Nespresso Citiz With Aeroccino Frother by Delonghi Review

With the compact dimensions to fit most urban kitchens and the design that suits every platform, the Nespresso Citiz by Delonghi can be easily said as one of the best Nespresso available. This model even has won the Red Dot design award for being compact, elegant and user-friendly. What’s more, it comes with a 19 bar high performance pump creates perfect pressure to extract coffee full of flavors. It also lets the machine to warm up in merely 25 seconds which is a lot less as compared to the other basic espresso machines and even some super espressos.

Glance on the Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine

Nespresso Citiz by Delonghi

It just takes about 30 seconds to get the machine ready for brewing and a minute after the insertion of your favorite Nespresso coffee pod for brewing a cup of coffee. After just a press of a single button, you are ready to drink a cup of tasty espresso that’s fairly comparable with any of the options of espresso machines available. Can you think of anything more easier than this? I guess, there is absolutely no option if you are searching for the simplest machine that makes no mess on your platform and can do the job faster. However, there are more options by the brand, but Citiz is one of the top rated Nespresso machine by many coffee lovers.

The pods used in this machine (by Nespresso) are in themselves a quality product. They contain high quality ground coffee vacuum packed in aluminum shells which costs averaging $0.70 minimum. Although, there are other brands making compatible pods that are fairly cheaper and have other variety of flavors.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 14.6 x 10.9 inches
  • Weight: 7.30 lbs
  • 19 bar pump pressure
  • 34 oz water tank
  • Comes with or without the Aeroccino milk frother
  • Foldable drip tray for tall cups
  • 2 buttons for espresso or lungo shot
  • Fast warm up time of 25 seconds
  • Auto off after 9 minutes of inactivity programmable up to 30 minutes
  • 16 capsule startup variety pack included
  • 1 year warranty

Setup of Your New Nespresso Citiz

The machine is fairly easy to setup without much fuzz of arranging things. The size is fairly a compact tallboy and you won’t have to make any special arrangements to accommodate it. It’s a little bit bigger than it’s sibling Nespresso Pixie, but it has a bigger water tank too allowing to overcome short refilling time.

Once the machine is put on the desired place, just fill the water tank after washing it up and put it into place. Fill the pod reservoir with pods, plug in the machine, wait 25 seconds to let it warm up and press for either Lungo (Double Espresso) or the Espresso and put your cup below the spout. That’s it, your are done. Fold the drip tray if you have tall cups.

The Coffee

With a very feasible price tag, Citiz gives amazing espresso shots directly comparable with those of cafes or other costly espresso machines. Thanks to the quality packed Nespresso capsules that come in a variety of flavors to have different flavor every other morning.

Using Aeroccino Frother

Aeroccino Milk Frother 3

Nespresso Citiz can be purchased with or without frother as desired. So if you are purchasing the machine for the second time or already have a milk frother, you can save some bucks by getting the variant without frother.

Using the frother is pretty simple. There is just one single button which does all the operations. Press the button for 1 second to froth the hot milk and 2 second press for cold milk froth.


We hope you have already made up your mind to get the Citiz, but before that we suggest you to with the Nespresso Citiz with Aeroccino frother by Delonghi as this version is the more reliable variant.

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Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine by De’Longhi, Black (Kitchen)


  • High performance: the 19 bar pump system offers barista-style single serve Coffee or Espresso every time, perfectly extracting the delicate flavor of each Nespresso Original Line Coffee capsule
  • Speed and flexibility: the fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds. Citiz single serve Coffee maker has a folding cup tray allowing for taller glass recipes
  • Smart Energy efficiency: the automatic energy-saving function turns the single serve Espresso machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity and can be extended from 9 to 30 minutes
  • Bundle: the Aeroccino 3 milk frother is included to create the perfect finish to your single serve Coffee beverages such as cappuccino or latte. Rated voltage/frequency (vhz): 110-120 v/ 50-60 Hz
  • Complimentary gift: each Espresso machine includes a Nespresso Original Line capsule welcome kit with a range of capsules with unique aroma profiles

List Price:$299.00 USD
New From:$209.00 USD In Stock
Used from:$172.95 USD In Stock

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