Jura ENA 9 Micro One Touch Espresso Machine Review

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Jura has introduced Jura ENA 9 Micro One Touch for people having low space to accommodate a super espresso machine because not every coffee lover has a lot of counter space to devote to their caffeine habit. If your countertops are dominated by overhanging cupboards, or if you want an office coffee maker to fit in a tiny kitchenette, you can still enjoy the luxury of a Super-Automatic Espresso Maker.

Jura ENA 9 Micro One Touch is a little smaller and smarter than the old Ena 9 and comes loaded with almost all the functions that are required in a Super Espresso. What’s more, it comes from the hood of Jura, a brand that prefers quality as priority and is the most trusted among Super Automatic Espresso Machines.

Introduction to Jura ENA 9 Micro One Touch

Jura ENA Micro 9

Super-automatic machines are designed to do all of the difficult work for you. Jura ENA 9 Micro will grind your beans, brew a shot of espresso, heat and froth your milk and put it all together in your favorite cup, all at the touch of a button. No need to learn about dosing, tamping and timing perfect shots – the Jura Ena makes all those decisions for you!
Everyone before investing a lot has a question and same goes here too. You might be wondering about ‘How is the Jura ENA Micro 9 Machine?’ and that’s the human nature.

The Ena Micro 9 is 11% shorter than the previous model but it doesn’t compromise on quality or reliability. This fully programmable super-automatic espresso machine will keep all of the coffee lovers in your household or office happy. It can be called as the younger brother of the Jura ENA 9 Super Espresso Machine.

Features and Specifications

  • Compact size: 9 1/16 inches wide; 12 ¾ inches tall; 17 ½ inches deep
  • Programmable water amount, coffee strength
  • 15-bar pump
  • Thermoblock heater
  • Conical burr grinder
  • Separate hot water spout
  • Hopper holds ¼ pound of espresso beans and features a silicone freshness seal
  • Water tank holds 37 ounces
  • Pre-infusion cycle before brewing
  • One touch of a button for 6 different drinks
  • Bypass doser for pre-ground coffee
  • Programmable times for automatic switch to energy-saving mode and auto shut-off
  • 2 year warranty
  • A Compact Option

If you want the convenience of a super-automatic espresso machine and the reliability that comes with the Jura name, but you only have a limited amount of counter space, the ENA Micro 9 is your best companion. At just over 12 inches tall, you should have no trouble fitting it under an overhanging cupboard. This model is 11% shorter than the previous model, making it Jura’s smallest one-touch option.
The hopper will hold ¼ pound of beans and the water tank capacity is 37 ounces, which is pretty respectable for such a small machine. The height-adjustable spout has a maximum clearance of 5.4 inches, which is better than you find with some of the much larger machines.

Easy One-touch Brewing

Programming the buttons for your favorite drinks is easy with the Ena’s rotary dial. Once you have your preferred settings programmed in, you can easily make yourself a cappuccino or latte at the touch of a button.

Jura ENA Micro 9 Control Panel

Because programming is so simple, there’s no need to worry about two different users having different preferences. You can easily adjust the temperature, c and other parameters each time.
The same dial that you use to set your drink preferences can also be used to choose the automatic shut-off time for the machine. You can choose any time between 15 minutes and 9 hours.
To brew a cappuccino or latte macchiato, attach the milk hose to the milk frother and put the open end in a milk pitcher. Place a cup under the spout and press the button. In less than one minute you will have a perfect barista-quality drink.


The 15-bar pump gives more than enough pressure for perfect extraction, and the thermoblock heater gets up to temperature so fast that you’re ready to start brewing in 40 seconds!
The grinder is a professional quality stainless steel conical burr model. You can precisely control the size of the grind in order to get the most out of your favorite beans.

There is also a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee in case you want to use a different roast or decaf without emptying your hopper.
The hopper of Jura ENA 9 Micro itself holds about ¼ pound of beans. Because the design places the hopper inside the machine itself, there is no way to fit an extension on it. Compact size is the priority with this model’s design. One nice feature is the airtight silicone seal on the hopper’s cover, which keeps your beans fresh.

Jura ENA 9 Micro Hopper

The 37-ounce reservoir includes a water filter to cut down on mineral deposits and maintenance. The small size of the tank is an unfortunate necessity with a compact machine. 37 ounces sounds like it should be enough for about 18 two-ounce shots, but keep in mind that the machine uses a lot of water for rinsing cycles.

