Keurig K250 – 2.0 Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

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With so many single brewing systems available on the market today, choosing the right one can be tricky. This is especially true when you consider that every model promises to deliver the best results. Keurig K250, a single serve brewing system that combines versatility with the convenience of Keurig K-Cups. Capable of brewing any size beverage from 4 to 30 ounces, this model is designed to satisfy every coffee need. Available in several bright and fun colors, the K250 is the perfect addition to any kitchen or office décor. This article will review the features of the K250, and help you decide if it’s the right model for you.

Keurig K250 Single Serve

Features and Specifications

Large Capacity Water Reservoir:

Keurig K250 Water Reservoir

The Keurig K250 is equipped with a large capacity, 40 oz water reservoir. This means that you can make up to 8 separate beverages without having to stop and refill the water. Easy to remove, the large capacity reservoir can be taken to the sink for easy and convenient refilling or cleaning. The charcoal water filters included with the this Keurig ensures that the water is fresh for each and every use.

Charcoal Water Filters: The charcoal water filters included with the K250 are both easy to install and easy to replace. They ensure the purity of the water used with each beverage, guaranteeing that your coffee tastes fresh every time. Additionally, the water filters will reduce the calcium build up that comes from hard water. This will keep the machine clear of deposits that would clog the system, as well as eliminating hard water taste. Replacement filters are both inexpensive and easy to find.

Brew Size Versatility: The K250 is unparalleled in its brew size versatility. Choose between 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz sizes for the K-Cup brewing option. The K-Mug brewing option sizes include 12, 14 and 16 oz for larger beverages. For larger crowds, the K-Carafe option offers sizes including 22, 26 and 30 oz. These brewing options provide total versatility for the size beverage you brew, or the number of people you brew for.

Color Versatility :

Keurig K250 Colors

Unlike most single serve brewing systems, the Keurig K250 comes in a wide range of bright, fun colors. This means that the K250 will add a touch of style to any kitchen or office decor. It also promises to brighten the day of everyone who uses the machine, unlike the other bland machines you find.

Keurig K250 Touch Screen

Touch Screen Interface: 

The easy to use touch screen allows for one touch programming of the K250. Among programming options is the strength setting, enabling you to adjust the strength of each beverage to your individual preference. The wide range of programmable brew sizes offers even greater beverage brewing versatility. The K250’s comprehensive, yet simple programming, promises to provide the perfect drink each and every time.

Easy to remove Drip Tray : The easy to remove drip tray ensures that cleanup is both quick and easy. Simply lift the tray out and take it to the sink for a quick rinse to clean light spills. Another plus is that by removing the drip tray you can place larger mugs under the brew spout. This will allow you to brew directly into your favorite cup or mug, adding even more convenience.

Reusable filter compatible :

Reusable K-Cup

The My K-Cup reusable coffee filter enables you to enjoy your favorite flavor of whole bean coffee. Simply remove the K-Cup holder and insert the reusable filter with your choice of fresh ground coffee. This not only increases beverage flavor options, but it also reduces on waste generated, making it more environmentally friendly.

Limited One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Keurig backs its products with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. This ensures not only the quality of the parts used, but also the quality of assembly as well. Additional customer service support is available by phone or online for any questions or concerns completely free of charge.

Positive Customer Feedback: With a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars, from 1,598 customers, the K250 has been well received and is one among the best single cup coffee makers. This ensures that the K250 is sure to please in many ways.

Getting Started With Keurig K250

Setup for the Keurig K250 is both quick and easy. Simply plug the unit in, fill the large capacity water reservoir and insert the K-Cup of your choice. Choose the size of the beverage you want to brew, and press to begin brewing. Upon first use, the K250 will prompt for a brew cycle, rinsing the machine of any residue before brewing. Several water filters are included with the K250, and these will significantly reduce calcium deposit buildup from hard water.

Maintenance and Cleaning

With few removable parts, cleanup and maintenance for the K250 is relatively simple. The water reservoir is easily removable, allowing for quick and convenient cleaning. The drip tray is also easily removable, making cleanup a snap. Running a brew cycle without a K-Cup periodically will help rinse the system, keeping it clean of any residue.


  • Reusable K-Cup compatibility makes this unit environmentally friendly by reducing waste created by disposable K-Cups.
  • The broad range of brewing sizes makes this unit ideal for entertaining any number of people.
  • The strength control setting provides greater beverage customizability.
  • The variety of fun color options gives added versatility of style to the K250.
  • Comaptible with other brand cheap k cups.


  • The K250 2.0 version units are only compatible with Keurig K-Cups.
  • Due to the height of the brew spout, you are unable to brew directly into larger size travel mugs.

Keurig K250 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Strength Control, Black
  • What's in the box: 4 k cup pods, a water filter handle + 2 water filters, and a...
  • 40 ounce water reservoir: Allows you to brew 4+ cups before having to refill,...
  • Multiple k cup pod brew sizes: (4, 6, 8, 10 ounce) and brews a carafe (22, 26,...


Offering a range of brewing sizes and strength control, the Keurig K250 provides an increased level of beverage customization. Added to the convenience of K-Cup brewing, this unit is both versatile and easy to use. The elegant design of the K250 also ensures that it will be a stylish addition for any environment. Whether for office or home, this model is sure to please on every level and is one of the best Keurig coffee maker to owe. Hopefully this article will help you to decide if the K250 is the right model for you!

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