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Shopping for a new Espresso Machine or maybe a Moka Pot? Our Buying Guides will help guide you along with Best Selections of Coffee Equipment with Reviews to make it easier!

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Waking up to a great cup of coffee can make or break your day! No one can deny that coffee is an utmost important part of most if not every human being. Some even wake up to drink a cup of coffee or they might not survive; Just kidding! To brew a cup of coffee at home, we need the proper equipment. But with the speedy development, choosing between the several thousand coffee machines can be for obvious reasons, chaos. At FriedCoffee, we have done that homework by categorizing the various types of coffee machines and picked up the best models under them. Now it’s super easy to just pick up our category and find your favorite brewing equipment within the top variants.

Below we will dive into the following topics:
Regular Coffee Makers | Espresso Machines | Non-Electric Coffee Brewers

Drip Coffee Makers

When it comes to brewing coffee, Basic Coffee Makers or Regular Coffee Makers are the first choices for any coffee drinker. These standard coffee makers are a must-have device if you consume coffee at home. Most homes in America are equipped with standard types of coffee makers and are occasionally replaced and updated from time to time with technology updates, feature enhancements, or even timely downgrades. We hope to provide a resource for you that will help you stay up-to-speed when it comes to coffee equipment.

The types of coffee makers available today can vary. Among the many kinds of coffee makers, you can buy are the most basic coffee makers, single-serve coffee makers, or dual function coffee makers. Selecting the right coffee brewer can either make or break your coffee experience, as you will be using it every day. Making sure you select the perfect coffee maker and coffee equipment is key to creating a great coffee brewing experience. In our articles below, you can find our detailed coffee equipment buying guides along with our reviews on the best coffee brewing equipment you can buy to fulfill your café perfectionist dreams. We’ve got you covered from the best drip-style coffee makers to the latest Keurig coffee markers to the best coffee makers with built-in coffee grinders. Follow our detailed buyers guide below for the best coffee makers and find the best equipment at the best prices and be brewing a pro in no time!

Espresso Machines

The next level of coffee brewing equipment is what is known in the coffee world as Espresso Machines. These are specialized coffee brewing machines that aid in passing pressurized steamed water into a tight puck of coffee grounds. The result of which outputs a rich brown drink topped with a foamed layer called ‘Crema’. This is what espresso lovers love most about a perfectly brewed cup of espresso. Espresso is generally either consumed straight or with milk and/or sugar added, as per the espresso drinker’s preference. This drink also acts as a base for many other beloved coffee drinks you may be familiar with such as cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and much more.

If you have spent any time attempting to brew a perfect cup of espresso, you know that when shopping for new coffee equipment, you will definitely want a high-quality espresso machine. There is a wide range of devices designed to brew a great cup of espresso on the market today. So whether you are shopping for your next new super-automatic espresso machine or the best new Nespresso machines, or even one of the high-end and best rated commercial espresso machines, we have you covered. Our Buying Guides about espresso machines along with our top picks in each category will definitely help you in reducing the confusion and helping you bring the right one home.

Manual/Non-Electric Coffee Brewers

The most artistic way of brewing coffee is by doing things manually. Yes, manual coffee brewing equipment and techniques are the coffee artisan’s favored method. In Manual Brewing processes, you have full control over the entire brewing process. Things like water temperature, steeping time, extraction, and almost every aspect of what goes into making coffee. This way, you can dramatically enhance the taste of the resulting brew with the control of a craftsman. To fully master the manual coffee brewing method, one must have patience and attention to detail to bring the brew to exact perfection. Practicing regularly helps a lot.

In this time-sensitive world of technology, manual methods are still used and praised by coffee connoisseurs. Even at many cafes, you will find these brewers being used to present coffee as an art. True coffee aficionados often seek very upscale places to buy manually brewed coffee. But this artisan brewing method can even be done at home, by any true coffee lover with the right equipment and ability to try. From the best Moka Pots to the ultimate French Press, try some of our favorite must-haves for perfect manual coffee brewing and you are sure to fall in love!