New brew head technology is what allows the Ena Micro 9 to be 11% smaller than the previous model. Just like with phones and tablets, technology is getting smaller all the time! Best of all, the brew quality is every bit as good as with larger models.

The milk frother includes a hose that you set inside a milk pitcher (not included) or any suitable vessel. The milk and coffee come out of two separate spouts to reduce contamination, but they are side-by-side so that you don’t have to move your cup when making a latte or cappuccino.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Micro 9 brews at the touch of a button, but there’s a trade-off. Like all super-automatic espresso machines, this one has a constant cycle of cleaning and maintenance that can’t be omitted.
Most important of all is cleaning the milk hose, which has to be done after every use to avoid milk going sour and blocking up the machine. The auto-frother and spout have to be cleaned every day as well.

The machine will tell you when it needs to be descaled or when the brew head needs cleaning. There are a few cleaning solutions and tablets you will need to have on hand for this purpose.
And of course the used coffee grounds and the drip tray will need to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis, as with any espresso maker.

You might start to wonder whether or not a super-automatic is really a labor-saving device. In fact, although this coffee maker requires more time and effort than simply pushing a button for brewing, it’s worth keeping in mind that the cleaning and maintenance doesn’t require any barista skills. You just have to follow the prompts from the machine, and you don’t even have to remember to do maintenance – the machine will remind you.

As with all Jura machines, the brew head is not removable. If it needs repairs, you have to sent it to Jura’s repair service rather than being done locally. Because Jura makes reliable machines, you are not likely to have to worry about this if you look after the machine well.

A Word about Dark Oily Beans

Many of us, when we think of espresso, immediately picture glossy dark-roasted beans with a layer of aromatic oils on the outside. These beans are bad news for any super-automatic machine, including the Jura Ena 9 Micro One Touch. When a grinder is inside a machine, you don’t have the option of using cleaning products like Grindz because they may damage the brew head and there’s no way to bypass it. So there’s no way to stop the oil from gunking up the inside of your machine, potentially leading to costly repairs.

Jura ENA Micro 9 Top View

Some people try to get around this issue by removing the oil from the beans, either by air-drying the coffee beans in a bowl or by gently shaking them in a container with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. This may protect your grinder, but it’s also removing the flavor-rich oils.
A medium roast has the same aromatic oils as a dark roast, but they stay locked inside the beans where they contribute to the flavor without messing up your grinder. Most coffee aficionados say that they prefer a somewhat lighter roast as overly-dark roasts mask the unique flavors of the beans. Try taste-testing some medium roasts and you will come to know a new part!

The Coffee

The quality of the end product is what makes it all worthwhile, and the Ena Micro 9 will not disappoint you. The espresso is prepared to perfection and piping hot. If the machine is not warmed up, the milk is a bit less hot as with almost all super-automatics. However, it produces a good quality and quantity of microfoam.

Jura ENA 9 Micro Drinks

Don’t forget to pre-warm your cup before brewing a milk-based drink. You’ll simply are going to be surprised by how much it helps.


  • Compact size without compromising on brew quality
  • You can make barista-quality drinks without having barista-level skills
  • Programming is straightforward
  • Machine heats up in just 40 seconds
  • Sepearate pipe system for milk and water keeps the machine in perfect hygine
  • Silicon Sealed Bean Container
  • Latte and Cappuccino at a touch of a button
  • Sleek modern design
  • The trust of Jura


  • Chrome-plated plastic exterior feels a little cheap considering the price tag on this model
  • Daily cleaning required (If you doesn’t want your coffee to taste weak)
  • Small water tank and bean hopper
  • Oily beans cause problems
  • Milk is not piping hot (It’s a common thing in all the Super Espresso’s)

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Thermoblock 2010 pump heats and steams faster
  • Height-adjustable dual spout; Fine foam technology
  • Programmable coffee strength and temperature


Most of the customers of Jura Ena 9 Micro are happy with the quality of the drinks as well as the durability of the machine itself. The biggest advantage of this model over other super-automatics is its compact size. If you’re looking for Jura quality but only have a tiny amount of space to work with, you can’t go wrong with the Ena Micro 9.

Before taking a decision, you might also like to go through the other Espresso Machines. It might help you take the decision by knowing the other options, but if you are concerned about space, then the Jura ENA 9 is the best fit.

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