Three Process of Coffee Making for Newbies

Making Coffee at home is as easy as boiling the milk or can be as tough as making a delicious chicken sausage. The making coffee processes vary a lot and there are hundreds of recipes going all around this world. The variations are because of different regions and varied tastes of tongue. Some like bitter coffee whereas some stick at some sweet and smoother one.

Basically, there are three methods of coffee making or we can say the there are 3 root coffee making processes which derive the other variations. So, this article is not going to depict you the recipes rather you will be gaining some insights on coffee making which will ease you to get better recipes according to the needs. So here we go about the first process.

Simple Coffee

Simple Coffee At Home

This is the one we mostly drink at home. It doesn’t require any special equipments neither any special skills. Anyone can make this coffee at home. For this, buy a packet of Instant Coffee powders available anywhere in the market.

– Boil the water or milk, whatever you like in a pot or kettle. Don’t over-boil as it will also burn the taste.

– Add one tablespoon of coffee in a coffee cup of about 225ml.

– Add cream or any flavor extracts like vanilla or anything you like. This step is optional and you can skip it if the things are not present.

– Pour the boiled water or milk slowly in the cup and stir the contents to dissolve well.

So, this is the easiest way to enjoy coffee at home without the need of any special equipment. The good things about this coffee are that it doesn’t require any expensive equipments and neither requires any special knowledge.

Brewing Coffee at Home

The above taste of coffee is good but lets make it a little better by going to our next method of coffee preparation through a brewer which depicts the actual nature of coffee and once you have tasted the coffee like this, you will never look for the previous method. For this coffee, you will need a coffee brewer like Black & Decker CM0700BZ which is easy to handle and not costs a fortune.

The brewers are just available at around $15 which is a good investment for your coffee needs. We can use Instant Coffee powders with these as well as Coffee grounds also for a better taste which again are easily available in the market and web also.

Now we have the things needed, let’s get into the steps of brewing coffee with a brewer.

–  Fill the water tank of coffee with one cup of water if you don’t like to have milk in it. If you want to make a half milk-half water coffee, add only half a cup of water in the brewer water tank.

–  Fill the glass carafe with half milk if you need to add milk and put the carafe on its place in the coffee maker. Add flavors if you want.

–  Put one tablespoon of coffee grounds in the filter basket.

–  Start the brewer and it will serve you with the coffee in minutes. Just pour it into your favorite cup and enjoy.

Specialty Coffee Making

Now this is what which needs some special skills and practice to be perfect. This requires good equipments like roasters, grinder and brewer to make a very perfect cup of coffee.

Best coffee is made by freshly roasting the green coffee beans to the desired roasting level. They vary from light roast to very dark roast. There are various types of roasters available in the market as well as Amazon. Range starts from Basics Nut Roaster to Fully Automatic Coffee Roasters like the one below.

After roasting, leave the beans in a container for about 2 days. After 2 days, the beans are ready for their great taste with proper aroma and flavors and it is best to use them within 8 days of roasting. The next step after roasting is grinding the beans.

The beans are fine grinded using coffee grinders which are specifically made for this purpose only. There range starts from around $18 and extends to even thousands of dollars. The cheapest are mostly blade grinders that are nothing but choppers and they ruin the beans to some extent. We suggest to buy a burr grinder if you are serious about coffee making. To start, we would suggest to buy the OXO Conical Burr Grinder as it’s priced below $100 and is among the best grinders available in the market.

Now we are ready to go for the brewing part which was the second method of coffee making in this article. If we want to make some special drink of this coffee like Mocha, Macchiato, Cappuccino or Frappe, then it will require some more learning about various recipes. In the upcoming articles we will be taking the things to the next levels as about how the various coffee drinks are made at home.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading the article and gained some more insights to coffee. For any questions, I am just a comment away.

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