How To Buy Home Coffee Roasting Machines

It comes in every mind who is a newbie to Coffee or to this equipment. Buying a roaster for home always first raises this question of ‘How to buy home coffee roasting machines‘.

Buying Guide: Coffee Roaster

So you want to start roasting your own coffee beans, but don’t have a clue which coffee roaster to buy? Fret not! We have the ultimate buying guide to choosing the best home coffee roaster for your needs.
Roasting your own coffee is a fun and rewarding experience that allows you to create your own special blend of coffee tailored to your particular tastes. Let us guide you through the different features and functions of various coffee roasters so you can start crafting your own roast and enjoy the freshest, most flavorful coffee ever! Below are the few points to look for before buying a roaster.


Bigger price doesn’t necessarily mean better roast when it comes to coffee roasters. There are roasters as cheap as US$20, and also expensive ones that can run you into the thousands. Some inexpensive machines with simple functions deliver great roasted coffee. Your best bet is to choose a reputable roaster, and this may not be the most expensive one. Read reviews from other users who can give testimony to the quality of the roaster. Do not assume that the higher price guarantees higher quality of the roast.

How much coffee do you drink

Choose a roaster that will deliver a batch size that matches with the amount of coffee you plan on drinking. A small batch size, about 4 ounces, produces up to 5¼ scoops of ground coffee. That will make 3 to 5 cups of brewed coffee, depending on how strong you prefer your brew. That would give you 1 to 2 days supply of coffee. Roasters with larger batch sizes like 12 ounces can produce three times as much ground coffee and brewed coffee, which can serve for up to three days.

Light roast or dark roast

Some roasters operate better on a dark roast setting, while others are best at delivering a light roast. Choose a roaster that can meet your optimum roast intensity, be it light, dark or somewhere in between.

Air v drum

Air Coffee Roaster

Most small home roasters are air roasters, designed similarly to an air popcorn popper. These operate by using hot air to roast the coffee beans and move them around for even roasting. Air roasters usually deliver a faster final roast. Drum roasters, on the other hand, have a rotating drum that moves around the coffee beans. Drum roasters take longer to produce a finished roast, but will give a roast with more body than an air roaster.

Generally, you should consider your ideal cup of coffee when choosing your roaster. Please share with us how you chose your coffee roaster and give your comments detailing how your first home coffee roast turned out.

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