Guide To Brewing Perfect Coffee With A French Press

Coffee, it seems, is having its moment. There are all sorts of amazing varieties from all over the world that coffee drinkers can enjoy. We know more about how coffee is made and where it comes from—what kind of growers there are and what impact the coffee has on their daily lives.

French Press Brewing

And the tools to create our own coffee at home have increased exponentially too. There are brewers and grinders and all sorts of fancy extras that used to only be found in coffee shops and restaurants. But now, home coffee lovers can have those at their disposal, too.

In addition to those fancy gadgets, there are also a number of time-consuming processes that promise to help coffee drinkers find (and sip) the best coffee, every day. But what if you discovered that you could skip all the fuss and the time, and just buy coffee you love to have it ready in minutes at home? And that the brewing process was one that fulfills the promise for amazing coffee every time: It’s is the French press. It’s also known as Coffee Plunger, Coffee Press or a Press Pot.

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To anyone who has seen coffee brewed or been shopping in a coffee shop, you probably recognize a French press. It’s a taller glass canister with a long handle and a lid. Inside is just that—a press that coffee drinkers use to remove the grounds from the brewed coffee.

The French press is exciting and useful because it’s relatively simple. There’s nothing complex that you have to know—no big user manuals, no complex cleaning, no advance planning. In fact, from start to finish brewing coffee with a French press takes about just five minutes.

All you need is the coffee that you love—something that’s a natural for you anyway—and boiling water. The best way to heat the water to the optimal temperature is by using an electric kettle. They are inexpensive gadgets and are common household items for many things.

There are different size of French presses, too, which means you can brew what you need for whoever is drinking coffee. It works by letting the mixture brew, then removing the grounds to leave just a lovely caffeinated, hot batch of coffee for you to drink.

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Luckily, taking care of a French press is almost as easy as brewing coffee in it too. You just fill it with warm water and a few drops of dish-washing liquid; then you get to use the same plunger that you used for coffee making for cleaning out the press. There are no plug-ins and very little care that’s needed for a French press. Grinding coffee beans makes the best coffee, but that’s relatively easy too.

One recommendation that French press fans do have is the type of grinder to use: A Burr grinder works best for the type of coffee grounds that are needed in a French press. And you can use a French press for more than just coffee—the plunger can help you create delicious foamed milk, too. Find out how to make the best French press pour with the details and hints in this graphic.

The step-by-step guide to brewing perfect French press coffee.
French Press Brewing Guide
Infographic by Quill
Well, hope you’ve enjoyed reading the above article and inforgraphic and are now close to brewing a perfect cup of Joe. If still, you think that the above stuff is not for you, consider buying a Keurig or some good super automatic coffee machine to ease your work.

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