Best Green Tea Brands for Weight Loss In Old Age

Green Tea is known to have many health benefits, from improved brain function and fat loss to preventing cancer and treating cloistral diarrhea.  Many studies have shown how phenomenal this product is, and here we are going to focus on its weight loss effect. Old Age weight loss by Green Tea is by far a healthy way to shed the extra pounds without the side effects. We know that it’s a coffee blog, but weight loss is by far a very big problem that is growing day by day, and if there is a benefit for our readers then it’s all a pleasure for Friedcoffee.

Weight Loss by Green Tea

Weight loss is an ancient societal problem faced by many people before us and many more persons to come.  It is not just about appearance but also about good health. There are many measures taken to lose weight that are not so conventional or healthy, and people sometimes go to great lengths to shed a few unwanted pounds.

Green tea has been proven time and time again to help with this problem and even more importantly it is a healthy option. You’re probably wondering how you can harness these weight loss benefits of green tea. Do you pop a pill or drink some tea? We are here to give you the answer.

How does it Works?

Green tea weight loss products come in both the form of liquid and tablets. If used properly it can really help you to shed those pesky pounds and cut calorie intake.  The secret to behind this amazing product is a substance called epigallocatechin gallate.

Wow! That was a mouthful! Let’s call it EGCG for short. The EGCG in green tea gives it the ability to remove toxins from the body and also has laxative qualities that can aid in weight loss. After the first couple of uses of green tea in your weight loss regimen, your bowels may not work as they should and you might experience irregular bowel movement while becoming adapted to the product. But in time bowel movements will become normal.

Combine with a Healthy Diet and Exercise

Green Tea

However, it should be know that green tea alone cannot work in weight loss. You will also have to practice a healthy diet and also do some exercise where possible. Research shows that green tea increases the burning of fat especially during exercise.

Some of you might get disappointed after hearing you might have to put in some actual work when in actuality you were looking forward to laying back and drinking tea. But that is far from the case. You will still have to do your fair share of the work in order to harness these wonderful benefits.

Not only does this product increase fat burning during exercise, but also when your body is at rest! But if you are looking for faster results a little exercise will do you well. We are talking about your health so don’t be lazy! While you don’t have to slave at the gym, consistent exercise is recommended for best results.

But about its effectiveness at weight loss while you sleep, our bodies are never really fully at rest as our cells are constantly performing tasks that require the use of energy. So your body is always burning calories. Consuming green tea makes the body burn even more calories even while you sleep. Isn’t that just awesome! How great is this stuff? We think it’s just fabulous.


Green tea supplements are generally safe however pregnant women and lactating women should be careful because the caffeine in this product can pass into breast milk and cause sleep-related problems in nursing infants.

Persons with stomach problems can have this product in limitation because green tea stimulates the production of exorbitant amounts of stomach acid which can lead to heart burn and reduction in appetite. Some of these seemingly negative effects are the actual mechanisms by which it promotes weight loss. With anything, you will also have to take your green tea supplement in moderation.

Although green tea can be taken at anytime of the day it is most effective when taken immediately before bed.  If you are really serious about losing a few pounds grab a cup of green tea or go to your doctor to see which green tea supplement is best for you.

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Above are among the best Green tea brands for weight loss and you can try these with full trust. Anyways, these are natural, so in any ways, they are not going to hurt you.

Unlike many herbs, substances and products that say they can help with weight loss and don’t actually live up to its name, green tea if taken properly, can definitely help. All in all, green tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can have whether or not you choose to use it as a weight loss supplement.  Have a cup every now and it’s great for your health and will also keep your waistline trim!

Do read our other article about Weight Loss by Green Coffee as it is also another great way to shed the extra pounds without any side effects.

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