K-cup in Keurig brewer and enjoy a fresh, rich cup of green tea.

Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea, K-cups For Keurig Brewers, 24-count Boxes (Pack of 2)

List Price:$33.00 USD
New From:$33.00 USD In Stock
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#3 Bigelow K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers

BigeLow Green Tea K cups

Bigelow is a distinguished tea company that has been producing finest tea since 1945. The product contains 24 K-cups sealed with fresh green tea inside. The best part about the green tea of Bigelow is that it is never astringent or grassy. What set apart Bigelow’s green tea from others are the toasty notes that it has and the delicate rich flavor.
If you are looking for high-quality green tea cheap k cups then Bigelow is a good option for you. After all, you’ll get to save money, retain health and taste the finest green tea in the world.

#4 Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint K-Cups

Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint K Cups

What better way to calm your mind, body and soul than drinking the healthy and tasty Lipton Green tea. What distinguishes Lipton’s green tea from others is their unique blend of real green tea leaves that are mixed with highly pressed leaves of spearmint chamomile, peppermint, hint of natural citrus flavors and various aromatic herbs. The end result is the formation of a refreshing and soul-touching cup of green tea that is utterly out of this world.
Each box has 12 sealed K-Cups that are specifically designed to be used with Keurig K-Cup Brewing Systems. Above all, the Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint K-Cups are Rainforest Alliance Certified. You’ll be getting a fresh green tea from high garden and Lipton ensures that the freshness remains an integral part.

Lipton Green Tea K Cups, Chamomile Mint, 1.0 oz, 12 Count (Pack of 6)

List Price:$45.09 USD
New From:$45.09 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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#5 Stash Green Tea-Chai

Stash Green Tea K Cups

Stash Tea Company has been in the market since 1972 and they have made a name for themselves by introducing high-quality tea over all these years. They believe that their teas are not just good, but the best and avid tea consumers would unquestionably agree with that. Their green tea is unique because they blend Chinese green tea with whole cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, sarsaparilla and ginger root, thus creating a blend that is refreshing, flavorful and a little spicy. You can drink the green tea with milk, sugar or without sugar.

Stash Tea Premium Green Single-Cup Tea for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 12 Count (Pack of 6)

List Price:$41.41 USD
New From:$41.41 USD In Stock
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Each box has up to 40 sealed K-Cups that are compatible with Keurig brewing machines. One thing is for sure that you might become addicted to the refreshing and soothing taste of Stash’s green tea.

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