How to Make Cappuccino at Home Without Coffee Maker

That tasty, foamy coffee beverage we call the Cappuccino is generally comprised of one part espresso (super strong coffee), mixed with one part steamed milk and topped with one part foamed milk. This gourmet coffee beverage will cost you a pretty penny at the neighborhood coffee shop, and buying your own specialized coffee machine is very expensive and can run you into the hundreds of dollars. So how are you going to satisfy your cappuccino craving without breaking the bank? It’s simple. Follow this quick read about How to Make Cappuccino recipe and very soon, you will be enjoying your own homemade gourmet cappuccino.

Coffee Cappuccino

With just a few ordinary ingredients and common kitchen tools, you can replicate this coffee house favorite, complete with foam topping for your own foamy milk moustache! Yes, you know what we’re talking about – that foam topping always leaves evidence on your upper lip, and that’s part of the fun of enjoying a cappuccino!

READY IN: 10 minutes

MAKES: 1 serving


2 teaspoons instant coffee
¼ cup boiling filtered water
½ cup milk


Microwave-safe measuring cup
Mug (for serving)


Combine the instant coffee and the boiling filtered water in a coffee mug. Mix well until the coffee is completely dissolved.
Place the milk in your microwave-safe measuring cup and microwave, uncovered, on high for about one minute. The milk will get hot and start to form small bubbles around the edge of the cup.
Remove from the microwave, and pour half the milk into your blender. Blend on high for about 3 minutes, until the milk turns to froth.
In your serving mug, mix the espresso with the remaining steamed milk and top with the milky foam. Now you have a rich, tasty cappuccino that’s ready to be enjoyed!
Because this is a basic recipe, we didn’t include any add-ons like sugar for example, so you are welcome to add your own touch and tailor it to your tastes. A dust of cinnamon powder or cocoa powder is a popular addition to the basic cappuccino. Also, you could add a teaspoon of sugar to the milk-espresso mixture before you add the foam, if you want your cappuccino to be a little sweet. Whether you choose to add any other ingredients is all up to you, but with this basic recipe, your cappuccino will sure to be fantastic!

Now we want to see your cappuccino mustaches, so link your pictures in the comments and tell us all about your experiences with this recipe!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Cappuccino at Home Without Coffee Maker

  1. really enjoyed reading all ur coffee recipes. thanks alot for sharing with us. do you know how to make starbucks new valancia orange cocoa cappuccinno?

    • Not much info is available on this and i haven’t tasted it yet. the thing that is disclosed is ‘A flavorful twist on the classic Cappuccino – savor notes of mocha and orange, combined with creamy foam and our bold espresso. It is then finished with a dusting of sweet cocoa powder and dried orange peel.’

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