The Pros and Cons of Caffeine – Essential Facts

There are so many different types of caffeine products – the abundance is amazing! At some point in your life you have probably consumed a drink or food that contained caffeine. We all know that two common sources of caffeine are coffee and tea leaves but did you know cocoa beans and kola nuts are also a source of caffeine!

Caffeine is a stimulant that temporarily increases mental process or in other words perks up your mind. Research shows that the substance can even be addictive. A few of you are probably reading this article with a warm cup of coffee in hand or a cool glass of cola or even a chocolate bar, which are all caffeinated products. You have probably also heard at some point or another that caffeine is unhealthy. So arCaffeine Formulae we just caffeine-hooked zombies? On the other hand there are a few myths concerning coffee that you yourself might know of. We all know myths as the name suggests, isn’t fact but fable. But the word on the street is caffeine is not all bad. There are a few tales of how great it is for us and there might be a lot of misconceptions so let’s separate the facts from the fable and explore the pros and cons of caffeine.


  • Improved memory and mental function

Research shows that caffeine taken in moderation can have many health benefits such as improved memory and mental function. So grabbing a cup of coffee when studying to stay awake might help you in more ways than one.

  • Increased energy level

Other studies have shown that caffeine makes you more alert and increases your energy level, which makes it a great pick-me-upper.

  • Lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes

What’s even more amazing is that tests have shown that caffeine can help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes in people with normal blood pressure.

  • Lower risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Depression, Liver Cancer

Caffeine has been proven to have a benign effect on Alzheimer’s disease as well as depression and liver cancer. Parkinson’s disease is a motor system disorder that causes trembling, poor balance rigidity and slowness and/or difficulty of movement and eventually leads to death. Sounds really scary right? But what if we told you drinking three to four cups of coffee which is caffeine based can reduce your chance of this disease by as much as 25%. That’s pretty amazing.

  • Aids weight loss

In addition many dietary supplements used for weight loss contains a dosage of caffeine so it’s safe to say caffeine helps with weight loss. Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of those which is taking a revolution in weight loss.

These are some pretty great pros if you ask us. Which makes coffee all good in our book! Still, we cannot be naive, and must consider the possible harmful effects of caffeine.

Pros and Cons Of Caffeine


With the good comes the bad and caffeine can have some frightening effects on the human body.

  • Addictive

The one we are most familiar with is its tendency to be addictive. Any substance no matter how beneficially healthy can have colossal consequences if one becomes addicted and consumes in abundance.

  • Increased irritability, heart racing

Too much caffeine can leave you feeling anxious nervous and irritable. It can cause headaches and irregular or fast heartbeat and sleeplessness.

  • Higher risk for bone loss

Some studies have even shown that more than 300 mg of caffeine daily can accelerate bone loss in postmenopausal women. Now that’s sounds scary.

  • Higher Blood Pressure

For one who don’t take the caffeine regularly in any form like tea, coffee or any other drink may have slightly increased blood pressure but for the people who take it in a regular way might not have any affect.

Caffeine Health Effects

With all this said you should also know that some people are more susceptible to the effects of caffeine than others. For instance, while you might become dizzy or jittery after just one cup of coffee another person might be just fine. Caffeine is not for everyone bear in mind. We have learned that caffeine can have many health benefits when drank in moderation and a ‘ying yang’ effect if one becomes too dependent on the substance.

In your opinion do the pros outweigh the cons? Is it safe to continue your daily routine of caffeine consumption? It’s now up to you to decide what’s best for you and having a simple visit to the doctor can quickly clear up your questions.

In today’s society where it’s virtually impossible to avoid caffeine just remember too much of one thing is bad and no matter how great caffeine-laced products taste always remember moderation is key. A study showed that 68% of Americans admitted to being hooked on coffee. Those are pretty large numbers!

Now what if that study was to be opened up to candy bars, ice cream, sodas and the whole host of caffeinated products, those numbers would probably sky rocket. Which only makes us wonder if we aren’t just caffeine hooked zombies.

So will you be kicking your caffeine habit, or do you plan to increase your consumption to harness the possible benefits? Hope you have got now a good insights about the pros and cons of caffeine. Sound off in the comments and share your plans and opinions!

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