Francis Francis X7.1 IperEspresso Machine Review

The name Illy is associated with exceptional Italian coffee. If that same taste for excellence is reflected in the Illy IperEspresso Machine, then this review is already off to a great start! We’ve looked into Illy’s latest offering in the home espresso machine market and discovered some interesting points that might help with your shopping decision. If you are a bit confident about Illy or have heard this brand, then do consider buying Francis Francis x7.1 IperEspresso Machine. The looks and performance are marvelous and one can easily fall in love by it’s simplicity and unique design.

Illy Francis Francis X7.1 Black


  • Single serve operation with Illy iperEspresso Capsules
  • Built in tempered glass cup warmer
  • Sleek aluminum body
  • Programmable cup volume capability
  • Automatic Volume Stop
  • Energy saving Power mode
  • Auto-decalcification feature
  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.4 x 10.8 inches
  • Weight: 11 pounds

Illy Francis Francis X7.1


  • Well they didn’t lie about its looks, modern, sleek, subtle yet a striking visual statement. The Illy espresso machine has an appealing design not only in terms of appearance but its features as well.  But it is beautiful and would be a ‘work of art’ on your kitchen counter.
  • It’s not a very big machine, but heavy and sturdy nonetheless. You have the choice of white, red or black depending on your space. It is an overall elegant designed machine that is competently engineered.
  • Francis Francis x7.1 comes with a power save mode and auto-stop feature for programmable volume.
  • This beauty has advanced technology including steel internal thermo block and a pannarello steam wand that froths milk for smooth creamy cappuccino and latte. The pannarello wand is easily removed and cleaned; so no worries there.
  • The extraction takes place in the capsule so your machine never comes in contact with the coffee and coffee oils. The iperEspresso capsule makes messes minimal and clean ups a breeze. It’s quick and easy to use and we love that.
  • The iperEspresso capsules come in a variety of four, medium roast, dark roast, decaffeinated and lungo. Each a beautiful blends of 100-percent Arabica coffee. So try them each to determine which of the four you favor.
  • What we also love is that it is long lasting and fairly affordable at only US$295 per unit. While there are many cheaper brands around we took into consideration that it will be a long while before any problems with this machine sprout to surface. Quality, simply said. You definitely get more than your money’s worth. Fantastic!
  • Taste is very important and apparently this machine gets it right every time producing ‘café quality’ coffee or even better.
  • More than that the unit is fast and warms up quickly. Fill the reservoir then simply insert a capsule in the handle and push the button. 30 seconds later the machine produces the perfect shot! It’s truly time-efficient and nothing beats that.


  • The one down side is the capsules are hard to reuse. Bummer!  So bear in mind you will have to continuously buy capsules for the life of this machine, which in the long will be costly.
  • Also the capsules are only available for purchase from Illy. This is something that can be lived with and we have to say the pros out shine this one downfall.


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If you are looking for a beautiful and best espresso machine for home we hope the Francis Francis X7.1 is on your list. We love it and you probably will too.  Having an espresso machine in the convenience of your home or office is a great luxury. Having the freedom to make a tasty cup of espresso, cappuccino or latte at will without leaving the comforts of your kitchen couldn’t be greater. So whether your machine produces a cup of your morning wake-me-up or a cup of ‘welcome’ to invited guests, you’ll love it.  In these times it’s not just enough to look the part you have to play the part. The Illy IperEspresso Machine is the full package, not only looking like a movie star but producing star quality coffee and incomparable efficiency.


We rate the Francis Francis X7.1 an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars. We would have given it 5, but nothing is ever really perfect, but this one comes pretty close!

Was this review helpful? We love your feed backs so leave a comment below and if you have experience with the Illy Espresso machine tell us about it we would love to hear. We thought it was just brilliant, what do you think?

Illy iperEspresso MonoArabica Capsules Variety Pack, 21-Count Capsules (Pack of 3)


  • MonoArabica variety pack
  • Includes one of each flavor: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia
  • 21-count tin (pack of 3)
  • illy iperEspresso capsules work exclusively with the Francis Francis X7.1, X8.1, Y1.1 and X1.1 iperespresso machines
  • Product Of Italy

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  1. It is good looking and very special machine i have seen around the web. But unfortunately i could not tell its working because i do not own this machine and the price of this machine is very much affordable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Francis Francis with the illy coffee pods is so much better than the Nespresso pods, it’s a world of difference. If you want a bigger cup, rather than a shot, make sure you get the blue espresso long capsules.

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