Best Tasting Decaf K Cups For Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig, a name which is very popular for single serve brewers now days in many homes, offices and even hostels. The reason behind this popularity is the simplicity and ease of use. You end up with a good tasting coffee every now without creating much of mess on the place. What’s more, it doesn’t requires much maintenance and all like the espresso machine and super espresso’s do.

Best Decaf K Cups for Keurig

Another reason for it’s popularity is the wide variety of flavors to choose from. There are premium as well as cheap k cups available in a huge variety which can easily confuse you as which one to pick and which to spare. Most of these are caffeinated but for decaf lovers, there are tons of flavors to pick from. We have previously discussed about the best Nespresso Decaf pods and here we will be talking about the best Decaf Keurig K Cups to try.

Top Decaf K Cups For Keurig Coffee Maker

  1. Donut House Decaf
  2. Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Decaf
  3. Eight O’ Clock Coffee The Original Decaf
  4. The Original Donut Shop Decaf
  5. Peet’s Decaf House Blend
  6. Tully’s French Roast Decaf Coffee
  7. San Francisco Bay One Cup French Roast Decaf
  8. Tim Horton’s Decaf
  9. Crazy Cups Variety Pack
  10. Twinings Decaf Tea

#1 Donut House Decaf K Cups

Experience the smooth and pleasant cup of coffee with no bitterness in between. The result is full bodied and has great aroma to please your mind. Brew it in the 8 oz setting and you will have your perfect cup of Joe. This flavor has over 5000 reviews on Amazon which is an amazing record for any K cup coffee.

Donut House Collection Light Roast K-Cup for Keurig Brewers, Donut House Decaf Coffee (Pack of 96)

List Price:$49.34 USD
New From:$49.29 USD In Stock
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#2 Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Decaf

For Green Mountain coffee fans, this one is the best pick. Again, this blend has over 5500 positive reviews which is a remarkable thing for any such product. It clearly says that the product is loved and accepted by mass coffee lovers. Few of the terms that define this product are bright, balanced, sweet, smooth, gluten free and follows Kosher.

Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups, Breakfast Blend(melange) Decaf, 96-Count

List Price:0
New From:$53.90 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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#3 Eight O’ Clock Coffee The Original Decaf

If you love eating fruits, this one is for you. With fruity notes and well balanced taste, this blend is great acclaimed too for decaf k cups. It’s a medium roast coffee and is also certified Kosher to give complete peace of mind. The brand has over 3000 ratings on Amazon and is an old one initiating the coffee business from since 1859.

Eight O Clock Coffee Colombian Peaks, Keurig K-cup Pods (Pack of 6)

List Price:$40.99 USD
New From:$40.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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#4 The Original Donut Shop Decaf K Cups

Here original doesn’t says that others are bad, rather just it’s the trademark of this brand and it really pays of well for them. This blend is also Kosher certified and is roasted medium and well, it’s bold in taste. There are many fans of this brand and other blends from this house are also worth considering if you are not permanently sticking to the decafs.

The Original Donut Shop, Decaf Coffee (48 K-Cups)

List Price:0
New From:$25.87 USD In Stock
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#5 Peet’s Decaf House Blend

Alfred Peet is a known name for creating a host of amazing flavors that are not found elsewhere. The coffee here is deeply roasted by hand to give the maximum flavor and aroma. The Decaf House Blend from Peet’s is well balanced, bright, super bold and full bodied.

#6 Tully’s French Roast Decaf K-cups

The name sounds interesting enough to try this coffee once atleast. This is an amazing dark roast blend full of bold flavor and is Kosher certified. Moreover, it contains extra coffee than the normal K cups. It’s processed under slow roasting and hence full of flavor and extra bold accents.

Tully’s Coffee French Roast K-Cup for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 96)

List Price:0
New From:$49.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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#7 San Francisco Bay One Decaf

Enjoy the intense, bold, smoky, rich and complex blend in a very feasible price pack. This comes in varied sized packs but the most popular one is the 120 pod pack and costs just around $45. You won’t find any problem regarding compatibility too as it’s compatible with most of the Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers along with other brand single serve brewers too. The OneCup pods are comprised of wood pulp lidding, a corn ring and mesh coffee filter and are Kosher certified.

#8 Tim Horton’s Decaf Kcups

The K cups by Tim Horton’s are marked 100% Arabica coffee and the business started from since 1964. Till now they are grown significantly making great flavors are also trying to make 100% recyclable k cups. One issue that people have faced these days with the new packaging is they have to pierce a hole into the k cup before brewing as the material doesn’t responds properly to the machine for the same.

Tim Horton’s Single Serve Coffee Cups, Decaffeinated, 12 Count (Pack of 6)

List Price:$49.02 USD
New From:$49.02 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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#9 Crazy Cups Variety pack of Decaf K cups

Enjoy a vivid variety of 10 different flavors by Crazy Cups which includes flavors like Death By Chocolate, Bananas Foster Flambe, Oatmeal Cookie and Chocolate Coconut Dream. Sounds interesting? Well, this is a must try for those who love variety in their life and are always searching for something new.

Crazy Cups Flavored Decaf Coffee, for the Keurig K Cups Coffee 2.0 Brewers, Variety Pack Sampler, 40 Count

List Price:$28.63 USD
New From:$26.00 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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#10 Twinings Decaf Tea K cup

Hope you have got it that this is not the listing for coffee. Twining is a very popular brand for producing green tea across many countries. This is a special blend of tea with accents of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger. This blend of tea (chai) is going to charge up your whole day. This k cup has over 5000 positive ratings which simply say about it’s popularity.

Twinings of London Decaffeinated Chai Tea K-Cups for Keurig, 24 Count

List Price:$14.99 USD
New From:$12.58 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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In The End

So, the above were the best blends of decaf k cups to try. These kcups are highly rated by the consumers and are already doing great in the market. Still, many things depends on personal settings of flavors and so you might have to try more than one blend to get your best.

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