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Banned Coffee Review

Billed as the “world’s strongest coffee,” Banned Coffee claims to have about 4 times the caffeine content of most beans. It comes as a medium-dark roast coffee and is only available as grounds. If you’re looking to buy some of this coffee, it is sold exclusively on Amazon.
According to the product website, the company aims to produce a coffee that gives you enough of a caffeine kick to arm-wrestle a gorilla but without sacrificing flavor. The blend includes a wide selection of beans from all over the coffee-growing world: Arabica beans for the best flavor and good-quality Robusta to boost the caffeine content.
So, how does the coffee live up to the brand’s claims?

Banned Coffee Review


A hard-core coffee snob probably won’t be running out to buy this, because pre-ground coffee is never truly fresh, and doesn’t allow the consumer to customize the grind (They mentioned they will offer Whole Bean soon. Please check our updates). For the rest of us, Banned Coffee seems to hit all the right notes. The taste is bold without being harsh or bitter, and surprisingly smooth for such a strong coffee. Even after being blended from so many different sources, this coffee has a consistent (if somewhat predictable) flavor.

Caffeine Buzz

It’s amazing how caffeine tolerance varies from person to person. For some people, this coffee has enough caffeine to cause a serious case of the jitters, while others complain that it’s no stronger than supermarket coffee. Brew with a coffee plunger, and you will have more caffeine to play with!

On the whole, most people do seem to agree that Banned Coffee packs more of a punch than regular brands. If you depend on caffeine to get through a tough work schedule but don’t like drinking cup after cup of coffee (or if frequent bathroom breaks aren’t an option!) you might really appreciate getting a stronger dose of caffeine per cup.

Most coffees don’t come with a legal disclaimer, but this one does. Amazon quotes the Mayo Clinic’s advice to limit daily caffeine intake to 400 mg, which translates to 4 cups of regular coffee or ONE BIG cup of Banned Coffee. It’s probably best to go easy on this one until you see how it affects you. The Banned Coffee Caffeine Content is said to be around 400mg/lb approximately.


Clearly, this product has appeal as a novelty item. The “BANNED” sticker on the front is a nice touch, and the packaging design is somehow a bit classier than the over-the-top macho designs of some other extra-strong brands.

I’m thinking especially of Death Wish with its skull-and-crossbones motif, and Napalm with its bomb logo. If you end up not really liking the coffee that much, you can still keep the bag on your counter as a conversation piece without your girlfriend protesting too much.

With its extra jolt of energy, it’s eye-catching packaging, and best of all its crowd-pleasing flavor, you really can’t go wrong giving Banned Coffee a try.


We recently talked with the team from Banned Coffee who have given us some unfolds about their product which we and many coffee enthusiasts might not be knowing:

  • First of all, the Banned Coffee is now offering Ground AND Whole Bean in 1 and 2 pounds bags which was previously Ground only
  • The beans are truly Organic and are from the best farms.
  • Talking about the Caffeine Content, (which is one most important aspects of the Banned Coffee), the team said that they had their Caffeine Content Lab tested by a third party company to compare with the leader, Death Wish. The results stated that Banned Coffee has about double the AMOUNT of Caffeine per serving than that of Death Wish Coffee. We were literally surprised TO hearing this.

In Detail About Caffeine Content in Banned Coffee

Caffeine Content of Banned Coffee is having a lot of discussions all over in the consumers as to whether it has the most caffeine or not. There are other brands claiming as the strongest coffee in the world, but it’s the lab that works from behind revealing the results.

The official Lab results for the Caffeine content of Banned Coffee and Death Wish Coffee are:

  • Banned Coffee: 287 mg of Caffeine per 0.4 oz of Coffee (which comes to 2.56% of Caffeine per any amount of Coffee if my calculations are correct)
  • Death Wish: 1.14% of Caffeine per any amount of Coffee

So as per the test results, Banned Coffee has almost double the caffeine content as that of Death Wish which means approximately in 4 oz of brewed coffee, the caffeine level of Banned Coffee is 2.902 grams whereas, in Death Wish, it’s 1.293 grams.
The tests clearly state which is the strongest coffee. Sooner we’ll be providing a copy of official reports of the lab too. Stay updated!!

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