Kona French Press Review

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When we talk about French Press, Kona does follows and comes first in the list and that is evident in every best French Press coffee maker collection. With it’s perfectly carved parts and aesthetically carved structure, it easily steal the looks. It has over 10000 customer reviews averaging a rating of 4.6 stars, and what does that means? It means, people are loving it.

French press brewing is the simplest and down to earth method for coffee preparation. By simple, it doesn’t means that the coffee is plain, but rather we have full control over the process, water temperature, steeping time etc. With French Press, you are actually enjoying your coffee preparation and with Kona, it’s more beautiful.

Why Kona French Press?

Kona French Press Coffee Maker

Kona french press can brew coffee or loose tea without catching the coffee grounds in your cup and it’s 100% guaranteed by the brand. But still, french press brewing has an attribute of getting at least some grounds in the cup, so we can expect minimum from Kona. The construction is unique with an outer shell over the glass beaker that not only looks beautiful, but also protects the french press a lot fro wear and tear. The design of handle is also made for comfortable grip and easy pouring over the cups. Plastic used in Kona is BPA free, and also doesn’t comes in contact with coffee for complete peace of mind.

The Plunger

Kona Filter Screen

The plunger screen is made up of detachable stainless steel. The screen is attached with a rod capped by a rubber knob that is easy to grip and press. It’s quiet to press and dishwasher safe too. It is designed to filter many of the unwanted particles to not to upset you by coffee-grounds in the cup.

The Size

Kona is big enough to accommodate a descent figure of coffee cups in a single brewing. It can brew 8 cups (34 oz or 1 liter ) at a time which is enough for a normal or a slightly abnormal family too. You can also use it at small get together.

Because it doesn’t uses electricity and is small enough to hide inside your bag, you can take along while traveling. A french press is the best companion during outdoors and camping and why not, it feels amazing to prepare a cup of coffee at outskirts with nature all around and peace in mind.

The Coffee by Kona French Press

Kona French Press Coffee Cup

Of course, it makes a great cup of coffee. But takes a little time to learn and master the French-Press brewing variables. You need to know the correct water temperature, steeping time and the coffee grind size. Always use the freshly ground coffee for the best taste.


With Kona, you are buying confidence of so many people behind it. The perfect working beyond the construction of equipment is already evident by the so many positive customer reviews. Simply have it and you are always going to love it.

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KONA French Press Coffee Maker With Reusable Stainless Steel Filter, Large Comfortable Handle & Glass Protecting Durable Black Shell


  • SIMPLY THE PUREST WAY ~ extract & brew any tea leaf or coffee bean’s essential oils into a single glass carafe. Will turn any ordinary coffee into a gourmet coffee treat guaranteed or your money back
  • PROTECTIVE DESIGN ~ unique & attractive insulated outer shell not only easy to admire on the kitchen counter but also protects from chips & cracks to the extra thick 34 oz borosilicate glass coffee pitcher. Unlike other thin metal frenchpress frames that rust and do little in protecting the glass carafe
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE ~ is durable & sturdy, clever design for free flowing & effortless pouring to your mug which also features a BPS / BPA FREE lid were no plastic comes in contact with your hot or iced cold brewed tea while steeping
  • EASY TO CLEAN Dishwasher & Microwave Safe with detachable stainless steel filter screen system with a quick and easy press, rubber plunger knob. QUIET & non electric best for work office environments. PORTABLE & ECO FRIENDLY compact coffeemaker best space saver for your car hotel travel hiking & outdoor RV camping
  • ORDER NOW with peace of mind due to over 11,000+ Satisfied Customer Reviews below. When you take that first warm sip of the day, you’ll understand why so many people have rated it with an outstanding 5 out of 5 for 2019 most loved Coffee French Presser on Amazon. Also Double The Life of Your Coffee Maker Absolutely FREE by registering your Idylc Homes purchase today! See flyer inside the box for more details…

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