Rattleware Knock Box | Best 3 Picks 2018

A knock box is essentially an integral part of any coffee machine and over the years it has evolved from a standard pan to an indispensable item for our daily use. One of the few primary aspects of a knock box is the durability and the design.

If you are an espresso lover and owe an espresso maker, then you must be looking for a stylish and robust knock box. When it comes to high-quality knock boxes, Rattleware is a name that first comes to mind. It is a premium line of coffee small wares by none other than Nespresso.

Here are 3 of the best espresso knock box units by Rattleware:

#1 Rattleware Basic Knock Box Set with Maple Holder

Basic Rattleware Knock Box

It is one of the basic knock boxes by Rattleware and also one of the most commonly used. For the purpose of attaining high durability, it is made from heavy-duty stainless steel. There is a replaceable rubber bar cover and it is designed for both residential and commercial use.

A durable holder is definitely one of the plus points. A light color maple holder adds to the attractiveness, plus it also complements the kitchen décor. One can say with certainty that you cannot resist the charm of light colored maple holder that without a doubt pours life into the knock box.

Features and Specifications

  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel with welded metal part on each side
  • A replaceable rubber bar cover is available for each box
  • The rubber bar cannot be scratched
  • A durable maple holder
  • The dimension is 7.5 x 4.5 x 7 inches
  • The weight is 2.8 pounds

Rattleware Basic Knock Box Set with Maple Holder

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#2 Rattleware 25632 Stainless Steel Knock Box Set, 9 by 5.5 by 4-Inch, Silver

Rattleware 25632 Knock Box

This durable item is profoundly stronger than others in the market. There is a welded metal bar on both sides to ensure a robust design. An edge gasket is made of molded rubber to ensure safety and a characteristic look. The rubber feet ensure that the item stays where you want it to be, it perfectly evades any chances of slipping on the counter. The powder coated steel gives it a distinctive yet intriguing look.

Features and Specifications

  • Contains a knock bar
  • The holder has a rubber cover that is scratch proof
  • Cover bars are available
  • The dimension is 5 x 10.5 x 6.5 inches
  • The weight of the product is 4.6 pounds

Rattleware Basic Knock Box Set, metal holder, 6 by 5-1/2 by 4-Inch

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One can say that it is a wise choice to have this item since it made to last for a long time. In most of the cases, the holder gets damaged within few days. Here, it is guaranteed that this product will last for a long, long time.

#3 Rattleware Knock Box, Round, 6-1/4 by 7-1/2-Inch

Rattleware Round Knock Box

This round knock box is definitely the one that you need for commercial or residential use. It is specially made of stainless steel to ensure that the product lasts for a long time. There are no chances of rust or any other problems that many knock boxes have. A welded metal bar adds up to the strength and also plays a pivotal role in providing a strong hold to the item. The edge gasket is made of molded rubber. It is specifically designed for commercial and residential use.

Features and Specifications

  • Durable heavy-duty stainless steel
  • A strong welded knock bar for the purpose of attaining added strength
  • Thick and robust rubber cover in the knock bar
  • Rubber bar cover is replaceable
  • Made for commercial use
  • The dimension of the product is 6.2 x 7.5 x 6.2 inches
  • The weight of the item is 2.7 pounds


Well, these were the top 3 Rattleware knock box that are quite popular and they have satisfied so many consumers over the past many years.It is imperative for the knock boxes to have a stylish look and they need to last for a long time. Overall, there is no denying that anyone of these 3 items is worth your money.

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