Best Green Tea K Cup Review 2017

Best Green Tea K-Cups

Green tea not only has a great smooth taste but it also has incredible health benefits such as energizing the body, boosting brain functionality, lowering the blood pressure, weight loss, heart diseases, diabetes etc. Green tea is a popular beverage known for its stimulating and calming effect on human brain and body. It has a smooth flavor, fresh taste, and enticing aroma. Green tea is expensive as compared to black tea and other options. Many … Read more

How To Make Knock Box At Home

DIY Knock Box

The best way to avoid banging your portafilter in the dustbin or sink is to make a knock box at home.  It is much cheaper and you won’t have to worry about disposing of the puck.  A utensil container or a big PVC pipe would suffice.  You have to make sure that the container has a wall thickness of 0.5’’ to 0.75’’ to make a good knock box. What You’ll Need A container or PVC … Read more

How Nespresso Capsules Affect The Environment

Nespresso Pods

The single-serve Nespresso pods are damaging the environment with each passing day. They create a lot of waste that goes un-recycled, hence contributing to the pollution at an alarming rate. The worldwide love affair with the product is no secret, yet it is adversely affecting the environment. Each day, tens of millions of coffee lovers from all over the world consume coffee pods. The single-serve Nespresso pods are not recycled properly and they end up … Read more

Why Is Nespresso So Popular

Nespresso Logo

Nespresso, a name that mostly everyone knows and is not hidden in any part of the world. It’s attached with coffee but people who even don’t drink coffee, know Nespresso. It’s actually a brand name of Nestlé Nespresso S.A, which is an operating unit of Nestle Group. The company is based in Laussane, Switzerland. It all started in 1976, when a Nestle employee Eric Favre invented and patented the Nespresso system and introduced into the business in … Read more

How Do You Clean A Single Cup Coffee Maker

How to Clean A Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single-cup coffee makers have grown in popularity in recent years because of their ease of use; some of the coffee makers that use pods make a consistent product every time. They are efficient, convenient, and provide an extensive choice of beverages. However, these are also machines and require some care. Over time, mineral build up from hard water and coffee residue chokes the passages inside which in return affects the taste of coffee. What’s more, … Read more

Swiss Ethical Coffee Company Leaving Nespresso Format

Jean Paul Gaillard

Nespresso has been long in discussion with it’s patented business format of using only the Nespresso pods with it’s machines and not the others. Swiss Ethical Coffee Company, which first challenged Nestle for it’s monopoly on use of only their capsules in it’s machines, is now winding up it’s losing business. The Swiss company at their peak times were producing around 300 million of compatible Nespresso capsules in a year which is a huge figure. … Read more

Best Tasting Decaf K Cups For Keurig Coffee Maker

Best Decaf K Cups for Keurig

Keurig, a name which is very popular for single serve brewers now days in many homes, offices and even hostels. The reason behind this popularity is the simplicity and ease of use. You end up with a good tasting coffee every now without creating much of mess on the place. What’s more, it doesn’t requires much maintenance and all like the espresso machine and super espresso’s do. Another reason for it’s popularity is the wide … Read more

Best Descaling Solutions for Espresso Machines

Best Descaling Solutions for Espresso Machines

We bring our coffee maker to make delicious coffee at home with our parameters. But after few months, the taste of the coffee changes and the coffee results in strange flavors. Why? It’s actually saying to clean up from inside. Whether you are having an espresso maker or a super automatic espresso machine, with use, minerals from water builds up a layer inside the machine where water and coffee moves. This layer gives coffee the … Read more