Keurig K45 Elite Single Serve Review

The biggest joke of the year since the late Mr. J. Christ died a lamentable death 2016 years ago arose out of a contest that Starbucks posed by asking for the most religious quote on their cups of coffee. One of the contestants came out with exultant remarks that said “Jesus! This cup is expensive!”. However, over the counter coffee will always prove pricey till you brew it yourself. In case, you are looking for a lower end personal coffeemaker, Keurig K45 Elite would perhaps suit your purpose.

Keurig K45 Elite

Nevertheless, let us take a quick peek at some of the features that has set Keurig 45 apart from many of its rivals and also from it’s sibling Keurig K40.


  • Three brewing sizes – Comprising small, medium and large (6 ox, 8 oz and 10 oz) activated by pressing one of the buttons on top of the unit.
  • Auto-off Power-saving mode – which can be activated or de-activated by pressing the button on the control panel.
  • New carbon-filter component that takes care of unsavory odors present in the tap water with which you fill the coffeemaker’s reservoir. Especially revolting are chlorine and sundry other water purifying agents ever present in the tap water.
  • Removable Drip Tray to accommodate a travel mug or a thermos.
  • Quiet Brew technology that sets it apart from other similar coffeemakers that creates a din while brewing coffee for one.
  • Employs the original K-cup technology and as a result all K-cups work well in this coffeemaker
  • Removable 48-oz reservoir holds enough for three 10-ounce cups or four 8-ounce cups.

Users Reviews on Keurig K45

“Here’s what I love about the Keurig K45: it makes GREAT coffee every time. As long as you have the right K-Cups, you are almost guaranteed a well-brewed cup of coffee without grounds or that burnt taste you get after an hour of it sitting on the hot plate.

I’m also pretty pleased that it makes tea and other hot beverages (cocoa) without needing to be cleaned out first. After brewing four cups of coffee we ran a tea K-Cup through it and it tasted as good as it would have boiling the water in a kettle.”

“I’m a bold drinker myself, as is my wife, but we do have family that will only drink lighter roasts – I really love being able to offer everyone whatever they like best without anyone having to settle for whatever is in the pot at that time.

This also goes for the few times we want decaf – usually we buy a bag of decaf that will sit for weeks before I’m in the mood for a late-night coffee…we’ve thrown away jars of the stuff before, now I just pull out the K-Cup I want!”

Flip side

The only adverse comment about this versatile coffeemaker revolves round the fact that it gets slower after the first few months of use. One more dependency is that it only works with K-cups.


Excellent coffee brewer for personal use; unless you tinker with its controls too much. Keurig Customer Care is perfect too.  For the price tag of just $110, it’s a great buy. Amazon also recommends this product in the Collage checklist.

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Black (Discontinued)


  • Discontinued model, replaced by model K55
  • Includes: 1 Water Filter Handle, 1 Charcoal Filter, 12-count K-Cup Variety Pack
  • Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages, Brews 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. sizes
  • Always ready and brews in under a minute, Removable 48 oz. Water Reservoir
  • Auto On-Off feature, Indicator lights

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