What is Green Coffee Actually?

Green Coffee‘ or ‘Green Coffee Bean‘, are the terms which are now popular like the ray of light and are being consumed in unbelievable quantities. They have qualities that actually work in weight reduction and are safer to take as there have been no side effects.

Green Coffee Beans

How Green Coffee Beans Are Produced

Coffee Beans are the seed of the coffee plant resembling cherries. These are processed by removing the outer layers of the fruit and then drying or soaking the remaining seed. After that, the seeds are roasted in different levels to suit varied tastes. The Green Coffee Bean(or Green Coffee) is prepared by skipping the roasting part as this process wipes out many of the substances that specialize these beans for weight loss.

Svetol Definition

Standardized Chlorogenic Acid Extract(CGA) of a decaffeinated green coffee bean is what is called as Green Coffee Bean Extract which is the main ingredient in weight loss products. Svetol is the proprietary name for this green coffee bean extract sold by the brand Naturex from since 2002 and has been clinically proven and approved. It contains 50% CGA for maximum fat burning. It is prepared by spray drying and decaffeinating the robusta beans and then encapsulating it.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is now used widely in the whole market and has gained tremendous  popularity due to it’s natural weight loss attribute and there by giving no side effects. A wide array of dietary supplement are now available in the market that are marked as containing Svetol so whenever you are purchasing a green coffee extract, look for a mark of Svetol as it is one of the pure green coffee bean extract that is clinically proven and tested.

I hope the above description has cleared the answer about ‘What is Green Coffee’ and if still it’s unclear, I will be more than happy to answer any more, just leave your queries in the comment section.

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