Cow’s Milk Alternatives For Your Coffee Cup

Rice Milk

Coffee is one of the most popular beverage consumed in the world. The various blends and flavours are enjoyed in an estimated 70 million cups every day by nearly 75% of the total population. Coupled with the coffee are various additives and flavours to enhance and enrich the drinking experience. For most, that additive is cow’s milk, however, nearly 15% of the population is lactose Intolerant. Not is all lost as there are many alternatives … Read more

Waking Up to the Nutritional Benefits of Coffee

Coffee and Health

We’ve long known that coffee helps us shake off grogginess and stay more alert. But traditionally, most of us have seen coffee as a vice and worried that the amount we were drinking might be harming our health. Recent analysis of years of studies seems to point to the opposite effect: if anything, many of us should be drinking more coffee. There are nutritional benefits of coffee if consumed in the right and balanced ways. … Read more

De Stressing With Coffee

Destressing with coffee

Ah, Coffee. It’s so tempting to run to the coffee maker when the stress is piling up in your life and you don’t know where you’re going to find the energy to get everything done. But you know that coffee will just make your stress worse in the long run – or will it? It turns out that coffee may be one of the best ways of helping you deal with the stresses of life. … Read more

Old Age Weight Loss By Green Tea

Weight Loss by Green Tea

Green Tea is known to have many health benefits, from improved brain function and fat loss to preventing cancer and treating cloistral diarrhea.  Many studies have shown how phenomenal this product is, and here we are going to focus on its weight loss effect. Old Age weight loss by Green Tea is by far a healthy way to shed the extra pounds without the side effects. We know that it’s a coffee blog, but weight loss … Read more

Can Green Coffee Extract Help You Lose Weight

Green Coffee Bean Chlorogenic Acid Levels

If you are looking for a way to lose a few extra pounds, then green coffee bean extract may help you achieve your weight-loss goal. Green coffee bean extract has been picking up steam as the weight-loss supplement of choice, but why is this so? Well, let’s see… Green coffee beans, which are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted, contain a wonder chemical called Chlorogenic Acid. This chemical is said to boost weight … Read more

Does Coffee Lowers Type 2 Diabetes Risk?

Coffee Espresso

If someone ever says your coffee habit is unhealthy, you now have the perfect comeback! Studies have shown that increasing your daily intake of coffee can lower type 2 diabetes risk significantly. So with each cup of Joe, you are actually improving the health of your body. Sip on that, coffee cynics! These findings are not frivolous, but are backed by solid scientific research carried out by reputable researchers. The Harvard School of Public Health … Read more

Best 5 Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Looking for pure green coffee bean extract possibly indicates that you are trying to shed some pounds off from your body. People have seen awesome results with this method and that too within few weeks only. Although, there are other uses as well which includes control of high blood pressure(clinically tested) and control of type-2 diabetes which is currently under research. Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is been commonly known as Svetol or GCA® (Green Coffee … Read more

What Are The Effects Of Coffee On Brain?

Morning Coffee

Caffeine is the major ingredient in coffee which stimulates our brain and it is responsible for more activeness in our body. Drinking coffee daily like brushing teeth on waking up really helps a lot the whole day. About 90% of Americans consume caffeine daily(mostly in the form of coffee) and this figure should give an idea as how much effect the coffee has on people. Although America is still not the No.1 in Coffee consumption. … Read more