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The Jura Impressa F8 Automatic Espresso Machine is the perfect answer for anyone who wants a brewing system that provides quality, control and convenience in one elegantly designed package. The sleek appearance of the Impressa F8 makes it as attractive as it is intelligent.

Jura Impressa F8 Super AutomaticA full range of customizable brewing options allows you to brew the perfect beverage each and every time. A built in grinder brings another level of quality and convenience to this model. Finally, the patented Jura Fine Foam Frother ensures the perfect milk foam for any beverage type. Now you can brew any beverage, including lattes, cappuccinos and even macchiatos, with the precision of a professional barista with this automatic machine! It was an immense excitement to do this Jura Impressa F8 Review.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 14 x 11.2 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Easy one touch brewing
  • Large capacity 64 oz water reservoir
  • TFT color display
  • Built in Aroma Plus grinder
  • Swiss made
  • Jura fine foam milk frothing technology
  • Easy to use rotary switch for program selection
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Limited 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Auto off energy saving feature
  • Full beverage customization
  • 15 bar high-performance pump
  • Wireless capability

 A Fully Programmable Brewing System

Jura Impressa F8 Top Controls

The full programmability of the Jura Impressa F8 ensures that you get the perfect beverage each and every time, regardless of your personal preferences. Control the temperature, volume and even strength of each drink. Additionally, 12 separate drink options allow you to brew absolutely any beverage that you can find at your favorite coffee shop.

 TFT Display Technology

Jura Impressa F8 TFT

The TFT display makes programming the Impressa F8 easy and fun. With crystal clear, colorful displays, the different screens are easier to follow than flat, monotone menus. Additionally, the colorful fonts and images make the interface more enjoyable to use.  A rotary switch further adds to the fun and ease of this model’s programmability.

Components of Jura Impressa F8

The Jura F8 comes with a 15-bar pump pressure that provides top quality espresso for lattes and cappuccinos. A large capacity 64 oz water reservoir allows you to brew numerous drinks without having to worry about refilling the water. Depending on the size cup you use, you can brew anywhere from 8-12 coffees before needing to add water. Pull as many as 32 shots of espresso with a single round of water, taking away for milk frothing of course.

  • Full programmability allows you to choose the size of your beverage, the temperature of the water, and even the strength of the brew. You can create personalized programs to enable one touch brewing for even the most customized beverage.
  • Jura fine foam technology ensures that you get the perfect milk froth for cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos. All you have to do is add milk and choose the setting for the froth of your choice. The Impressa F8 will do the rest!
  • The built in Aroma Plus grinder is designed to provide perfectly ground coffee each and every time. Aroma Plus technology improves the grinder’s performance, producing perfect grounds in half the time of other grinders.
  • A rotary switch makes programming the Impressa F8 both quick and easy. Rather than having to use multiple buttons or a touch screen interface, you can scroll through options with the speed and ease of a rotary switch. This helps to prevent mistakes made by pressing the wrong button accidentally.
  • Fully versatile brewing offers a full range of different beverages. Choose from 12 different options, including coffee, espresso, macchiato options, latte options and cappuccino. This full range of choices means that you can brew any of your favorite coffee shop beverages right in the comfort of your own home.
  • Three separate hot water options allow you to choose the best hot water for your needs. Whether you are making tea, hot chocolate or soup, you can now customize the hot water with the same precision as any other beverage on the Impressa F8.
  • A TFT display makes using the Jura Impressa F8 easier and more fun. Not only is the interface clear and easy to read, but the colorful display makes the whole experience more enjoyable than those mono tone menus that are dull and often hard to read.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of the Jura Impressa F8 is fully automated. Pre-programmed cleaning functions include rinsing, full cleaning, and even descaling. This fully automated cleaning and maintenance system ensures that you will get the best results from your Impressa F8 for the life of the machine.

Despite the automated nature of the cleaning programs, they will actually require you to initiate the process. The Jura F8 will inform you when these programs should be performed, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of time or use yourself. Simply respond to the alerts when they arise and you will keep your machine in peak condition.

There are a few things that you will have to clean manually, however. The milk wand needs to be cleaned THOROUGHLY after each and every use. This will prevent residue build up that could affect the taste of the milk later on. Additionally, you will need to clean the drip tray periodically, either by wiping off, rinsing out or washing in hot soapy water for a good deep cleaning.

Wiping out the bean hopper periodically with a damp cloth will help to reduce the oils from the beans getting into the machine. These oils will create a sticky build up that can clog the grinder or just get into the system and affect the overall performance of the machine. Keeping the hopper clean will help reduce this effect.

Finally, as with any coffee brewer, you will need to clean the dirty grounds after use. As for the machine itself, a damp cloth will be enough to remove most spills and restore the Impressa F8 to its full luster again.

The Problem with Built-in Grinders

While the notion of a complete grinder/brewer system seems ideal, it can in fact create some issues. The biggest problem with any built-in component is that you don’t have access to it. Thus, you won’t be able to clean the grinder in the Jura Impressa F8 the way you would be able to clean an independent grinder. This means that oil buildup from dark roast beans will become a problem over time. If you use lighter, dryer beans, then you will help preserve the grinder’s performance for the life of the machine.

The Coffee by Impressa F8

Jura Impressa F8 End Result

The coffee brewed from the Jura F8 is top quality, both in terms of temperature and consistency. A fully programmable interface enables you to customize the temperature, volume and strength of your coffee. Additionally, the milk frother offers a complete range of milk foaming options, making lattes and cappuccinos quick and easy. The only real downside is that the temperature of the milk doesn’t get much above room temperature. This results in a cooling effect to any latte or espresso drink. Fortunately, the espresso starts at a high temperature, so this isn’t as bad as it could be.


  • The Jura F8 TFT display offers crisp, colorful graphics that are clear to read and easy to follow
  • Extremely hot brewing temperatures provide 183°F coffee and 176°F espresso
  • Quick and easy startup
  • Attractive, chic appearance
  • Auto power off feature
  • Large water reservoir
  • Fully programmable interface allows for complete customization


  • Milk can prove less hot than preferred
  • Price is outside many budgets
  • Oil from coffee beans can clog system
  • All plastic design feels less durable than stainless steel models
  • Machine is noisy when in use


The Jura Impressa F8 has been fairly well received by customers overall. Considering its above average price point, there will be higher expectations regarding this machine’s performance. In terms of coffee quality, the Impressa receives top marks. The same is true with regard to the Impressa’s interface. Both the easy to read TFT display and the easy to use rotary switch make programming the Impressa fun and simple. The only drawback is the temperature of the milk which is usually the same in most of the super automatics. Talking about the pricing part, the Jura Impressa F8 price is also not a bar as it is reasonably priced under $2000, and it’s worth of features. If you like your lattes a little on the cool side, then the F8 might be the right model for you.

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Jura IMPRESSA F8 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black


  • TFT display with Rotary Selection
  • Inspiring range of beverages
  • Aroma plus grinder now twice as fast
  • Revolutionary fine foam technology
  • Treat yourself to a great-tasting cup of coffee
  • The user manual is attached. Please reference pages 10-22 for instructions on preparing beverages.
  • To adjust the settings of their machine, please refer to page 26 in user manual.

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