Top 5 Espresso Coffee Beans To Taste Atleast Once

Beans roasted for espresso in particular are roasted longer than regular beans so that the oils in the beans are brought to the surface. All these attributes add to the taste of your espresso drink. Espresso is a coffee that is made by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground and compacted coffee beans. Beans can be of different origins or roasted at different levels, using different methods and still produce authentic espresso. To learn more about beans, go through our Bean Guide. Espresso is the base for many other drinks such as café latte, cappuccino or café mocha.
Best Coffee Beans

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

A fresh cup of espresso drink should be a creamy explosion to the taste buds but the taste of your espresso depends on your beans. Having the best espresso machine at home doesn’t means you are going to have a great cup. You must also be careful about choosing the espresso beans. Let’s face it, not all brands of beans will live up to producing a rich, savoury espresso. On that note wouldn’t you like to know which beans do? So would we, and that’s why we have researched and created a list of some of our favorite espresso coffee bean brands. Below is the list of Top 5 Espresso Coffee Beans To Taste Once In Lifetime.

Peet’s Espresso Forte

Peet’s Ground Coffee, Espresso Forte, 12-Ounce (Grocery)

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Peet’s espresso forte is crafted specifically with espresso in mind. It has a bold flavor that is rich and complex. It has a hint of bitterness in the first sip that is replaced by a mixture of exploding tastes. One of the things that makes Peet’s coffee great is that over the past four decades they have stayed true their original principle of producing coffee; fresh beans and superior quality. And by roasting their beans using highly skilled roasters instead of computerized roasting to ensure the highest quality and consistency achievable they get a tick in our book. From then till now people have been falling head over heels in love with this brand for the simple fact, they just produce fantastic coffee. Peet’s espresso forte has a stout body, creamy with a tangy core very bold and robust. If you like your espresso flavorful and potent, Peet’s coffee might be the one for you. Some people have a preference for coffee that isn’t as strong with such an intrusive taste in that case this might not be the coffee for you. This coffee was very flavorful and our taste buds danced to the tune of quality coffee.

Illy’s Ground Espresso Coffee

Illy Espresso, 100% Arabica Coffee, Ground, Medium Roasted, Box, 6 Pack, 6 x 250g (Grocery)

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If you found Peet’s to be a little too strong another great choice for espresso coffee is Illy’s Ground Espresso Coffee. Made with 100-percent Arabica coffee, Illy has become associated with excellence. Arabica coffee is known to make milder, less bitter coffee. Caffeine itself has a bitter taste and Arabica contains less caffeine than any other commercially cultivated species of coffee making some believe Arabica is better tasting in many ways. This coffee is finely ground to provide optimal extraction. This espresso coffee is available in two roasts, medium roast and dark roast as well as decaf. Tastes are smooth, rich and never bitter.

Their is also a variety pack by Illy that might be tested to find the correct coffee that your taste buds prefer or either you can gift to some coffee fanatic. This pack consists of 2 pack of Dark Roast and 2 Pack of Medium Roasted Beans. It’s 100% Arabica and is mouth lingering.

illy Whole Bean Coffee Variety Pack (2 Dark Roast, 2 Medium Roast) by Illy (Misc.)

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Ruta Maya

Ruta Maya® Organic Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean 2 Count – 2.2 Lbs. Each (Misc.)

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Ruta Maya is a very delicate yet concentrated roast having an effortless chocolate flavor. This espresso bean is also made with Arabica beans, shade grown and handpicked. Well balanced and delicious. Unprecedented richness derived from ancient growing techniques coupled with gentle roasting to extract ultimate depth and flavor. This coffee has a distinct taste full-bodied smooth flavor. Its earthy taste is refreshing and a Ruta Maya espresso is certainly something to look forward to in the mornings. After having a Ruta Maya espresso you are sure to know the difference between shade grown coffee and sun grown. You should definitely try this espresso coffee bean it’s amazing! The taste is truly rich.

Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans – Jablum Gold Standard (16oz) (Kitchen)

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We absolutely had to include Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee as well. Blue mountain coffee is famous all the way from the small island of Jamaica. We absolutely can see why after having a sip of this delectable coffee. With a rich aroma and indescribable taste, this coffee is regarded as one of the signature coffees of the world. As the name suggest, this coffee plant is cultivated in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. With nature working in its favor this coffee is grown in mineral rich soil at the ideal altitude, having mountain shade and just enough sunlight to flourish. The berries grown in the Blue Mountains take longer than others to mature but if that’s what it takes to produce such a delightful espresso drink we are willing to wait. Handpicked and roasted, this coffee has an intense aroma and an exotic taste. After one cup we were screaming more, we encourage you to treat yourself.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa

Lavazza Qualita Rossa – Caffe Ground Espresso, 8.8-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4) (Grocery)

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Last on our list is of course another delicious brand and nothing short of quality as the others mentioned. Lavazza Qualita Rossa has a reputation of being one of Italy’s favorite coffees and who could blame them. it is evenly roasted and carefully ground, this coffee is a velvety blend of 45-percent African Robusta Beans and 55-percent Brazilian Arabica beans. Now that’s an interesting mix. This blend of beans produces mouth-watering goodness. This brand is identified with quality and for over a century has not wavered in their passion for producing unimaginable fantastic coffee. Some even say this is what coffee should taste like. We say a Lavazza Rossa espresso was something close to heaven.

Update: We are adding one more profile to our list of Best Espresso Beans as we’ve discovered that recently.

Bean Box Gourmet Dark Roast Sampler

It’s a 6-month subscription by the Bean Box that sends variety of 4 roasts every month in gift package. You’d be free for 6 months of coffee beans buying task. The variety includes top notch roasters in the Seattle’s area which is freshly roasted just before the shipping. You are going to enjoy single origin beans as well as perfectly crafted blends too. Every month you’d be experiencing a batch from different roasters with ‘How to Brew‘ instructions marked on the packages. So you’d travel much of Seattle’s Cafes without stepping out from the comfort of your home.

There are many espresso beans and brand out there; these are just some of the brands we enjoyed. In addition to finding the right espresso bean for you, you might want a few tips in storing your coffee beans. It is very important to keep away from moisture, light, air and heat. This will ensure that your coffee is kept fresher longer. An air-tight glass or ceramic container is preferable and should be kept in a cool, dry dark place. Although some packages are labeled to be kept in the refrigerator you should know that contact with moisture will cause it to deteriorate. You might also want to know that roasted coffee becomes partially stale after just 2 weeks so that mostly means the coffee you bought at the local grocer might not be as fresh as you think. Here is a container that you should owe in order to store the beans in a perfect way.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container – Canister with co2 Valve, Scoop and eBook – Medium, Blue

List Price:$35.00 USD
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As usual we would love to hear your feedback. Do you know of any other buzz worthy coffee? Let us know and leave a comment below. Which is your favorite and were they as good for you as they were for us? If you have any other that you think are the one of the best beans meant for Espresso, do share them here in the comments as there is a wide variety of beans and all can’t be discovered.

(Update: Do check our new article about Best of Coffee Beans for 2016. These are very carefully selected beans with origins that are world class and are praised for their quality)

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  1. Have you ever tried Salimbene coffee from Naples, Italy.
    It won Best Italian Roast for 2015 in a blind tasting of Europe’s most popular brands by “Crema” Magazine ( a German magazine for espresso coffee lovers ).
    I found it on and for my money, it is the best espresso coffee I have ever had.
    Try it, and I think you will surprised.
    It deserves a spot on your top five.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful collection of beans you managed to find!

    Very interesting and very hard to single out anyone as the best. For me though, personally the Jablum Blue Mountain really stands out, it’s Jamaican, something rare, exotic and very very different. Too bad it’s sold out, but just goes to show how popular it is

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