What Are The Effects Of Coffee On Brain?

Caffeine is the major ingredient in coffee which stimulates our brain and it is responsible for more activeness in our body. Drinking coffee daily like brushing teeth on waking up really helps a lot the whole day. About 90% of Americans consume caffeine daily(mostly in the form of coffee) and this figure should give an idea as how much effect the coffee has on people. Although America is still not the No.1 in Coffee consumption.

Morning Coffee

Effects of Coffee on Brain

Getting back to the topic now. Do you guys know about How sleep works and why we feel sleepy? There is a chemical called Adenosine in our brain which binds to Adenosine Receptors causing drowsiness. As a result, the nerve cell activities slows down and we feel like to sleep. Coffee contains Caffeine which when taken binds itself with the Adenosine Receptors and hence it doesn’t slows down the activities of nerve cells instead it speeds them up. It doesn’t let the cells sense the Adenosine chemical as the space is taken up with caffeine. The pituitary gland watches the activity and takes it as some sort of emergency; as a result it ejects some hormones indicating the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline which has a number of effects on our body. Few of them are: Making the heart beat faster (When Blood Pressure slows down, doctors recommend to drink coffee); sugar is released by liver for extra energy; muscles get tighten up and the pupils dilate. These are the main effects of Coffee on our brain and that is why it is consumed in so much quantity in many countries.

Drinking a Cup of Coffee Everyday in Morning

Like we brush daily after waking up, drink a coffee cup everyday to boost our morning. This keeps our whole day active throughout as once we our in motion, the body adapts to continuity. While, if we start dull, the whole day stays like that. Students, workers in night shifts consume coffee at night so that they don’t feel drowsy and can concentrate on work.

Which Brands of Coffee are considered as Best?

It’s a common question and confusion as which brand to buy as their are too many out there. Peet’s Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee and Starbucks Coffee are considered as the top brands in US and can be a good option for you too. There are variants in each brand to suit varied tastes as it depends solely on how one drinks coffee.

Best Coffee Brands

Hope the above article has helped you gained a little insight about coffee. For any suggestions, please leave a comment below and I would be glad to answer you in the shortest span.

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9 thoughts on “What Are The Effects Of Coffee On Brain?

  1. This is FABULOUS! Very insightful, but most importantly, makes me feel even better about my coffee drinking habits 🙂

  2. I, unfortunately, had to give all but about 10 sips of regular coffee in the morning because it bothered my stomach too much. It really made a difference in by ability to get-going. So I accommodate my needs with iced lattes from Starbucks which I can handle since the espresso is mixed with milk and ice 🙂

    • Hmmm, sometimes the milk doesn’t helps as it’s not easier to digest by few people. Other then Lattes, you might try the americanos as well, but it’s the harder version of coffee!!

  3. Could not go without a coffee in the morning, give the boost I need. Interesting facts about how coffee works on the brain. I tend to get the rich coffee’s and make in my cuppachino machine. Sometimes if I drink to many I find myself bouncing of the walls..lol. Thanks for this great info.

  4. I really love coffee but I cant say that it not an addiction if I dont have my caffeine Im a wreck and I get bad headaches

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